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Hillary Clinton White House Records Off-Limits to Opponents

Hillary Clinton White House Records Off-Limits to Opponents: Opposition researchers would love to get their hands on the nearly 2 million pages of off-limit documents generated by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's office during her eight years as first lady, but it's not going to happen.

The Presidential Records Act allows federal archivists to censor the materials now at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, The Los Angeles Times reports, because they contain confidential advice that is permitted to be kept secret at least until after the 2008 presidential election.

That's good news for Clinton, whose stormy years trying to remake the nation's health care system and other activities would be a target for dirt-diggers.

SMU Hits Another Snag In Bid For Bush Library

SMU Hits Another Snag In Bid For Bush Library: Although Baylor University hasn't withdrawn its bid, Southern Methodist University is the presumptive winner of the sweepstakes for the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

But SMU doesn't have enough space that meets standards for temporary storage of the president's records and other materials, the Dallas Morning News reported Thursday.

The Morning News reports that the National Archives

Archives seek storage for Bush papers set for library

There's no official word yet that Southern Methodist University will be the site of President Bush's library, but federal officials are shopping in Dallas for space to store his papers and collectibles; enough to fill a large supermarket.

In a letter to developers, the National Archives and Records Administration said it needs to rent a secure 60,000-square-foot space from Oct. 1, 2008, to Sept. 30, 2014, to hold "general textual, general non-textual, national security classified and museum collections."

C-Span Checks Out Presidential Libraries

Broadcasting & Cable notes C-SPAN is teaming with the National Archives on a 12-week series, Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered.

As its name suggests, the series will tap the resources of the 12 libraries--actually airing live from each one for the Friday night 8-10 p.m. show--to provide some rarely, or in some cases never-before, aired home movies, audio, photos, documents and other artifacts.

C-SPAN will digitize more than 1,000 rare recordings and steam them over its Web site.

SMU: No deal in library suit

SMU rejected a proposal Wednesday that would have allowed a dozen university employees and a handful of architects with knowledge about the George W. Bush Presidential Library to be quizzed confidentially about the university's plans.

Meanwhile, the university's attorney confirmed that a formal announcement about the library could come as soon as mid-September.

Bush Presidential Library a "Trade Secret"

Dallas News reports: SMU rejected a proposal Wednesday that would have allowed a dozen university employees and a handful of architects with knowledge about the George W. Bush Presidential Library to be quizzed confidentially about the university's plans.

SMU has declined to discuss its plans, calling the information a trade secret that could be used by the Bush library competitors.

Bill Seeks Disclosure on Presidential Library Fundraising

Legislation requiring organizations that raise money for presidential libraries to disclose who is funneling donations to their efforts is set to be considered by a Senate panel, despite unresolved objections from one committee member.

Committee Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Conn., originally planned to mark up the bill June 13 but yanked the measure after it drew objections from committee member Ted Stevens, R-Alaska.

Stevens argued that the legislation would unfairly force President Bush to disclose donors for his presidential library while he's still in the midst of raising funds. Stevens is currently under investigation by both the FBI and the IRS for his relationship with an oil field engineering firm.

Poor Bushie. Report from the New York Times.

The Politics of Presidential Libraries

Minnesota Public Radio hosted a call-in show on the politics of presidential libraries. The directors of the Nixon and Hoover presidential libraries appeared on the show to discuss the relationship between politics and history.

Nixon library adopts historical view of Watergate

"I can't run a shrine," says Timothy Naftali, named last year as the Nixon library's first federal director. Promising "a 360 degree look" at Watergate, he ordered the demolition of the existing exhibit, to be replaced by a more accurate account. The Concord Monitor has the story.

NPR on New Government Oversight of the Nixon Library

Follow-up on yesterday's story about the Nixon Library being turned over from private control to government control under the National Archives. Now you can listen to those charming old Nixon tapes free of charge on the Internet. Story (audio and print) from NPR.


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