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Scholars: Presidential libraries keep top-shelf info out of reach

This article from the explains how "some of the great archives of American history, presidential libraries, are full of obstacles...that keep (people) from getting the full picture."

However, the argument against this is that it is not intentional. "But it would be wrong to interpret all this as signs of a secretive government, National Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper said."

UK firm wins Clinton library contract

Charles Davis writes from

that "a British cabinet-making firm has won a £500,000 contract to fit out Bill Clinton's presidential library.

Netherfield Visuals has been awarded the contract to build 85 glass cabinets to display the archives of the 42nd US President.

The William J Clinton Centre will open later this year in the former President's home town of Little Rock, Arkansas, and showcase the legacy of the Clinton administration."

Presidential Libraries Keep Top-shelf Info out of Scholars Hands

Bob Cox sends this article "about presidential scholars who are finding important documents tough to find at presidential libraries. The scholars are tipped off to missing documents by pink slips of paper inserted into folders. More from Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram."

NH Group Wants A Presidential Library for an Overlooked President

One hundred and fifty years after he served his term as U.S. President, Franklin Pierce is finally getting the recognition of history buffs. ABC News story here In his lifetime, he was written off as a failure and as a weak, ineffectual leader who was wrong on the overriding issue of his time: slavery.
Pierce personally did not approve of slavery. But his position was that because the U.S. Constitution allowed slavery, it was wrong to deny people the right to have slaves.

A small group of Pierce enthusiasts in his home state believes the nation's 14th president deserves a second look.

"He had the terrible task of being president just before the Civil War," said Florence "Chips" Holden, a member of the Pierce Brigade, founded in the 1960s to save Pierce's Concord home from being torn down. "He made the big mistake of trying to keep both the North and the South happy, and it backfired."

'Love Story' Centers on Truman Letters

More than 1,300 letters he wrote over 50 years, along with a handful the first lady wrote to her husband, play out on stage this Valentine's Day in "The Love Story of Harry and Bess Truman," at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library.

Workers at the museum and library know why only a handful of Bess Truman's letters to her husband exist.

They tell a story of Harry Truman finding his first lady at a fireplace, burning hundreds of letters she'd written him.

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Nation's first ladies find a home in Canton

Bob Cox noted News that the National First Ladies Library is now open in Ohio.
In September, all of the materials were moved into the refurbished 1895 building, which was dedicated by first lady Laura Bush.

The cornerstone of the library is the bibliography. It's a rapidly growing book collection of nearly 3,200 titles that represents about 70 percent of all the books ever written about or by a first lady, Krider said.

Size matters for presidential library

If Richard Norton Smith has his way, the Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, may soon be the most up-to-date and popular presidential library in the country.
Steve Neal, with the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Smith, tapped for the project by Illinois Governor Blagojevich, intends to firmly establish Springfield as "'the preeminent center of Lincoln scholarship". While plans are in process to make the "Lincoln center" a dynamic and educational facility, Smith says the most important thing is size, calling the new vision, "a museum of unparalleled size, originality and educational promise".
Read about it here.

Real Nixon Library Finally

A real Nixon Library - LA Times has a story today about the Nixon Presidential Papers finally being given to the library.

Clinton's gift to Internet age

Reuters Says The archives of the Bill Clinton presidential library will contain 39,999,998 e-mails by the former president's staff and two by the man himself.

"The only two he sent," Skip Rutherford, president of the Clinton Presidential Foundation, which is raising money for the library, said on Monday.

One of them may not actually qualify for electronic communication because it was a test to see if the commander in chief knew how to push the button on an e-mail.

Nixon Library likely to get big influx of material

An Anonymous Patron sent in this story about a huge transfer of materials from the National Archives to the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace.

With the stroke of President Bush's pen, possibly as early as this month, archivists will begin the long and arduous task of preparing every last bit of Nixon materials - a cache that could fill 13 swimming pools - for shipment to the private Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, Calif.

But the impending move, set in motion by Reps. Tom Davis, R-Va., and Gary Miller, R-Calif., is as controversial as it is historic.

Nixon's voluminous materials have remained in the Washington area for the past 30 years for a reason: because Congress decided in the wake of Watergate that neither the disgraced former president nor his family could be trusted with them.

Now the archivists in charge of overseeing the move are proceeding with caution. Nixon historians, however, are downright worried that the new guardians - Nixon's family and former aides - will choke off access to the collection and frustrate future releases.


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