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Mary Regula, Founder of Library Saluting First Ladies, Dies at 91

Mary Regula, who led a successful campaign to establish a national library to research and commemorate the disparate and often unsung roles played by presidential spouses, died on April 5 at her family’s farm in Navarre, Ohio. She was 91.

Presidential Libraries Are a Scam. Could Obama Change That?

The National Archives and Records Administration—which operates presidential library-museums for every president from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush—won’t be operating either for Obama. His private Obama Foundation, not the government, will own and operate the museum. And there really won’t be a presidential library. The Obama Foundation will pay for NARA to digitize unclassified records and release them to the public as they become available, but the center’s “Library,” which may or may not house a local branch of the Chicago Public Library, will not contain or control presidential papers and artifacts, digital or otherwise. Instead, according to a NARA press release that called the museum “a new model for the preservation and accessibility of presidential records,” those records will be stored in “existing NARA facilities”—meaning one or more of the agency’s research or records centers across the country.
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Obama Presidential Center Design Unveiled : NPR

The design for the Obama Presidential Center was unveiled Wednesday at an event attended by former President Obama and Michelle Obama. The Center, slated to be completed in 2021, will be located in the Jackson Park neighborhood of Chicago's South side and it will include three buildings — a museum, forum and library that surround a public plaza. The buildings will be made up of variegated stone with glass openings to allow for natural light and be certified at LEED v4 Platinum for resource efficiency and sustainability.
From Obama Presidential Center Design Unveiled : NPR

Gladstone Library, a Refuge for Liberal Values

From the New York Times (a liberal bastion of journalism), an article about the liberal bastion of libraries on the England-Wales border Gladstone's Library.

A library was established by Britain’s high-minded Victorian Liberal prime minister, William Gladstone in the late 19th Century and its now enjoying a boom in use. Unlike the US where all former Presidents establish a library, it is the only Prime Minister's library in the UK. Access is free to all.

The restaurant at Gladstone’s Library, close to the border between Wales and England, is called Food for Thought, and the caterers have been busy recently. Interest has surged in an institution that houses Gladstone’s books and papers and that sees itself as a temple of liberal values, delighting its director, Peter Francis, who believes the trend is a reaction to the rise of populism in Britain to the upcoming Brexit.

Presidential libraries can create excitement, or controversy, for campuses

"It's kind of like a mini-Smithsonian, and when you go there, you normally you think you're going to get history and you're going to learn from them. If presidents want a museum of advertisement, don't turn it over to the federal government."
From Presidential libraries can create excitement, or controversy, for campuses | Education Dive

First stop for Obama library archives? An empty furniture store

Before the doors of President Barack Obama's library open on Chicago's South Side, truckloads of White House archives will be shipped to a former furniture store in the northwest suburbs. A massive volume of paperwork, electronic data and artifacts will find a temporary home at the old Plunkett Home Furnishings store in Hoffman Estates, Ill. As many as 120 employees will be brought in by the National Archives and Records Administration to sort through the material, which ultimately will be part of the Obama Presidential Center.
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How Presidential Libraries Work

“They’re really getting big,” says Hufbauer, who points out that the private funding allows “presidents to build gigantic temples dedicated to themselves.”

That means that presidential scandals or mistakes may get glossed over, and presidential successes highlighted. “The decision about what to display in the very first exhibits is made by the president, along with the National Archives and key advisors who help determine the story and presentation of those artifacts,” says Susan Donius, director of the office of presidential libraries.

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U.S. Presidential Libraries Photos | Architectural Digest

U.S. Presidential Libraries
In honor of the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, AD visits the libraries of each of the other former commanders in chief

From U.S. Presidential Libraries Photos | Architectural Digest

Chicago has plenty of libraries to enjoy even without the Obama library

Though many of us now inhabit an e-book/Google/Netflix/iPod/tablet world, for an incalculable number of people libraries provide not only books, movies, music and other entertainments they could otherwise not afford, but also places of sanctuary, peace and enlightenment. Public libraries exist for all, but primarily serve those who cannot afford to buy books or computers.

The Obama Library will be a palace focused on politics and personality, joining a large crowd of less dramatic and ballyhooed palaces that focus on people and possibilities.

From Chicago has plenty of libraries to enjoy even without the Obama library - Chicago Tribune

Obama Foundation Announces South Side as Home for Library

The Barack Obama Foundation selects Chicago as home for future Barack Obama Presidential Center. The President and First Lady reflect on their roots in Chicago's South Side and announce plans to bring the future Obama Library, Museum and Foundation home to Chicago.

From Obama Foundation Announces South Side as Home for Library - YouTube


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