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Three decades after Nixon's resignation, his papers head home

The AP Reports Three decades after the 37th president resigned in disgrace and the federal government seized his papers and tapes, a change in law is sending them home.

Library officials are planning a new addition to house them and hope to be ready this fall to begin the gradual transfer of 46 million pages of records, 30,000 gifts and 3,700 hours of tape.

They may get something less tangible as well -- a measure of validation for the library and perhaps for the man.

Stamp planned to honor presidential libraries in Michigan, elsewhere

The AP Reports The nation's 12 presidential libraries, two of which are in Michigan, will be honored on a postage stamp to be issued next summer, the Postal Service said Friday.

First day of issue ceremonies will be held at the various libraries and at President Ford's separate museum on Aug. 4, the 50th anniversary of the Presidential Libraries Act.

Clinton Library Visitor Numbers Not Padded, Rutherford Says

Anonymous Patron writes "After some Rumor Mongering Skip Rutherford, president of the William J. Clinton Foundation, Says Rutherford said library officials never claimed that the total visitor count, now up to 130,000, was the same as paid visitors. He also said that the figure from the NARA cited by U.S. News only included the number of walk-up ticket buyers and did not include those who bought individual (some 3,700) or family (about 3,000) annual memberships. Nor does that count include people who attended group functions at the library -- functions for which a rental fee has been paid."

Presidential Exhibits at the National Archives

Anonymous Patron writes " - THIS IS AMERICA - Presidential Exhibits at the National Archives visits the National Archives for some presidential history. "The American Presidency: Photographic Treasures of the National Archives" continues through February twenty-first, in Washington, D.C."

Didier Named Director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum

Anonymous Patron writes "A Release from U.S. Newswire tells us Archivist of the United States John W. Carlin announced today the selection of Dr. Elaine K. Didier as the new Director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum. The appointment is effective January 10, 2005.

Dr. Didier, who is a professor and former dean of the Kresge Library at Oakland University in Michigan, will succeed Dennis Daellenbach who retired on January 1, 2005."

Reagan Library adds documents

Anonymous Patron writes "The Monterey County Herald Reports from California. Nearly 25,000 pages of former President Reagan's personal papers, including speeches, radio scripts and articles he wrote in the 1960s and 1970s, are now available for public review at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library."

TX Universities fight for GW Bush Library

Anonymous Patron writes "The Waco Tribune-Herald has an editorial discussing efforts by Southern Methodist University and Baylor University to eventually earn the distinction of having the George W Bush Presidential Library on their campus."

David Alsobrook the Boss at the new Clinton Library

Bob writes "There was a lot of press when the Clinton Library opened on its architecture, scandal and what was actually in it. They're finally getting around to the people who staff it:
From Zwire:
"Asked to compare a public library with a presidential library, Roberts describes the term "presidential library" as "a misnomer. It's really a presidential archives. I have no idea why they call them libraries. They are totally different things. Any archive is very specialized in what it deals with. Archives are primarily for people who will be doing historical research or research in what historians call primary materials-whereas, a public library is much broader based in what it presents to people.""

Bush library official named to top position

Anonymous Patron writes "The Bryan-College Station Eagle Reports the George HW Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas has a new boss. Warren Finch Jr. will replace Douglas Menarchik, who has accepted a federal post with the U.S. Agency for International Development. Finch’s appointment begins Dec. 27."

This is It! Clinton Library Opening

From ABC News, opening day at the William Jefferson Clinton Library.

Dignitaries will include (in no particuar order): Bill, Hillary, Bono from U2, Aretha Franklin, the current President, his dad, and Jimmy Carter.

Update: 11/18 08:23 EST by B:The New York Times has a slide show along with its article (you must watch a film trailer first, but the slide show is pretty good). Click on Multimedia about half way down in the right-hand column. Pretty amazing looking library!

Update: 11/18 09:06 EST by B:Another story, alluding to plans for a "counter library" ???...


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