Top 10 Research Tips for a Great School Year from CIA Librarians

On the Central Intelligence Agency website , the fifteenth most popular story of 2015 was Top 10 Research Tips for a Great School Year from CIA Librarians, The CIA's entire "top 15" list for 2015 is at,

Librarians take legal battle against library closures to government

“We’ve had enough. We’ve marked our line in the sand here. The government is behaving as if it doesn’t have a duty of care and they do, under the law. We think it’s time to be clear about what that means,” said Nick Poole, the chief executive of Cilip, after it was announced that more than 100 library branches were shut last year, and as further branches up and down the UK face closure.

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Ten Stories That Shaped 2015

It's that time of year again! Here's our thirteenth annual rundown of notable library stories from the last twelve months.

10. Go Set a Watchman Raises Eyebrows

Strange circumstances surrounded Harper Lee's first publication since To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960. Mixed reviews and strong sales followed.

9. Open Source Textbooks Gain Momentum

This year saw an increased push for more affordable course readings, as well as the growth of the Open Textbook Library.

James Patterson announces gifts to booksellers, libraries

The beneficiaries include a manager at the Brazos Bookstore in Houston with a passion for works in translation and a community school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, dedicated to reaching as many readers as possible.

They are part of James Patterson's $2 million holiday gift program, with grants and bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 to schools and libraries and independent bookstores and coordinated with the Scholastic Reading Club and the trade group the American Booksellers Association. Patterson announced Tuesday that 340 libraries and 87 independent bookstore employees had received money.

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What Happens on a Typical Day in the Ultimate Movie Library

Inside is an unprecedented collection that documents the inspiring and powerful history of movies and is available to researchers, students and movie fans.
It would be impossible to detail the millions of remarkable items found within our library, but to give you a sense of the scope of our collection, we’d like to share a small sampling of what we do there on a typical day.

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How Canadian libraries and their patrons are evolving

“If you would've asked maybe 15 years ago, even 10 years ago, about the city of Ottawa getting a new central library, the appetite wasn't there,” says Tierney, a city councillor since 2010. “But we've seen the huge success in Vancouver and Halifax. That has set the new standard for libraries.”

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More than 100 UK libraries shut in 2014-15

The number of libraries in the UK fell by 2.6% in the last year, from 4,023 to 3,917, according to a new survey.
The figures were released by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (Cipfa) following its annual survey of libraries in Great Britain.
Wales saw the biggest loss in the last year, with a fall from 308 to 274.
In England, the number of libraries fell from 3,142 to 3,076, while Scotland saw a drop from 573 to 567.

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How the TPP Will Affect Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Excessive copyright terms harm the availability of books, photographs, and all creative works in the public domain. It also worsens the orphan works problem, when obtaining permission to use works is impossible because the rightsholder is unknown, deceased, or is nowhere to be found, and so preserving or archiving copies of them could be legally risky.
Heavy penalties for infringement, in the form of pre-established statutory damages that are not connected to the actual harm from infringement, chills preservation and archival efforts, where copying or changing the format of existing works is already legally risky.
Research and quotation can be hampered by bans on circumventing DRM on books or other kinds of digital content, and also limit the availability of digital works
Despite explicit exception for libraries and museums, a ban on tools for circumvention limits their ability to take advantage of it because they often lack the knowledge or tools to do so.
Weak exceptions and limitations language gives no incentive for countries to give legal certainty to activities of libraries, archives, and museums that involve technical acts of copying or DRM circumvention—such as enabling the use of copyrighted works for research and quotation, preservation, and copying material for educational purposes.

From How the TPP Will Affect You and Your Digital Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Without A Library, One Community's Interim Fix Took On 'A Life Of Its Own'

"I think it also is one of things that people feel like it really is a community thing, it's not just somebody has a free library, which is a nice thing," Welch said. "It's 'Oh, this is part of the character of Edgewater, this is one of the things that we do, Edgewater reads.'"

Dreyfuss agreed, saying the libraries program has come to be "very defining of who we are as a community."

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Today's "Bedbugs Found @YourLibrary" Brought To You By Philadelphia

The discovery of bedbugs has forced several branches of the Free Library to temporarily close. Not that library officials want you to know this.

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