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Nixon's Library Cancels Conference, Drawing Protests

One From The AP says The private administrators of Richard M. Nixon's library canceled a conference of historians on Friday, angering some participants who said the move was intended to stifle debate about Mr. Nixon's presidency. The library said financial considerations were the only reason.

Dallas probably will be site of Bush library

A Report Says The White House will invite proposals this spring from several Texas cities eager to snag the plum. But Bush insiders say the library will be in Dallas, on or near the campus of Southern Methodist University.

"The decision hasn't been officially made yet," one source said, "but anyone who understands George and Laura can see where it's going."

A second source said flatly: "It's going to be in Dallas."

A White House official suggested caution: "We're nowhere near any announcements or decisions or anything."

Another highly placed Bush source said former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, one of Bush's closest friends, has been tapped to head the library advisory committee.

Transfer of Nixon archives may be delayed

A Short Associated Press Piece says The transfer of Richard M. Nixon's papers and tapes to his presidential library in Yorba Linda, Calif., may be delayed until 2007 because President Bush's budget proposal did not include money for it.

Tiger Shot and Killed Near Reagan Library

Anonymous Patron writes "All Clear! An elusive tiger that prowled through Ventura County near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was killed this morning in Moorpark, but its origin remains a mystery.

The tiger, weighing between 400 to 600 pounds, was sighted walking behind the houses and through the ravines around Highway 23. Nearby is Miller Park, with well-used soccer fields."

Big Cat Sightings at Reagan Library Backed by Tracks

Blake writes "Associated Press follows up on last week's must read Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My story. A Ventura County Sheriff's Department helicopter was dispatched to investigate. But what some people thought was a lion turned out to be a lot slower - just a large boulder.

Game wardens have found tracks in area, which they say were made by an animal in the 400-to-600 pound range, far bigger than any native bobcats or mountain lions."

Clinton Library Opens Presidential Papers for Research

Anonymous Patron writes "U.S. Newswire : Releases : U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Clinton Library Opens Presidential Papers for Research": The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, 1200 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, Ark., announced that it is making over 100,000 pages of Clinton presidential records available for research. They represent the first public release of Clinton presidential records since the end of the Clinton Administration. This opening is a collaborative effort between the National Archives and President Clinton to make records documenting his Administration available to researchers as soon as possible."

Bush Presidential Records to be Released

Anonymous Patron writes "U.S. Newswire Press Release says Approximately 9,700 pages of George H.W. Bush Presidential records that were previously withheld under the Presidential Records Act restrictions for appointments to federal office and/or confidential advice are now open for research. These records are no longer subject to the Presidential restrictive categories or any applicable Freedom of Information Act exemptions. This is the first segment of records that the National Archives and Records Administration is releasing. In accordance with Executive Order 13233, representatives of former President Bush and incumbent President Bush have chosen not to assert any constitutionally-based privilege. This opening consists of records from the White House Office of Records Management Subject Files and Staff Member Office Files."

Feline Mysteriously Appears Near the Reagan Library

What was first reported to be a "large cat" is now being described (possibly) as a 600-lb. African lion in the vicinity of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA. All large cats in the area have been accounted for, so this is a major mystery for wildlife officials. More here .

Clinton touts his library before Southern tour operators

Anonymous Patron writes "AP Reports To make sure tour operators take their passengers to his library, former president Bill Clinton took a message this week to the Travel South Showcase, a gathering that connects Southern attractions and bus tour organizers.
In videotaped remarks, the former president said he and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., have long known that tourist attractions can boost the economy."

A Couple More On The Dubya Library

Anonymous Patron writes "Inside Collin County Business has a proposal of why UTD is a good site for the George W. Bush Presidential Library.
The Daily Texan Says Bush backer backs Bush library; in other news, water is wet. Annie Boehnke, Geography senior, Member, Student Government,
Transportation Agency says Friday's Daily Texan Viewpoint ("Don't waste funds on W's library") contained a depiction of one of the most grossly distorted pictures of President Bush that I have ever seen printed in the Texan."


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