The LISNews RSS Feed Smorgasbord

For those of you RSS folk out there, you might not be aware of the mulitidue of RSS feeds that flow from LISNews these days.
They're all listed on our RSS Feeds page:
In addition to the many listed there, there also exsists RSS feeds for each user journal as well.
They quite well hidden at the moment, but to get the RSS feed for any user journal at LISNews, use this syntax:
There's another, uglier way hidden in the journals page, and they'll both give you the same file, there's just more than one way to do it.

So, using the most popular journals as real examples...

If you have ideas for other feeds you'd like to see us spitting out, Let Me Know and if you've never checked out LISFeeds, it's worth a look.


Some Weekend Reading: The LISNews Journals

If you haven't been reading the LISNews user journals, you've been missing some good stuff.

NBruce has been writing about Christian books, the importance of citations and even bathroom reading. Daniel's Thoughts on "The Bush-Hater's Handbook" are worth a read. djfiander has a bunch of interesting links, and my favorite, shoe has been journaling her adventures at her new job as a systems librarian.

There's many more, you can browse from the Top Journals Page by # of posts, and latest post, and at some point, by popularity, but I've yet to code that part. If you have an LISNews Accout you already have Your Own Journal, if you don't have an accout, get yourself one today.


Resolution for 2004: Share LISNews with a Friend

Gentle readers, please help us spread the word, LISNews is here for all of us. Feel free to forward this message to a friend, or a discussion list, like your state library association, library school, or local system.

LISNews, established in 1999, is one of the oldest and most popular library weblogs. LISNews includes librarians and many others with an interest in libraries and information science.

LISNews, managed by volunteer librarians from across the globe, is visited by close to 5,000 people a day, and includes a mailing list of almost 2,500. LISNews focuses on news stories from around the world that are of interest to librarians. Stories that impact our professional and personal lives are shared and discussed on the site through out the day. LISNews has an archive of almost 10,000 stories dating back to 1999.


TeleRead is unhappy with LISNews

bentley writes "On Nov. 21, in response to the LISNews thread "Shhh! People are trying to compute," David Rothman posted this on his TeleRead blog: "LISNews lives up to its name--as a newsy Slashdot-style site. That aside, this virtual salon for librarians is a chilling example of the resistance and even hatred that e-bookers will encounter in the library world from its many Luddites. LISNews also shows the weaknesses of the Slashdot-modelled bulletin-board system, under which bigoted, ornery moderators can act more as if they're in a saloon than a salon." [More]"


LISNews Mentioned in New York Times

Bibliofuture writes "In a NY Times article about's new full-text search feature there is a quote, "Mr. Johnson wrote last week in an online forum." The online forum being mentioned was

I wonder why LISnews isn't mentioned by name since it seems the other online sources were.

From the NY Times:
Troy Johnson, a reference law librarian at Creighton University in Omaha, plans to use the feature to impress his patrons. He wants to see the look on their faces when he points them to the exact pages that answer their questions. "Should look good when I tell someone, 'On Page 45 of book xyz they talk about your subject,' " Mr. Johnson wrote last week in an online forum. "Librarians should think of how they can exploit this tool."

Read the original reply here and the article about Amazon's "Search inside the book" here.


Happy Fourth Birthday LISNews

LISNews turns 4 years old today! It seems almost impossible that it has already been 4 years since I first hatched this crazy idea to start a Slashdot for librarians. Since that day I've been through 4 jobs in 2 states, 5 apartments, 2 web servers, and 3 different versions of the site. Now, four years later, LISNews continues to survive, maybe even succeed, thanks to all the many people who work to keep our little site interesting and informative.As is usual on this day, I've thrown together some thoughts to share, and I hope you'll do the same.


Get Your Renaissance Library Calendar 2004 For Free

I have just a few of The Renaissance Library Calendar 2004 left, so I thought I'd try something a little different this time. The first 3 people, with user accounts (Sorry Anonymous Patron, you're not eligible), who can answer the skill testing questions below will win a Renaissance Library Calendar 2004 edition. If you aren't one of the first 3 to give the correct answer below you can always buy one, they're only 12 bucks, and if you've missed them the past few years, You can still buy copies of the first three editions of the Renaissance Library Calendar - at half price. Post your answers below by clicking the "reply" button.
Update: 10/21 14:45 EST by B:We have our winners.


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