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Presidential Libraries...Come One, Come All

This AP article gives us a bit of perspective on the operations of the eleven (and soon to be twelve) Presidential Libraries, and how things are faring for them.

Reporter Andrea Almond tells us, "Although Reagan's death has led to a surge in visitors to the library, attendance at the nation's presidential libraries during the last five years has declined about 13 percent. To reverse the trend, libraries are adding attractions, turning to more aggressive marketing tactics, and leaning on nearby tourist attractions to promote themselves."

The article goes on to tell us about the soon to be open Clinton Library, which includes exhibits on White House pets - cat Socks and dog Buddy, and includes a display of Mickey Mantle's rookie baseball card, which was a gift for the president.
At least one of the exhibits deals with the President's impeachment.

Sharon Fawcett, deputy assistant archivist for the National Archives and Records Administration says on the subject of Presidential Libraries:
"People want to know about their presidents, and these libraries offer that opportunity. It's a challenge for all libraries and museums, not just presidential ones, to draw young visitors when competing with the Disneylands and other amusements."

Clinton Library accused of clearing out homeless

A recent Associated Press story describes attempts in the city of Little Rock to get homeless people out of the woods and into shelters. The Clinton Library, set to open in November, was built on the site of a warehouse where homeless people used to live. Some say attempts to remove homeless from the area are motivated by a desire to make the city attractive to those who will be visiting for the library's opening. The president of the Clinton Foundation denies that the attempts to clear out homeless camps are related to the library's opening. Strategies for moving these people include making sure everyone eligible for veterans benefits is getting them, and making more people aware of shelter options.

Lincoln Portfolio Donated to Presidential Library

A portfolio that historians believe Abraham Lincoln used to carry around official papers was donated Tuesday to the state of Illinois.

Tom Heyser of Maryland, whose parents were housekeepers for Robert Todd Lincoln, the president's son, gave the briefcase and a dress worn by Mary Todd Lincoln to First Lady Patti Blagojevich at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Read More.

Nixon Library Adds Full-sized Replica of White House East Room

Couples looking for a unique wedding venue can add a replica of the lavish White House East Room to their roster of choices.

On Aug. 21, the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace will unveil what is billed as the nation's only full-size clone of the East Room, complete with crystal chandeliers and marble fireplaces. Read More.

Presidential Libraries Compete for Visitors in a Theme-park World

Across the country, presidential libraries are looking for ways to raise their profiles. It's a challenge for all libraries and museums, not just presidential ones, to draw young visitors when competing with the Disneylands and other amusements. Some of the strategies for drawing visitors include rotating exhibits regularly, hosting speakers and educational series, offering school tours and adding attractions that appeal to all generations. Read More. [requires registration]

Presidential librarians talk shop in Hyde Park

Anonymous Patron writes "Very Shost AP Piece reports Archivists have begun organizing more than 600 tons of documents at the Clinton Presidential Library after the materials were moved from a nearby storage facility more quickly than expected.
Here's An Article on Jon Raney who has been assigned to determine which trees stay and which trees go in the wooded area along the Arkansas River between the library and the Heifer Project International's headquarters and world village.
Meanwhile, up in New York, the directors of the presidential libraries, from that of Herbert Hoover to that of the soon-to-be-opened library of Bill Clinton, came to the Roosevelt library's Wallace Center for their annual Directors Conference this week."

Clinton library - the view from within

That guy notes the Clinton Library is opening in a few months. Arkansas News Bureau has a "view from within," along with a list of opening week events. The four days of events leading up to the library's opening will include the reception of a lifetime for the Arkansas Arts Center, which will host all the living presidents and first ladies for an art exhibit the likes of which they likely haven't seen since their White House days.
They also say he is sending 125,000 invitations to the November 18th opening of his library.

FDR papers are an open book

An Anonymous Patron writes "The Poughkeepsie Journal Covers the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, the first of the nation's 10 presidential libraries founded in 1939 when he donated his 15,000-volume private library and 16 acres of his family's estate in Hyde Park.

''It seems to me that the dedication of a library is in itself an act of faith. To bring together the records of the past and to house them in buildings where they will be preserved for the use of men and women in the future, a nation must believe in three things. It must believe in the past. It must believe in the future. It must, above all, believe in the capacity of its own people so to learn from the past that they can gain in judgment in creating their own future.''"

Clinton library - the view from within

The Arkansas News Bureau takes a peak inside the Clinton Library.
Four months from completion, the library lacks some finishing touches, but with a tour guide's help, it is easy to visualize. Opening Week is coming up fast, and Promotions are going strong. With a guest list that includes President Bush and former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and their first ladies, some folks already are looking at historical perspective.

Not many empty shelves at Bill Clinton's library

Anonymous Patron sends " this from the Naples (FL) Daily News. 'In its eight years, the Clinton administration generated more than controversy. It generated paper, lots of paper, truckloads of paper, to be precise. You can see why the former president's book ran to 970 pages and may, in fact, be only the first volume of his memoirs.'"


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