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For us, the library was home has a nice Little Story on how a library changed the lives of 2 kids from Kosova.

\"When Tahir Veliqi and Adnon Berisha left with their families from war-torn Kosova and arrived in Grande Prairie almost 10 months ago, they didn\'t know if they would see or even hear from their friends and relatives again.
But thanks to technology and a little help from the Grande Prairie Public Library staff, the teenagers have kept in touch with home. Days after their arrival last summer, Veliqi and Berisha came to the library to access its free Internet service.\"

Teenagers work to change peers\' view of library

A Story from Miami that shows anyone canhelp in the library

\"Members of the Teens With a Vision program volunteer after school at the library, shelving books, making arts and crafts for preschool storytelling, and performing other tasks.
At their monthly meeting on Tuesday at the Hallandale Branch Library, the teens decided that a fashion show and a multicultural day will attract others their age to the library.

e-vanity fare

libraries have a policy regarding the inclusion of
self-published or vanity
press works. But what of vanity
e-books?M.J. Rose has a relevant piece
in Wired magazine titled E-Books for Writers, Not
Readers.It is at:,1284,35

notes that “while 5 percent of the survey
respondents said they BOUGHT Stephen
King\'s e-book, Riding the Bullet, less than 1 percent
claim to actually have READ
it.” So was the shooter firing blanks, one
wonders?The survey was by the Book Report
Network at: http:/
goes on to note that there are over 24 million writers in
the United States but
less than 5 percent have been published. Companies
such as Xlibris, iUniverse,
and Mightywords are wooing the other 95 percent, often
as not to what used to
be called vanity publishing. And the
public library issues are thought provoking,

Libraries loot lures kids to learn in sunny NC has a nice Article on how libraries are appealing to children.

\"What\'s a sure way to get children and young adults into the single biggest vault of knowledge to be found in their town?
Simple: Appeal to their basic sense of greed.\"

The new public library

The Nando
has a great St
on the latest trends being used in public
libraries as
competition increases from book stores, and the
internet. They give great coverage to everything from
coffee, to library buildings.

\"Imagine a place
where you can rent videos, get your hair braided or sing
in a rock \'n\' roll band. Imagine a place where you can
also attend plays, fax a document or walk among rows
and rows of computers.

Imagine Starbucks, and bonus
membership cards; market research, tracking systems
and snappy slogans. Imagine all of this at no

No More Snail Mail

Michigan Live has a Story on the doings at the Ann Arbor District Library. It seems they have stopped mailing over due notices, and only contact patrons by email. They have also more than doubled fines.

\"It\'s a major change in policy,\" said William Razgunas, a regular library user. \"Hollywood Video is for-profit, so they have no obligation to their customers to set the fine one way or another. But taxpayers don\'t support Hollywood Video.\"

Need a bookmobile? Sell fake pigs!

Brian Smith sent in this link which has a story on local fundraising efforts.
Peoria Public Library is selling fiberglas swine to local businesses, for the purpose of raising funds for a new bookmobile. Pigs will be decorated and displayed, a la the \"Cows on Parade\" in Chicago last year.

The 5-foot-long fiberglass replicas due Friday are destined for artistic expression as part of a Peoria Public Library fund-raiser for a new bookmobile. Under the Peoria Is Great (PIG) program, Friends of the Library have sold 16 of the porkers at $500 a pop to local businesses or organizations.

The buyers have engaged artists to thematically decorate the pigs, which will be displayed early next month at the offices of sponsors before being offered for sale.

Addition to library inspires awe

Read this Story from the Toledo Blade.

Alonzo Costilla walked away impressed. Kim Johnson walked away wondering if she was still in Toledo.

Both came to see the grand opening yesterday of the 85,000-square-foot addition to the Toledo-Lucas County Main Public Library.

Staffing shortages close library

The Savannah
Morning News
has a Story on the lack of
libarians in a new library. The article does not say
what caused the shortage. Because of staffing shortages, the
library originally opened at just eight hours a week and
that was increased as new people were hired.Is this good news for those
currently working on their MLS?

So much for musty libraries

The Roanoke Times
Has this nice story on how well the
Chesapeake Public Library System is doing.

\"Last year,
an article in the magazine American Libraries ranked the
Chesapeake system seventh best in the nation among libraries
serving a population between 100,000 and 250,000.
    On the local level, 99.4 percent of Chesapeake\'s
residents approve of their library service, the highest mark
earned by any branch of the city\'s government.


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