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Bernstein makes first visit to Nixon Library

The LA Times: The former Washington Post reporter who helped break the Watergate story pronounces his tour 'a moving experience.' "It's impossible . . . not to feel some kind of strange kinship and not to feel part of this place," Bernstein later told the crowd that filled a 300-seat auditorium.

SMU still waits to seal the deal on Bush library

The Dallas News Reports Southern Methodist University launched its campaign for the George W. Bush Presidential Library five years ago. It beat out other competitors to become the sole finalist in December. Since then, campus leaders have said they expect to hear from the White House within weeks or months or "very soon" that SMU will indeed host the library.

Listen to LBJ

birdie writes "Previously unheard telephone tapes of President Johnson at the LBJ Library"

President Clinton Complains Of Delays in Opening His Records

"I want to open my presidential records more rapidly than the law requires, and the current administration has slowed down the opening of my own records," the former president said at a press conference held to discuss his philanthropic efforts. "I am not afraid of disclosure and I hope that people will find, among other things ... some of the mistakes we made and why."
Historians, journalists, authors, and watchdog groups have complained that the review process for records stored at presidential libraries is taking too long. The critics also contend that an executive order Mr. Bush issued in 2001 exacerbated the problem.

Methodist Ministry Be Damned, It's Full Speed Ahead on Bush Library at SMU

Baltimore Sun reports: Southern Methodist University says it has all the permission it needs from the United Methodist Church to proceed with negotiations for the placement of President Bush's planned presidential library and public policy institute at the university campus in Dallas.

"We're not concerned because we fundamentally disagree with what the possibilities are of their actions," Brad Cheves, SMU's vice president of development and external affairs, told the campus newspaper (Any LISNewsters understand that sentence?).

"SMU and Bush are 'dead certain,' but they are dead wrong,'' said Andrew Weaver, a Methodist minister in New York who is among the protesters of the Bush library plans. The 290 members of the Methodist southern regional council are "mostly progressives and moderates,'' Weaver says, suggesting that their vote of approval for the library is "up for grabs.''

Anonymous senator puts hold on bill unsealing presidential papers

The fight over White House secrecy has taken a new twist, with Senate officials confirming Wednesday that a Republican senator is secretly blocking a bill that would reverse President Bush's 2001 executive order allowing ex-presidents to seal their records indefinitely.

United Methodists Continue Struggle Against Bush Institute at University

The Methodists, well many of them anyway, don't want to host the George W. Bush Library at Southern Methodist University. Story from Ekklesia, a Methodist newsletter and The Baltimore Sun.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Truman Administration

It's Friday, and time for another Presidential history lesson from C-SPAN. Tonight's/tomorrow's program comes from the Truman Library in Independence, MO. Here's a view of the C-SPAN bus/broadcasting unit and a story on the show from the Kansas City Star.

Truman Library Director Michael Devine said a highlight of the program will be outtakes from a television series in which Truman discussed his presidential decisions. They include his assessment of Stalin at the Potsdam Conference, his decision to use the atomic bomb and the firing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

"That series was very good, but the outtakes are even better," Devine said. "They're much more revealing, much more candid. You get a sense of his real down-to-earth views, and it's a marvelous look at his sense of humor."

Presidential Libraries...History Uncovered on C-SPAN

Oops, we missed the first one, but there are eleven more to go...C-SPAN is broadcasting live from one presidential library each week, (it started last Friday with the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa).

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith will be hosting, and he predict that the broadcasts will be "a kind of history that people don't get out of their textbooks." Story from The Houston Chronicle; details from C-SPAN. Watch on C-SPAN-TV, listen on C-SPAN Radio.

When: Every Friday through Nov. 30. Check your local listings (as they say).

Sept. 14: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sept. 21: Harry S. Truman

Sept. 28: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Oct. 5: John F. Kennedy

Oct. 12: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Oct. 19: Richard Nixon

Oct. 26: Gerald R. Ford

Nov. 2: Jimmy Carter

Nov. 9: Ronald Reagan

Nov. 16: George Bush

Nov. 30: William J. Clinton

Bush Library Snubs British Artist, He Bites Back With Portrait in Porn

After the Bush Library reportedly backed out of a portrait they had commissioned from British artist Jonathan Yeo, the 36-year-old artist went forward with one anyway, a collage created from fragments of 100 porn magazines.

This Sun story has a small version of the portrait which you are invited to enlarge. Artist Yeo has even more graphic details of the portrait on his website.

The work was unveiled yesterday at London's Lazarides Gallery in Soho.


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