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Gifts to President Are Carted to Storage

The Dayton Daily News is running This Associated Press Story on the gifts given to President Bush from foreign leaders.
They say gifts barely brush the president\'s hands before being carted off, crated and left to gather dust.
Thousands of gifts are carefully stored, but only a relatively few make it into displays at the presidential libraries; there are simply too many to exhibit.
The Constitution says the president cannot accept any foreign present without the consent of Congress

Presidential Libraries Aggravate People

Reported yesterday in South Carolina\'s The State was news of an anti-Clinton Library.

A bit of poking around the LISNews archives revealed that Blake already reported this in December.

What is it about Presidential Libraries that riles people up so?

From the Lincoln library, to the Nixon library, from the Clinton library, to the anti-Clinton library:

Presidential libraries are so aggravating

Newly found Truman diary unveiled

Jen Young writes "Cnn Reports Former President Harry Truman always denied that while in the White House he entertained the idea of having Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower run for president in 1948 -- with Truman as his running mate.

But a newly discovered diary written by the United States' 33rd president reveals that Truman did make the offer while talking politics one summer afternoon with Eisenhower. Truman worried that Gen. Douglas MacArthur would run for president on the Republican ticket.


Clinton Library Looks to Strike Balance

An Associated Press Article says the world's largest museum design firm promises its work on the Clinton Presidential Library will strike a balance between entertainment and education, between the former president's feats and failures.

Dismantled former Air Force One heading for Reagan library

The Associated Press Reports The Boeing 707 that ferried seven U.S. presidents over a million miles as Air Force One makes one last journey this week - 120 miles in pieces by truck to its final roost - the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The largest portions - fuselage and wings - will be moved Friday to Simi Valley from San Bernardino International Airport, where it was welcomed in September 2001 after its final flight. Boeing Co. aircraft crews disassembled the plane in a San Bernardino hanger.

First Taiwanese Presidential Library

Former president Lee Teng-hui(§õµn½÷)[sic]has agreed to a plan to build a special library to house the books and documents he amassed during his 12-year presidency, a TSU legislator said.

How valuable do you think presidential libraries are?

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Why Are the Libraries of Great Presidents So Mediocre

Bob Cox spotted This One that says look at the Web sites and listing of events at FDR, LBJ, and Ronald Reagan's libraries, and you see just plain vanilla, pedestrian notices that lack just about everything that intelligent Americans would desire of presidential libraries.

Clinton signs library’s last beam into place

Bill writes "It has taken two weeks, 402 fine-tip markers and a college student with a bad case of writer’s cramp to sign the names of more than 5,000 donors onto the white beam.

Armed with a new Sharpie and surrounded by workers building the multimillion-dollar presidential library that the beam is a part of, Bill Clinton made the marker count 403.

More than 3,000 people cheered Friday as the former president signed his name to the beam that completes the skeleton of his presidential library in Little Rock.

Full Story. "

Little Rock Pushes Future Clinton Library Reports The Clinton Presidential Library Foundation has erected 10 billboards featuring an artist's rendition of the future downtown library, hoping to make Little Rock and its library complex an international tourist destination.

Bush library celebrates millionth visitor

Barbara Maxwell was the millionth visitor to the library complex since it opened in 1997. The former president presented the Maxwells with a signed bust of himself and posed for pictures with the beaming couple.

Ironically, the Maxwells — who divide their time between homes in Pennsylvania and Florida — own four pairs of boots now on display in the library’s “Legends of the West” exhibit. They decided to stop by the library on the tail end of a cross-country business trip.
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