The High Cost Of Hosting LISNews: Getting MUCH Lower

Within minutes (4 to be exact) of my plea for help last week the donations came rolling in, and haven't stopped since. There is no way I can really say thanks to everyone who has kicked in an average of over $20 to help pay for LISNews. I've received $848.57 (net) via paypal, about $150 via the increased clicks on the "ads by google," and an unknown amount sitting in 2 envelopes that came via snail mail (I'm in the middle of moving, didn't want to lose them, so they sit in a box).
This means LISNews is almost paid through the end of this year, I needed $1,620, and have received just over $1,000 in only one week.

I can't being to thank everyone who contributed anywhere from $3 to $100 to help keep LISNews going. If you'd like to help make the goal, please feel free to click on a few ads, use the paypal link, or Contact Me if you're like a snail mail address.

Extra special thanks to those of you who linked to LISNews for the occasion, and super extra special thanks to Jessamyn for the button .


Rory Litwin critical of LISNews

The most recent issue of Library Juice includes an essay by editor Roy Litwin. He reflects on Blake Carver's decision in February to encourage more conservative contributors to LISNews.

When Blake made his original announcement, I linked to it in Library Juice and called it "Batty." It seemed batty to me for Blake to describe his own site as a "liberal echo chamber" when to me it had for years seemed like one of the more politically conservative sources of information relating to librarianship available, in terms of the stories that were posted, but especially the comments that people were leaving. The belligerant, "AM Talk Radio" style of much if not most of the discussion on LISNews had led me to stop posting stories there roughly a year earlier and to stop reading the site almost completely. A year ago it already seemed, to me, that LISNews had, far from being a "liberal echo chamber," been taken over by a right wing librarian's militia group.

So, basically I am still disturbed by Blake's sentiments about his site and about politics in the library community. It comes as a surprise and a disappointment. If you are a reader of LISNews, I hope you will read it with a critical eye and an awareness of this development.

I would like to add that I have nearly stopped reading the comments in recent weeks. Mainly because my work load has increased and my free time has decreased, but also because it seems to be the same folks, beating each other up over the same issues. Sometimes I get the feeling that my moderate, left-leaning opinion isn't wanted here.


The High Cost Of Hosting LISNews

Thank you for supporting LISNews.


LISNews How-To: Moderation

I received 3 questions on moderating last week, so I thought I'd write better explanation of moderation, and how it works here @LISNews.

Moderation: The ability of an LISNewster to cast a single vote on a comment. Comments end up being scored from -1 to 5, with each comment having the ability to be moderated up to 10 times, regardless of score. So the score of a comment can bounce around, between -1 (bad) and 5 (great), until it has been moderated 10 times. So if you see a score you disagree with, you can, most likely, moderate it differently.


Some Good Weekend Reading: The LISNews User Journals

The LISNews user journals have been on fire lately. The journals are an eclectic mix of the wide range of personalities we have gathered over the years.

nbruce was the first to hit 100, with a diverse collection of posts, including one that suggests some of the journal work is publishable. Shoe Continues Writing about her systems job in the public world, don't miss the "Girls Gone Wild" entry, it's hilarious. There's been a Call Out on one of the oddest quotes I think I've seen on LISNews: "Sex with a horse is not the same as naked pygmies." Fang-Face has some on this on his page As Well.

There's many more, you can browse from the Top Journals Page by # of posts, and latest post, and at some point, by popularity, but I've yet to code that part. If you have an LISNews Account you already have Your Own Journal, if you don't have an account, get yourself one today.


The Quest for The Grateful Dead and the BPO: March 1970

This is a personal request. My good friend Jay is on a quest, a quest for music, a very specific quest... the mysterious-yet-legendary performance of the Grateful Dead and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in March of 1970.
Jay's been keeping track of his search On His Web Site, but he's just not having any luck.
Any music librarians out there that might be able to help point him in the right direction?


Are you on the RIGHT side?

I'm considering a new section @LISNews. I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in contributing to a Political Librarian Weblog. I don't think the intelligent-right* gets enough press** and that just ain't right. Those with view points that differ significantly from the usual library line should have a place where these views can be aired, shared, and discussed. I can think of at least 2 LISNewsterz that would be perfect for this, so I'm hoping for at least a yes or no vote from them.

So, if you consider your self right of center, and can be fair, accurate and open***, let me know.

Footnotes and an FAQ below.


The New Improved LISNews QuickSubmit

Here's a nifty bookmarklet that will pop open a new window that allows you to submit a story or site you've found:

LISNews QuickSubmit

To use it, just drag it to your bookmarks or favorites list, or, better yet, add it to your navigation/links toolbar. LISNews thrives on your submissions!


Thinking ahead to LISNews story 10k - Win Big Prizes!!

We currently have 9386 stories in the ol' LISNews db. A pretty decent collection, if I do say so myself...
Looking ahead a few hundred stories, I'd like to post a fun little collection of things that say "10K". So I'm asking all LISNewsterz to get out their digital cameras, crayons, colored pencils, Photoshop or MS Paint and send us something that shows us how happy you are that we hit 10,000 stories.
Think of it as sort of a Human Clock, but much simpler. I'm just looking for one number. Be creative, get a tattoo, stack some books, shave it in your head, or just draw it on a napkin. You can send in a URL, or email an image file to blake at lisnews period com.

The best creations will win an autographed copy of The War On Our Freedoms, or, hosting on LISHost, or, best yet, a free, signed copy of "What Would Dewey Do?" and Bill will sketch the character of the winner's choice!Go Buy One if you're not going to enter.


10 Things to do With LISNews to Kill Time on Friday

  1. Create Your Own Discussions. You can use the comments page to start a discussion independent of any story or journal entry.
  2. Write In Your Own Blog [AKA Journal]. If you have a user account, and you're logged in, you can blog right here at LISNews. You can browse the most recent entries Here.
  3. Change Your Messages. The Slashcode that powers LISNews has the ability to keep you informed of what's going on around the site. You can be informed when a comment of yours gets moderated, when someone replies to your journal, and a few other things as well.
  4. Browse By Topic.
  5. Browse By Story Popularity.
  6. Moderate Comments you love/hate. Comment with higher scores can be seen by more people, and you give the person higher karma.
  7. Ignore Low Rated Comments. Your comments page lets you filter out comments based on score, type, or the person who left them.
  8. Make New Friends. The friends/foes system lets you choose other LISNewsterz as friends, or foes. You can then be notified when they post a journal entry, or you can highlight or ignore a comment left by your friends and foes.
  9. Change The Homepage. There's about a million options in there. You can Exclude Stories from the Homepage based on author, topics, and sections. Add your own slashboxes, and more.
  10. Have Fun!

The Help Page has a list of most of these things, and a few more as well. Slashcode is an amazing piece of Open Source Software, I'm not even sure I know everything it's capable of at this point.



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