21st Century Librarians; Losing The Bun And Cardigan

Changes in communication technologies could mean the end of libraries as we know them. Or does it? Hampshire College opened in 1970 — heralding academic innovation. Library director Jennifer Gunter King says school founders wanted everything re-invented, including the library. Today, bolstered by a one-point-two million dollar grant from the Mellon Foundation, Hampshire’s re-tooling the library, again. and it’s not alone. many libraries are getting 21st century makeovers. Caro Pinto’s a librarian at Mount Holyoke College. NEPR’s Susan Kaplan met her there, in the library, where they kept their voices down. That’s still the rule, even in this age of declining book circulation, Google Scholar and, well, Google Books.  Something else that hasn’t changed: most people’s perception of the slightly old fashioned L word — librarian. Pinto says that includes her childhood librarian.
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How much is a library worth?

It is doubtful, however, that that is why those behind Americans for Prosperity want to close our libraries. More likely possibilities include the privatization of our library system, resulting in even more public funding finding its way into the pockets of the already wealthy. Or perhaps they just want to slash one more public benefit to increase the taxpayer-funded corporate welfare programs without running into budget deficits. Regardless of the reasoning, the people most hurt by libraries closing will, as usual, be those who can least afford it. Almost half of all surveyed by Pew indicated that libraries help people find jobs. But when you look at those in households with incomes of less than $30,000, that percentage increases to 53 percent.  Among African Americans it’s 55 percent, and among Latinos it is 58 percent. 
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Inside the most incredible libraries in Britain

Worth writing home about: Inside the most incredible libraries in Britain, from Oxford's historic reading rooms to a futuristic wonder in Liverpool The existence of many libraries is under threat and nearly 350 libraries closed in Britain over the past six years Thankfully there are still plenty of breathtaking libraries to explore from historic rooms to modern glass buildings Oxford's Codrington Library has spectacular white marble statues that contrast with its rows of dark bookcases
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Library Offers Homeless People Mental Health Services, And It's Working

Libraries have long served as havens for homeless people. But it’s only recently that these institutions have started taking advantage of their unique position. Those who live in shelters typically have to vacate during daytime hours and use their free time to find jobs. And libraries are an optimal place to go since admittance is free and it’s often the only spot in town that has gratis Internet and computers. In fact, nearly two-thirds of libraries provide the only free computer and Internet access in their communities, the Associated Press reported last year. 
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Librarians Who Lend Out More Than Books

Cool story from Mental Floss on many of the things that can be borrowed from a library other than books, tapes, etc. Among the objects for loan are neckties, kitchen equipment, guitars and puppets. Let us know if your library loans non-book objects in the comments section.

Don't mourn the loss of libraries-the internet has made them obsolete

We can, and should, still love books, but we should not be sentimental about libraries, because they are a means to an end. Access to information is now widely available via smartphones: three quarters of us have one, it was one in five in 2010. Library and information services have to be designed with that reality in mind. The true inequality remains access to books and reading. Children who grow up with and around books do better educationally than those who don’t. That is where childcare, nurseries and schools are the key. Libraries must adapt to the changing habits of adults, where there is a clear and irreversible trajectory there. But they must never abandon children. As Groucho Marx once said: "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."
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Defund libraries. Create a nation of fools.

Libraries are a final safety net. People use libraries to search for jobs, read newspapers and books, take computer classes and inform themselves. They’re a particularly valuable resource for educating children. An informed and educated population would see through the Koch brothers’ goals and fight back against their enrichment at the expense of the poor and middle classes. Defunding libraries can only serve to keep the population pliant and ignorant.
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The Little-Seen Maps and Stories of Women in Cartography

Which women, and when? Mapmaking spans genders, centuries, cultures, and technologies. A complete history of women in cartography would require many volumes of pages, and possibly a graduate degree. To make this series sensible for online readers, I’ve narrowed my selection to works by women mapping North America over the past 300 years. Within this “small” range is a diversity of stories, styles, and approaches that, collected together, should provoke curiosity about the many more ways women have mapped the world.
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This Artist is Distributing Mini Libraries of Zines and Collages

He’s not too concerned about the libraries being raided by art thieves who, in keeping and not sharing the works, strip them from their social connections. “I think if you have something nice, it’s even nicer to give it away,” says Ventral is Golden. "I once made a series of illustrations for my girlfriend about how we first met in Portugal... when I gave them to her two months later, she accidentally left the originals on the Metro in Paris. I like the idea that they’re still circulating on a continuous loop underneath the city.”
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Museums and libraries as co-creators of change | MinnPost

A new national research report [PDF] reveals the catalytic role that libraries and museums are playing in rebuilding troubled neighborhoods. These important "anchor institutions" are helping drive economic, educational and social efforts to raise the standard of living in their surrounding neighborhoods.

The Line
Published by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), the research was recently shared at a meeting of Twin Cities community developers and museum and library professionals. The report captures the ways museums and libraries are leveraging their positions and resources to help fuel successful comprehensive community revitalization. It also offers best practice advice for other institutions.


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