Not Much To Say

Really I'm just testing the blogging module. There seems to have been some issues last night and I'm trying to track them down. That seems to have worked. Now, I wonder if I can edit this masterpiece of American literature? Yes, I can post, edit, and even edit again. Funny... when I log out, the home page and blocks are all several hours old, even when I refresh and even if I run the Drupal crontab... funny. Testing something else... some words not written by me

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Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews, Part 1: Reading

Stuff To Do @ Your LISNews, Part 1: Reading

This will be the first in an occasional series highlighting things you can do @ LISNews. I'll be covering "reading," "writing," "playing," "networking" and whatever else I can come up with in this series. I thought I'd start with "reading" to point out what you can read, how you can find it, and how it can be read.

There are essentially 3 good homepages for LISNews. The first is the page you see when you visit (though this is radically different if you're logged in) the second, can be found at and the third you'll find at The blog page shows all the recent posts made by LISNews users. Anyone with an account can write in his or her own blog. The tracker page puts everything in a nice easy to reader list format. I actually use the tracker as my home page so I can keep track of everything happening @LISNews.

There are several ways to browse your way around current LISNews Content. You can start with one of the homepages as I mentioned, or you can check out the Topics page: That will list all our many topics. I'm a big fan of lists, the Hall of Fame page at offers a nice way to see what's popular. If you're more interested in older content, going way back to the beginning of LISNews, start over on the Old Stories page at You can find almost every story posted to all 4 versions of LISNews since 1999 when I first started the site.


Back To Normal

Sorry about that, I done busted LISNews. Things should be back to normal.


Thinking Like A Drupaler

I feel like I'm finally settling in the Drupal, and my To-Do List is slowly shrinking. So far the amount of work it's taken to convert has been about what I expected, which is way more than any sane person would put into a project like this. Today I made a connection between moving a website and moving a home. We're thinking about buying a new home in the next couple years, and while it will be much more physical work, I don't think it's going to take quite as much time. Just like we are all settled into our current home, I was all settled into Slashcode. I was able to work with, I had it remodeled, put a fresh coat of paint on, and, well, like our current home, it just wasn't right. I was never even close to happy with Slashcode. I thought it would be easy to call home, but it wasn't. Drupal is proving to be a new house that has a hidden room, or two, or three. The surprises have been all positive, and Drupal is proving to be much easier to work with than Slashcode ever was. And it's on one of the LISHost servers, so I'm back in complete control. I was curious to see how the new server would handle the load, and I'm happy to report there are absolutely no issues. Here's my reduced to-do list:

-Highlight some of the many things Drupal/LISNews can do individually.
-Automate the darn email list.
-Find a way to highlight all the RSS feeds on the relevant pages.
-Is there a module to make custom feeds? Like most popular, latest comments, interesting things like that?
-We need more "browse by" pages.
-What about subdomains?

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What's New @ Your LISNews?

First, a BIG thank you to Leo Klein for all his help getting Drupal dialed in for LISNews.

You may have noticed LISNews underwent a complete overhaul recently. I've spent the past couple weeks working hard to make sure LISNews is as interesting and usable as possible. Here's a list of what I've been up to:

Neat things you can use to view content:
-You, yes you, should be able to Suggest A Story Here.
-Installed the Hall Of Fame. That'll show you some top 10 lists.
-You can view all recent user blog posts One One Page now.
-You can also view all recent stories and blogs together on the Tracker Page.
-You can use LISNews to view headlines from 20 Other Sites based on our yearly
"Blogs To Read" series (OPML).
-There is one page that Has An Index of most of the many feeds LISNews spits out.
-There is one page that lists all the LISNews Topics.
-There's a Weekly Archive Page and a Monthly One Too.

Other things that you'll see:


Happy Anniversary

Happy 8th Anniversary to LISNews and thanks to Blake for giving so many of us a place to observe, laugh and dispute in.

I was hoping to do something more creative with my first drupal-powered LISNews entry, but it has been a long morning of administrative reports, digitizing Congressional reports from the 1930s and patrons who get very upset when extremely common (hard to do business without) words are spoken in the library. Not to them, but in the library.

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What's Left To Do?

Quite a bit, but I think it's acceptable. Here's my unedited or spell checked list:

Mailing list!
Put something on this page /rss.shtml
Put back this image for Bloglines /images/topics/topicslash.gif
Think about bringing back /article.php3
Need one page to list all feeds
Need one page to list all topics & feed for that topic
Is there a module to make custom feeds? Like most popular, latest comments, interesting things like that?
Make an authors page
fix all the shtml old stories pages
Can I import all the really REALLY old stories/comments from phpslash?
Add/remove stuff from aggregator
what blocks am I missing?
What modules am I missing?
Enable themes so people can change what they use.
Can I build an admin page like slashcode had?
Make "browse by" pages for people.
copy over all the old stuff from the old server
watch logs for big 404 pages
what about the subdomains, can I fix that
double check old site and make sure I didn't miss anything big.
Are all the authors moved over as authors?
How can I change the favicon w/o messing with the misc dir
add in the topics images again like the old site?
Write some "how to" posts for the weeks comig up
annouce to some lists?
Feeds feeds feeds, need to list them
Make some kind of link for the feed for each journal and topic page

Give big thank you to Leo Klein

---------- Done below here

enable the awstats for LISNews
change the link for the agreator, that page is ugly
Make cron run
What the heck are these old things? /rss/descriptions.rss /rss/popular.rss
Add back these /geek.rdf /lm.rss

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First Post

Isn't Drupal Great??

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Bugs - Comments - Complains - Praise - Issues - Thoughts? Put'm Here

If you have questions, comments or anything else on the new site, please post them below.


How do I write in my "journal" now? It's called a Blog now, and look over on the left side when you login, click on Blog Entry.

ReCAPTCHA is not working. That's not a question, but I turned it off. The key didn't make the move for some reason.

What's with the Orange & Blue? That's how LISNews looked before you were born, it's old school.

Why did my LISNews emails stop? I didn't get that part running yet. Soon.

How do I stop the LISNews emails? Let Me Know

Does my old login work? Probably. If you've logged in recently to the old site, I moved over your account, comments, journals, password and anything else you had over there.


LISNews Is Dead - Long Live LISNews

This was the final post to the Slashcode version of LISNews. You are now looking at improved version of LISNews.



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