Welcome To The Library Hiding In A Garden Hiding In New York City

Stephen Sinon, head of special collections, research and archives at the New York Botanical Garden, describes the Mertz Library “as the largest of its kind in the world under one roof.” Founded in 1899, the haven for plant-related literature is often described as either the largest or the most comprehensive botanical library in the Americas. With over one million items — including The Natural History of the Rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia by James Edward Smith — it sits rather quietly on the property of the Bronx Garden, hiding, one might put it, in plain sight.
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Delay Over Confirmation of Carla Hayden as Librarian of Congress

Our obstructionist Congress is saying that LOC Librarian of Congress nominee Carla Hayden is pro-obscenity. Consequently they are delaying a confirmation for the post (a la the Supreme Court). Report via TechDirt.

From the article: " A key issue, of course, is that the Copyright Office is part of the Library of Congress, so Hayden would run the Copyright Office as well. In our original post, we already noted the rather snide statement put out by the RIAA , which basically says "Hayden's fine for the library, but she better keep her filthy hands off of the Copyright Office":

“We are gratified that President Obama has chosen a qualified and capable nominee to be the next Librarian of Congress. We look forward to working with Dr. Hayden.

“It is worth noting that the Library of Congress and the U.S. Copyright Office have been mutually respectful of each other’s areas of expertise. We would hope that the new Librarian would continue to demonstrate that respect for the Copyright Office’s expertise in copyright policy and recommendations to Congress.”

Mississauga workers’ strike shuts down 18 public libraries

“How do they justify giving (library) director Rose Vespa a 7.3 per cent salary increase the same year we got .5 per cent,” asked librarian and CUPE Local 1989 president Laura Kaminker, after a strike Monday shut down all 18 public libraries in Mississauga. Contract negotiations between the city and the union representing about 390 members who work in the libraries broke down over the weekend, with no immediate plans to resume talks. Late fees won’t be applied while the shutdown continues, and online services are not impacted by the strike.
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NY Libraries unsure about opioid antidote program

With heroin and opioid abuse now the No. 1 cause of accidental death in the state, a new law makes it possible for public libraries around the state to provide treatment to combat overdoses. But area libraries are unsure whether they'd take part in the voluntary program. On June 22, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill to allow public libraries to maintain and administer opioid antagonists, such as the antidote naloxone, commonly known by the brand name narcan, for the treatment of overdoses. The original bill was sponsored by Sen. George Amedore of Niskayuna, a co-chair of the New York State Senate Task Force on Heroin Addiction and Opioid Abuse that visited Lake Placid in May.
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What do modern libraries loan? Human books

"A Human Library is just like a real library but instead of paperbacks and hard covers, we have real people on our bookshelves," said Ronni Abergel, cofounder of the Human Library Organization. "You can borrow the bipolar or the Muslim or the transgender or the homeless, and in this way you get a chance to talk to this person and you may just realize what you have in common."
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Take it from me: Your local library needs a cat

Critics might wonder whether the energy spent campaigning for — or against — a cat in the library would be better spent improving literacy rates and building up the collection. But both recent cases underscore the rapidly changing role of American libraries in an era in which people can receive a deluge of information in the palm of their hand.
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ArXiv preprint server plans multimillion-dollar overhaul

To attract support from donors, arXiv’s operator, Cornell University Library in Ithaca, New York, is hoping to come up with a “compelling vision”, Rieger says. Scientists seem to love arXiv: 95% of the survey’s 36,000 respondents said that they were very satisfied or satisfied with it. And most want to keep it just the way it is, although perhaps with some modernization. They were enthusiastic about the possibility of tweaks to improve the site’s search functions, and about allowing references to be hyperlinked directly to research papers, for example (see ‘What do arXiv users want?’). Some wanted the site to broaden into new subject areas, such as chemistry — although such expansion would require the recruitment of scientists who are willing to moderate the manuscripts, notes David Morrison, chair of arXiv’s scientific advisory board.
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Join Me For My IT Security 101 Workshop At Internet Librarian

W14 - IT Security 101 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tracy Z Maleeff, Principal, Sherpa Intelligence LLC Blake Carver, Senior Systems Administrator, LYRASIS We all know we should use good passwords, keep everything updated, and follow other basic precautions online. Understanding the reasons behind these rules is critical to help us convince ourselves and others that the extra work is indeed worth it. Who are the bad guys? What tools are they using? What are they after? Where are they working? How are they doing it? Why are we all targets? Experienced workshop leaders discuss how to stay safe at the library and at home. They share ways to keep precious data safe inside the library and out—securing your network, website, and PCs—and tools you can teach to patrons in computer classes. They tackle security myths, passwords, tracking, malware, and more. They share a range of tools and techniques, making this session ideal for any library staff.
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“Call for a Library Conference”: The 1876 ALA Conference

The proceedings for the first ALA Conference can be found in the November 30, 1876, issue of the Library Journal, which is available online in HathiTrust. Dennis Thomison, A History of the American Library Association 1876-1972, (Chicago, 1978), p. 5. Smith, Lloyd P., “The Qualifications of a Librarian,” American Library Journal 1: 70 (1876/1877). “The Proceedings,” American Library Journal 1: 140 (1876/1877). Ibid, 141 Ibid, 143
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Inside al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest library in the world

Located in Fez, Morocco, the al-Qarawiyyin library is part of the world's oldest continually operating university, al-Qarawiyyin University, which opened in 859. The library got several small additions and renovations over its millennium-long existence, but it wasn't until 2012 that Canadian-Moroccan architect Aziza Chaouni decided to give it a total face lift.
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