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USA PATRIOT Act ~ Implications for Cdn. Libraries

Cabot writes "The Canadian Library Association has released a briefing note (.pdf) on the implications for Canadian libraries of the USA PATRIOT Act."


Patriot Act Expansion Bill Approved In Secret

Declan McCullagh Says the Senate Intelligence committee has voted to expand the PATRIOT act. The ACLU Has a press release, but there doesn't seem to be anything else out there at this point.

In Other PATRIOT News Colorado passed a bipartisan resolution calling on Congress to bring the controversial Patriot Act in line with the Constitution. Colorado becomes the seventh state, and joins at least 382 other communities that have passed such resolutions. A similar resolution recently passed the Idaho state legislature.


NPR on one library system's run in w/PATRIOT

From today's Morning Edition, a story about one northwestern Washington library system's grappling with PATRIOT:

Congress is considering whether to renew parts of the USA Patriot Act that are due to expire soon, including a provision that allows library records to be turned over to law enforcement. As part of our continuing coverage of the Patriot Act, Larry Abramson has this report on a library system in northwestern Washington state that had its ethics tested when the FBI came to call.

Complete story (Real Audio required). A related story discusses the use of library records in the investigation of the Unabomber case.


FBI Now Wants To Monitor Snail Mail Too

Daniel writes "Looks like the FBI is hoping to go back to the bad old days of monitoring mail in the name of national security.Over 30 years ago, the Church Commission concluded that the US Intelligence Community abused the rights of many Americans and went on fishing expeditions. Why does anyone think they're not going to abuse their authority this time? How many times to we have to watch this reel?"


The (mostly) Texas Books Issue By the book

Blake writes "The San Antonio Current Interviews Frates Seeligson. Seeligson insists modestly that many people read more than he does, but they think not many read as comprehensively. He visited with the Current in his pleasant, and yes, book-filled, offices near Brackenridge Park.Since his 30s, Seeligson has followed a self-made plan to read his way chronologically through world and American history, while enjoying books on public policy, sensual topics such as shad and caviar, and fiction. "I try to average four books a month," he told me, holding up a yellow legal pad filled with pages of titles, many scratched off. "So at the end of six months, I've read 24 books."


FBI requests new Patriot Act powers

Rich writes "The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold closed
meeting on Thursday to move legislation to allow the FBI to seize business or private records to investigate terrorism without first securing approval from a judge. Reports Reuters Reports.
ACLU has
this reponse
Mary Minow LibraryLaw Blog has two analyses of the changes."


Infoshop News - Libraries & The Patriot Act: Too much Talk, Not Enough Action

Anonymous Patron writes "One From Infoshop, By Sanford Berman, says apart from scattered and often repetitive evidence - largely anecdotal - it really doesn't seem that much has happened at the absolutely crucial level of specific libraries and library systems to inform the public (and staff) of the Act's privacy and free speech implications, to reexamine record retention policies in order to best circumvent or frustrate government snooping, and to actively oppose the Act, or at least agitate for the repeal or amendment of Section 215. The most significant impact - and action - is local."


FBI accused of investigating USAPA opponents

Daniel sent over a Article that reports on the same day that the FBI warned a Congressional committee about the danger of "domestic terrorism," the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Wednesday accused the FBI of using terrorism as a pretext to spy on activists who "oppose the war in Iraq, the USA Patriot Act, and other government policies."


Expanded Patriot Act to Be Proposed

The Associated Press has one of many articles on a new measure being written by Sen. Pat Roberts. The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is working on a bill that would renew the USA Patriot Act and expand government powers in the name of fighting terrorism, letting the FBI subpoena records without permission from a judge or a grand jury.The information came from aides who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Roberts has yet to make the bill's contents public.

Opponents of expanding the Patriot Act said Roberts's proposal would amount to an expansive wish list for the administration.


Librarian's Brush with the FBI

Fang-Face writes "It seems the Whatcom County Library System is flaunting USAPA. Read:
Librarian's Brush with FBI Shapes her View of the USA Patriot Act, an editorial by librarian Joan Airoldi published in USA Today (and reprinted at"



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