Facebook is Getting an Update

Facebook announced up coming changes. Soon, as with Twitter, you’ll have the option to make them public—but not just to everyone on the world’s most popular social network, but everyone around the world. Facebook also gave an in-depth explanation of each level of access:

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Hyperlinked History - Here, There, and Everywhere by The Faceless Historian

Time for another wild ride through history! This time we begin in Ancient China with a repeating crossbow, explore more northerly kingdoms, invent modern writing, deal with pirates, have a couple of wars, deal with a monarch, meet a legend, and then just maybe we'll give peace a chance.

See, I told you it'd be a heck of a ride. After all we've got to go Here, There, And Everywhere.

An Interview With The Faceless Historian

On one of my previous shows, I talked about Ignite Phoenix and the whole Ignite thing. Among other things, I said it'd be good for librarians to get into something like this because, in five minutes, you can tell a huge group of people all about your library and/or whatever else you're passionate about.

Dani Cutler, a local Phoenix area podcaster, is working on a series of interviews with people who've presented at Ignite Phoenix. She and I sat down at one of the greatest coffee shops in the Valley of the Sun and talked about libraries and the funny things that happen in them, history, Hyperlinked History, and presenting at Ignite.

So if you have the interest, you can hear my alter ego speak with the lovely and intelligent Dani Cutler over on the Ignite Phoenix Podcast site.

Hyperlinked History Delayed Until Next Week

As they've said in broadcasting for years, "Due to circumstances beyond our control," Hyperlinked History will be delayed until next Thursday. Nothing bad, but among those "circumstances" is the fact that my ISP is having issues and I've not had Internet connectivity at my house for just under 14 hours now.

So I leave you with another timeless (aka ancient) broadcasting phrase: "Tune in next week" to find out how ancient tombs for divine kings links through time and history to another cultish fascination... with a soft drink.

Hard Figures Finally

I was happy to get some hard data in my inbox today. It is one thing to say you want to do a relay of LNN programming on shortwave. Having figures from a big broadcaster helps make it more real. The station concerned contracts month to month and requires 30 days notice of termination. To have a single 15 minute program aired weekly would cost USD$65.00 per week. That would be a cost of USD$260.00 per month presuming a four week month. A single segment highlight could be aired this way. To have a single 30 minute program aired weekly would cost USD$110.00 per week. That would be a cost of USD$440.00 per month presuming a four week month. Highlights from across the network could be aired this way. There is an example of how such could be structured. To have a single 60 minute program aired weekly would cost USD$150.00 per week. That would be a cost of USD$600.00 per month presuming a four week month. Most network programming could be aired as a block although we might have problems filling all the time allotted occasionally. The station we got the quote from has fairly reliable coverage of Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. The other programs already on the station can equally offend both sides of the aisle, alas. If you don't like far-right or far-left programming, we could be an interesting alternative. Do we have funds to do this on-hand? Heck no! What little that has come in has gone to equipment replacement. Equipment failures over the past two weeks have been dismaying as it is. I spent a significant chunk of today sourcing replacement hardware that could be purchased out of the tiny pool of funds available. The network cannot, for now, act upon this. Putting this out in the open at least lets others think about it. People interested in putting up money, for whatever reason, should not contact me but instead should contact Blake.
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Netcast Network Experimental Feed

In addition to the many ways you can subscribe to LISNews Netcast Network programming, an experimental option is being launched. For those with iPhones wishing to download programs over the air, our file sizes are normally over the ten megabyte cap. Other smart phones may be able to handle such file sizes too. As such, low-fidelity mono recordings are being offered alongside their less compressed brethren.

To subscribe to this experimental feed that may disappear without prior notice, plug this URL into your podcatcher:


Web 3.0

As web 2.0 begins to fade there is much anticipation about web 3.0
What will it be like?

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Hyperlinked History To Change Days

I wanted to send out a heads up to the listeners of the LISNews Netcast Network and fans of Hyperlinked History that I will be changing the day I publish the show online. Due to some schedule changes and the madness that is a summer reading programme, this will be a lot easier for me to get a show up regularly.

Starting this week the show will go online every other Thursday around midnight, Eastern Time. For international folks that's Friday 04:00 UTC.

So when you don't see a show online tomorrow morning, you'll know why. Just wait another 24 hours, that's all!

Easy way to delete blog?

Is there an easier way to delete a blog other than post by post?

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LISNews Stats For Q1 2009

For those of you keeping score at home, the summary stats out of Urchin for this year:

Total Sessions 338611
Total Pageviews 1832058
Total Hits 4313227
Total Bytes Transferred 70414920980
Average Sessions Per Day 10922.94
Average Pageviews Per Day 59098.65
Average Hits Per Day 139136.35
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 2271449063
Average Pageviews Per Session 5.41
Average Hits Per Session 12.74
Average Bytes Per Session 207952
Average Length of Session 504

Total Sessions 346121
Total Pageviews 1912144
Total Hits 4370870
Total Bytes Transferred 72124184075
Average Sessions Per Day 11290.04
Average Pageviews Per Day 68290.86
Average Hits Per Day 156102.50
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 2575863716
Average Pageviews Per Session 6.05
Average Hits Per Session 13.83
Average Bytes Per Session 228153
Average Length of Session 562

Total Sessions 353,154.00
Total Pageviews 2,152,255.00
Total Hits 4,671,204.00
Total Bytes Transferred 77.11 GB
Average Sessions Per Day 11,392.06
Average Pageviews Per Day 69,427.58
Average Hits Per Day 150,684.00
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 2.49 GB
Average Pageviews Per Session 6.09
Average Hits Per Session 13.23
Average Bytes Per Session 228.95 KB
Average Length of Session 00:08:28



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