Help Wanted: Bloggers @ LISNews

It's been well over a year since I last sent out a call for help here @ LISNews. Authors come and authors go, but for almost 10 years LISNews has been a place to keep up on the latest happenings in the library world.

If you've ever thought about writing for a collaborative librarian blog, now's your big chance. There's no pay, but it's a good way to get your name out there, and gain the respect and admiration of librarians from across the globe. If that's not enough, you'll also gain the enormous sense of well being that comes with helping your fellow librarians stay informed.

The "job" requires only a minimal time commitment, and just some basic knowledge of HTML & Blogging. You can write whenever you have time, and with some restrictions, you can post and write about whatever you want. Some current authors only write a couple times a month, others find the time every day, and most of the rest of our crew fall somewhere in between.

If you're interested, read below for all the details. Feel free to pass this one along to others who might be interested. -- Read More

Explaining Subscription Options

Update: It should be noted that due to Daylight Savings Times changes on March 8th, episodes will be posted at 0400 UTC rather than 0500 UTC as they have been.

Sometimes it seems that explaining choices can be difficult. With the expansion of audio programming into being the LISNews Netcast Network, there came some changes. New material is usually released on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That can be more than what some people can normally digest.

When the switch was made, a deliberate decision was taken to increase available subscription options. Those who were subscribed to what was the LISTen were grandfathered into an "all podcasts" feed. For some that may work well while it may be overwhelming to others. Individual feeds for each regular show have been created in addition to the main "all podcasts" feed. According to the stats from FeedBurner, few have made use of these individual show feeds. They are indeed there and, if you are overwhelmed by so many programs during the week, their use is encouraged. This table breaks out all the subscription options in the most compact form possible:


Feed Reader/Podcatcher Target

E-mail Subscription Option

One-Click iTunes Target

Hyperlinked History
Presented by Great Western Dragon/The Faceless Historian

Link on Feedburner

E-mail service provided by Feedburner

iTunes Music Store

LISTen: An Podcast
Presented by Stephen Michael Kellat

Link on Feedburner

E-mail service provided by Feedburner

iTunes Music Store

Tech for Techies
Presented by Michael J. Kellat

Link on Feedburner

E-mail service provided by Feedburner

iTunes Music Store

All Network Programs

Link on Feedburner

E-mail service provided by Feedburner

iTunes Music Store

Some folks may prefer show by show control in their podcatcher rather than a single firehose feed. With a few taxonomy tweaks, accommodating both preferences was possible. Provided you have iTunes installed, clicking any of the links in the far-right column of the table above will take you to the appropriate page in the iTunes Music Store. Right clicking the podcatcher target column's links and selecting "copy link location" will let you subscribe in our programs like Juice or gpodder. Such also allows subscription via Bloglines which appears to be a choice some have made according to the stats by Bloglines itself. The e-mail column's links take you to the process for signing up via FeedBurner to get new posts delivered to you in your e-mail without any rich media attachments but instead links to download rich media as desired.

A New Type Of Identity Theft in 2009

Today in 2009 a new bunch of identity thieves will soon come after your web profiles. Aladdin a security firm has produced their security report.. According to their report, if you don't own and control your online persona, it's relatively easy for a anyone to aggregate the known public information about you in order to create a fake one.
Those Without Social Network Profiles Could Have Online Identities Stolen
This new type of identity theft was listed among other predictions for 2009 in the firm's annual report and was based on previous trends which included a rise in attacks distributed through social networking channels.
According to the report this new type of identity theft will be "devastating, both on the personal level by creating difficulties in employment, damaging social and professional connections, ruining reputations; as well as on a financial level, such as stealing customers, corporate data,"
The team at Aladdin was able to set up fake online identities which ended up connecting to the real network of friends and acquaintances easily.
What began as a harmless "fun" way to socialize, grew into a professional way to maintain someone's network and make new connections, the report notes. Unfortunately, this new type of identity theft, aka "identity hijacking," will become more of an issue in 2009 unless social networking sites create ideas that will incorporate better, more trustworthy ways of connecting an online persona to a real person. -- Read More

What Is A Link From LISNews Worth? Hint: A Lot

Allow me to brag for a moment. I was doing some work on the LISHost stats last night and noticed I could see if LISNews has any impact on the biblioblogosphere. You're probably familiar with our "Blogs To Read In..." list we've done for the past few years, it's usually one of the most read stories of the year. I've always been really curious if being on this list in particular makes any difference to a site, mostly because the list takes so long to put together. I'm generally curious if on any given day a link from LISNews brings in any significant number of readers in general, but this post in particular seems like it should mean something.

So I won't name the site, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw when I took a look at the stats, a big jump in readership. Here's what I saw on one of the charts:

A Link From LISNews

As you can see there was about a 40%-50% jump in sessions after the list was posted to LISNews. The numbers show an increase of about 300-400 sessions a day, and that has been sustained for several weeks now. -- Read More

Women Outpace Men as Media Multi-taskers

New data released by Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) gives us insight into how men and women engage in "simultaneous media use" - that is, surfing the net while also doing some other activity like watching TV. According to the study, it's more common for women to watch TV and use the computer than it is for men. What's more, women supposedly get better at this multi-tasking as they age.

Read Data Report

Upcoming Events

The calendar is available after the "Read More" jump. -- Read More

Recent LISNews Stats

A few numbers for your enjoyment. Here's the stats from the last quarter of 2008:

Total Sessions 1,023,253
Total Pageviews 5,758,171
Total Hits 11,636,252
Total Bytes Transferred 172,674,015,089
Average Sessions Per Day 11,122.32
Average Pageviews Per Day 62,588.82
Average Hits Per Day 126,481.00
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 1,876,891,468
Average Pageviews Per Session 5.63
Average Hits Per Session 11.37
Average Bytes Per Session 168750
Average Length of Session 599

LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #57

This week's episode is a bit varied. First up is an interview with Blake Carver discussing the 10 Librarian Blogs To Read in 2009. Following that there is discussion of Flickr backup tools as well as hosting alternatives for libraries. A set of Linux briefs wraps up the episode.

10 Librarian Blogs To Read in 2009
Episode providing background to the Flickr discussion
Mercury News story on new Yahoo! CEO
Direct download of FlickrEdit
igal list of static gallery creation tools on Windows list of static gallery creation tools on Macintosh
Discussion relative to using Drupal to make an image gallery
Boot Camp press release on LISWire
Boot Camp press release on the Erie Looking Productions blog
The LISTen special that led to the discussion of Flickr

19:08 minutes (8 MB)

How do you access LISNews?

I just want to throw out there a brief survey Survey closed as of 2037 UTC on December 16th as we have gotten more responses than viewable at our unpaid access level. The survey's purpose is to help ascertain how you reach LISNews most of the time. In light of the recent backslash issue, getting a feel as to whether people visit most through a feed reader or instead directly visiting the site makes a difference. When site software upgrades and/or changes happen knowing about such use patterns help with understanding how to serve the audience best.

Questions are not specific to only the use of feed readers and also encompass questions concerning the podcast.

Any Drupal Experts Out There? [Never Mind - Fixed]

Look up at the top of this page, see that \ up there?

I've suddenly started seeing a \ appear as the very first character on every page. This happened when I upgraded to 5.14
I think I've run out of ideas, and I hope it's just something obvious I'm missing.

I've tried the following
- Changed themes
- Turned off modules
- Reinstalled from scratch, though kept the DB intact
- Cleared Cache
- Grep, grep, grep and more grep

I'm hoping I don't need to down grade from 5.14 to something earlier.

[UPDATE] I did finally fix it, the random \ was in settings.php, not sure how it got there!

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