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George W. Bush's Presidential Library

John Dean (Yes, That John Dean) asks Amid a slow, low-boiling, and mostly Texas-based controversy regarding the potential location of a future George W. Bush Presidential Library, a significant issue regarding such a future institution is being completely overlooked: Should there be federal support of the Bush Presidential Library, in light of the fact that President Bush has refused to comply with the 1978 Presidential Records Act?

Bush names SMU Presidential Library planner

President Bush has chosen a former next-door neighbor – Dallas hotel developer Mark Langdale, now the ambassador to Costa Rica – to run the foundation planning his presidential library at Southern Methodist University.

Potential Bush library site may cost SMU $8.9M

Roughly 3 acres of University Park parkland, streets and alleys near a potential site for the Bush presidential library could cost Southern Methodist University $8.9 million.

That's the total value of the land, including a $6.4 million appraisal released this week on 1.95 acres of University Park streets and alleys near Potomac Park. The three-quarter acre park was previously appraised at $2.45 million.

Thousands of mementos missing from Reagan library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is unable to find or account for tens of thousands of valuable mementos of Reagan's White House years because a "near universal" security breakdown left the artifacts vulnerable to pilfering by insiders, an audit by the National Archives inspector general has concluded.

The Battle Over The Clinton Papers

The Battle Over The Clinton Papers: On Friday, The Politico reported that the Clinton library was preparing 10,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's "daily schedules" to be released in late January, though that release could be slowed down by the review process. Clinton has chalked up delays in releasing the documents to the difficulty of processing them as opposed to any efforts on the Clintons' part to suppress them.

Reagan Library: They Don't Stop Democrats at the Door

Here's one visitor's irreverent glimpse at the Reagan Presidential Library, with some great photos of the interior. Blogger Christine N. Ziemba agreed to take her Republican parents to the library, even though her politics are quite the opposite.

Bernstein makes first visit to Nixon Library

The LA Times: The former Washington Post reporter who helped break the Watergate story pronounces his tour 'a moving experience.' "It's impossible . . . not to feel some kind of strange kinship and not to feel part of this place," Bernstein later told the crowd that filled a 300-seat auditorium.

SMU still waits to seal the deal on Bush library

The Dallas News Reports Southern Methodist University launched its campaign for the George W. Bush Presidential Library five years ago. It beat out other competitors to become the sole finalist in December. Since then, campus leaders have said they expect to hear from the White House within weeks or months or "very soon" that SMU will indeed host the library.

Listen to LBJ

birdie writes "Previously unheard telephone tapes of President Johnson at the LBJ Library"

President Clinton Complains Of Delays in Opening His Records

"I want to open my presidential records more rapidly than the law requires, and the current administration has slowed down the opening of my own records," the former president said at a press conference held to discuss his philanthropic efforts. "I am not afraid of disclosure and I hope that people will find, among other things ... some of the mistakes we made and why."
Historians, journalists, authors, and watchdog groups have complained that the review process for records stored at presidential libraries is taking too long. The critics also contend that an executive order Mr. Bush issued in 2001 exacerbated the problem.


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