Money Issues

Board: Aging libraries need money (New York)

Will Gov. George Pataki and the Legislature approve the spending? Read about it Here. From the Syracuse Post-Standard.

The state board that oversees New York\'s public libraries
is recommending $90 million to pay for physical improvements for library buildings over the next five years.

The state Board of Regents said Tuesday that New York\'s 1,080 public libraries need $800 million for construction, while the state spends just $800,000
annually. The regents said their proposal, \"Libraries 2001,\"
would provide a \"first step\" toward meeting that goal.


Ontario Libraries Receive $8.4-Million Grant

Read this press release Here.

Ontario Libraries Receive $8.4-Million Grant to Provide Library Patrons With Increased Internet Access From Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Gates foundation gives $1 million to libraries

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates to Chicago\'s library system. Read about it Here. From the The Chicago Tribune

Chicago\'s library system will receive money and gifts totaling $1 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to expand public access to the Internet, Mayor Richard Daley announced Thursday.


Library gets $1 million for upgrades

The Library Legacy Foundation presented its first installment. Read about it Here. From the The Toledo Blade

The Library Legacy Foundation yesterday presented its first installment, a check for $1 million, to the board of the Toledo-Lucas County Library to help in paying for improvements to the system.



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