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Throughout the LISHost media galaxy shared with Erie Looking Productions, there are quite a number of fountains spewing out content. LISNews is where you are reading this. LISWire is the site where folks in the library realm can post their press releases. LISTen is the podcast hosted on the LISNews server that has a feed from Delicious showing stories crossing the threshold for being looked at (also known as the slush-pile). LISTen also occasionally takes the form of a video podcast as circumstances arise.

That's a lot to track. While RSS does wonders, what if you aren't in front of your favorite RSS reader? has been reoriented to serve as an aggregator for all of those content manifestations. Posts are interleaved from the various sources into a river of posts. An automatic job on the server polls each source every three hours or so to check for updates. A pinger showing that updates have happened has been rigged up on Identica.

As always, this is a work in progress. Check it out and perhaps enjoy it. Using the planet aggregation software easily allows you to get your metaphorical feet wet with some pre-selected feeds.

The New LISNews Librarian Essay Contest

The first LISNews Librarian Essay Contest was a big success, let's do it again! In August I'll open things up again for librarians to write an original essay about issues that impact librarianship. The contest will run for the entire month of August, 2010, with the fabulous prizes awarded sometime in September. Winning essayists will receive one of several prizes including Amazon or Borders gift cards, or a year of hosting from

All Essays Must Be Submitted Here! (NOT NOW, It's not August yet)

You can view only essay entries at
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Below the break you'll see answers to your questions. -- Read More

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If you're like me (And you know you want to be!) you're just too lazy busy to visit all your favorite sites. There are many ways to read LISNews without actually visiting
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The Three Simple C's Of Librarianship

If the three L’s of buying a house are “location, location, location”, then the three C’s of librarianship should be “communication, communication, communication”. I don’t think what I’m going to list is anything revolutionary; I do think it might be a novel way to remember the basic interactions that keep the library moving forward. -- Read More

Producer speaks out

LISTen Producer At Computer

To whom it may concern;

I am mrsnicelunchlady which is a title given me by children before I finished my degree in education. Yes. Folks I am a licensed teacher in Ohio and the producer of LISTen. I was the publisher for the bulletin also. We opted to go with the less slick print job in order to get more copies in the hands of people so we could get feedback. My e-mail was given for this purpose. I am sure you all remember from elementary school report cards that page of N or S where S is satisfactory and N is needs work. The teacher in me would give librarians a big N in the follows directions category. If you have a comment or problem tell it to the person that could possibly do something about it rather than Blake or Stephen in terms of the Bulletin. Second hand information is open to interpretation and generally sucks as gossip.

The Race Against Lord Mandelson

While you might not think so, the starter's pistol has metaphorically gone off. -- Read More

Announcing the LISNews Bulletin

The LISNews Bulletin has just been transmitted to the location of our printing partner closest to the venue of Computers in Libraries 2010. Blake will have 125 copies available to him to distribute at the conference for free. I want to thank our patrons for their generous financial support in allowing the Bulletin to be distributed at no charge.

There will be artwork. We've got an excerpt from a Cleveland-area artist's memoirs about life in India in the 1990s. The owner of Erie Looking Productions offered up a "quick hit" piece from Tech for Techies never heard before on the podcast streams. This issue may be small but it is intended to be a tasty appetizer for a larger serial that might perhaps follow.

If you are not going to be attending the conference, you can still get a copy of the publication. Please contact the publisher, Producer Gloria Kellat, at with your physical address so we can determine if our printing partner has an office near you. If there is, it will cost about USD$2.00 to have a special "RetCon" copy printed for you to pick up. If there isn't, we'll discuss options with you.

A Housekeeping Note

Posted by request of the Producer at Erie Looking Productions, Gloria Kellat:

As a reminder, the LISNews Bulletin will be released at Computers in Libraries 2010. Blake will be giving out copies at no cost to those receiving them as this is a market test to see whether or not there might be interest in a continuing print serial. Although Blake will be giving copies away, the printing cost remains real. We have a patron page in which for USD$10 you will be listed with your chosen affiliation statement in recognition of your support. We already had one benefactor throw down and show their support. To make this happen we need others who are brave enough to stand up as well. Send USD$10 with your name and affiliation via PayPal to by April 5th. I will ensure that thank you notes are sent to benefactors but must stress that while such donations can come from anywhere on the planet they are not tax-deductible.

Congrats Essayists

It is probably a good thing I did not ping Blake with yet another note asking if the votes were tallied yet. Congratulations to Abigail Goben in the US, The Effing Librarian at Effing's volcano lair, and Ned Potter out in the United Kingdom. I also want to thank all the writers for their great works.

Patient LISNews followers might be starting to see a pattern. If you are one of those followers, you're pretty much on the right track. We started out with the summer series in 2009 where essays were invited. The essay contest in February was open to all who came. The forthcoming LISNews Bulletin is going to be a hybrid of the two processes in which all can propose but due to the scarcity of available pages there will be choices made. You need to hear LISTen #111 to hear what the submission process for the Bulletin will be.

The end goal to all this is to encourage expression in today's knowledge economy. The traditional role of librarian as caretaker for end products is starting to go away. Nowadays librarian success is better ensured by knowing about the birth to death life cycle of information expression forms. Database vendors now securing exclusivity agreements with content producers will impact how librarians serve their patrons. Knowing why that happened helps with finding workarounds and other solutions to ensure that patrons are still being served. Practicing participation in the different stages of the life cycle for a piece of information allows for more holistic work within today's knowledge economy.

We keep testing out ways to build community virtually these ways so that librarians can stay on top of the heap in the knowledge economy. While the virtual world cannot contain the whole conversation all the time, it can at least serve as a starting point for it. How can we help patrons if we do not get our own feet wet?

In the end, keep writing.

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