PUBLIB: "Some Conservative Library-Oriented Weblogs"

AshtabulaGuy writes "In a posting to the PUBLIB mailing list, Darius Ritchie attempted to provide a brief list of "conservative library-oriented weblogs". The list includes blogs by LISNews participants such as Tomeboy and Conservator and SHUSHer Greg. Other LISNews participants are listed as well. Read it all."


LISNews "What Would Dewey Do?" book giveaway

If you're like me, and let's face it you should be like me, you're already a big fan of Dewey, Mel, Tamara and everyone else working down at Mallville Public. If you don't know what I'm talking about, and let's face it people rarely do, head on over to home of the best, if not the only, librarian comic strip. Bill and Gene have a nice Primer and an extensive Archive so you can get all caught up.

So my point here is not to go on and on about their comic genius and masterful drawing skills, but rather to announce a really cool LISNews giveaway. Bill and Gene have agreed to give away a book to a lucky LISNews story submitter. And Gene even offered to have Bill sketch the character of the winner's choice "(because if I did
it, the reaction would be something like, "What the hell's THAT supposed to be?"). "
Anyone who submits a story between now and next Friday will be eligible for this nifty prize that might make it to you by Christmas.
Check out the Online Store for the What Would Dewey Do? book, and other swell Overdue Media stuff.
And no, I haven't given away the Lipstick Librarian Shirts, and yes Bookmarks Magazine will be coming up soon. So keep submitting those stories!


Help Bring Rose Lin Home!

LISNews author Bibliofuture Needs Your Help. He's adopting a baby from China (Rose Lin) and is working to raise $3000 so that he can pay a $3000 orphanage fee that the Chinese government charges to defray the cost of orphanages.
Visit the Rose Lin Johnson Chinese Orphanage fund. Donations go directly to improve the conditions and level of supplies and staff that are available in Chinese orphanages.

Chip in a few bucks and help bring little "Babliofuture" home!


LISNews: 5 Years and Going Strong

It's Blake's annual, thrown together at the last minute because I forgot again, rambling, semi-coherent, grammar and spelling challenged, LISNews birthday column! Since November 3rd 1999 LISNews has grown from an obscure, static, one man show that reached 2 people on a good day to a collaborative, dynamic, Slashcode powered site that reaches over 6,000 people on a slow day. 4 years ago, on our first anniversary I wrote that I had started the site with one goal, to reach just 1,000 people a day. We hit that number three years ago, and never looked back. So now what? Read on for my thoughts on this, the 5th birthday of our dear little site...


Any Libraries Affected by the CA Earthquake?

Central California was hit by a moderate to strong earthquake mid-morning today... story from Reuters News Service .

If you felt the earth moving at 10:15 am PDT, AND you're in a library...please report in by adding a comment below.

Tell us if the earthquake had any effect on your library, and if so, what the effects were. Don't forget to tell us the name and the location of your library.

Thanks LISNewsters.


The LISNews QuickSubmit: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

If you're like me, and let's face it, you should be, you just love submitting stories to LISNews! I've never been entirely happy with the ease of use Slashcode offers in some areas, but one place it need not be any trouble is in submitting stories. If you're the kind of person who sees a good web site, or a good story, and thinks to yourself...

"Hey, that would be great for LISNews, but I just don't have the time, I wish it was easier to get things to them"

Your wish has been granted! The LISNews QuickSubmit puts any page a click away from being in the LISNews submission queue. The LISNews QuickSubmit is a bookmarklet (a javascript powered bookmark) that pops up a new window and sends the page you're looking at to us almost instantly, you just need to give it a topic and hit submit. You don't even need to have an LISNews account, all the cool librarians have one though.

Just drag and drop the LISNews QuickSubmit link into your links toolbar, and kapow, start submitting. There's another link below that needs to be cut and paste, but will allow one less click to submit a story, it's easier to use, but harder to put in your links bar.


LISNews in the News Again sends "notification that LISNews has been noted in the news again, this time in reference to a Department of Justice directive that depository libraries destroy documents that had been sent out. The props came in this Berkeley Daily Planet article titled Librarians Win Battle Against Ashcroft’s Edict to Censor Statute Documents.

Under federal law, Russell is obliged to withdraw publications when requested by the agencies which had initially issued them, according to an article posted on, the website of Librarian & Information Science News.

The extremely low cost of hosting LISNews

The good news is, thanks to super generous LISNewsterz LISNews is as good as paid for through the end of the year. The bad news is, of course, that leaves us with an infinite number of other years to pay for. There's really no way I can possibly thank everyone for their generosity, especially those of you who sent me a check or cash. Also thanks to everyone who paypaled money and everyone who just clicked a google ad. I've tried to send a thank you email to everyone I could identify, hopefully you got yours, if not, thanks, and sorry I missed you. Adding up the paypal donations, checks, and cash (yes, a few brave souls sent me cash) I've received just over $1500 out of the $1620 it'll cost for 9 months of hosting I was hoping to pay for. Unless there are almost no clicks (clicks=$$!!) on the google ads for the remainder of the year, the server is paid for. So, now what? I'm looking for feedback and ideas on what to do next. More below...


Rory Litwin responds to LISNews criticism

Litwin has written a long essay in the latest issue of Library Juice, intended to more clearly explain his perspective. He has some valid criticisms of the LISNews community's response to his earlier critiques that are well worth reading.


The LOW Cost Of Hosting LISNews

Here's a quick follow up on paying for LISNews. LISNews is almost paid through the end of 2004, close enough that I believe the google ads should cover the cost of the server for the remainder of the year. I can't begin to thank you enough for your generosity and support. Thanks to everyone who paypaled money, sent me a check, or just clicked a google ad. I've tried to send a thank you email to everyone I could identify, and find an email address for. Here are the totals. I've received about $1490 out of the $1620 it'll cost for 9 months of hosting LISNews:
Paypal: $1100
Ads: $250
Checks/Cash: $140

Thanks everyone!



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