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Library Planned Major Projects Ahead of Looming Budget Cuts

Before state budget cuts took place in Ohio, the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County had begun some costly projects. According to the article, \"The library\'s funding crisis has been more than a year in the making ... During that year, the library embarked on ambitious capital projects in Harrison, Clifton and Reading, gave librarians across-the-board raises of 3 percent (and almost 6 percent for top staff), and otherwise continued operating with little outward sign of the financial troubles ahead.\" Read More.


More Ohio Libraries Hit with Big Budget Cuts

The Wheeling News Register is reporting on libraries in Belmont County Ohio being forced to cut service hours and collections due to big budget cuts. They\'ve also been forced to initiate a hiring freeze. Read More.


Patronage Rises as Funding for Ohio Libraries Shrinks

Ohio libraries have experienced an 8% decrease in funding within the past year, but more patrons are visiting libraries than before. In some cases, patrons are making quite a bit of noise about it. But, is it enough? Read More. [may require free registration].


Fifth Third starts fund to save libraries

More Good News from Cincy, where Fifth Third Bank launched a \"Save the Libraries Fund\" to support five local library branches that may be closed because of budget cuts.

This after Commissioner Todd Portune, Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken and a handful of other elected officials Friday signed a declaration saying the library should not close five branches to help resolve a $4.3 million budget deficit.


State Libraries Face Bookkeeping Woes

Lack of space and funding is biting libraries in Utah. Libraries across the state may be forced to make a choice between having literary classics on their shelves, or Internet access. Read More.


British Library closed by strike action for first time

To follow up on Ryan\'s story, The Guardian Says the British Library was closed by strike action for first time.
The 24-hour closure was over the library\'s refusal to raise a 4% pay award to staff. These include the library assistants - some of them earning only £10,000 to £15,000 a year.The strike closed the new St Pancras building\'s total of six reading rooms and a similar room at the library\'s outstation in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire. Scholars at a third centre, the British Newspaper Library at Colindale, north London, were only able to work if they had ordered material in advance.


British Library faces strike

Managing Information reports:

The management of the British Library has been notified by the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union that it plans to take strike action over the Library\'s 2001-2002 pay offer.

A recent BL press release stated the British Library\'s management is \"disappointed that PCS has decided to strike. The pay offer averaging 4% has already been accepted by two of the three unions that represent staff at the Library. The offer is double the current rate of inflation and higher than the average for the cultural sector (3.8%). Furthermore, staff are aware that the Library does not have the funds to improve on the offer\".

Complete article, plus additional coverage from the Times.


Seattle libraries close doors to save money

Charles Davis writes \"The first of two weeklong library closures begins in a few weeks, as
the Seattle Public Library tries to reduce spending by $1.8 million to
help the city balance its budget next year.
All libraries in the city will shut down from Aug. 26 to Sept 1. That
means residents will not have access to catalogs, book drops,
computers, Web site, mobile services or even the automated
telephone line. Employees will not be paid.
More at
The Post Int. \"


Budget Cuts Force More Library Closures

The public library system of Cincinnati & Hamilton county in Ohio is shutting the doors on five of its forty-one branches on September 1. The library has lost over $4 million in state funding. Soma patrons intend to contact the governor\'s office. Read More.


Budget Cuts Force Seattle Public Library Closure

Book drops closed, no access to catalog, web site shut down, computers not available, no programs, no telephone service, etc. This is all for just one week in August and one in December, but yikes, what happens next time? Read the press release.



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