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Libraries Corner Market

For The Daily Mail & Guardian, Barry Streek writes...

\"A Western Cape development agency, Wesgro, has initiated a novel approach for providing would-be entrepreneurs with information on small enterprises by establishing \"business corners\" in local libraries. Chief economist, Wolfgang Thomas said, \'In the search for low-cost, sustainable models for the dissemination of information to entrepreneurs, libraries have come forward as an ideal institution, accessible to the public, equipped to store and disseminate information.\' Ummm, isn\'t that what we do anyway? [more...]

Now the Puzzled Here Can E-mail a Librarian

The public library in Rochester, NY has joined the E-Reference wave with their Ask a Librarian service. According to Larra Clark, spokeswoman for the ALA, \"More and more people are seeing the benefit of using a librarian because they are the experts in managing and disseminating information. We like to call librarians the ultimate search engines.\" [more...] from Rochester

Not Your Average Summer Reading Program

I love reading about library summer programs for kids, especially the ones where the program goes way beyond the reading part. This program allowed children to study nature and included letting them dissect owl pellets. Librarianship is such a learning profession, and librarians are so creative. I had no idea what an owl pellet was until I read this. It wasn\'t what I would have thought... [read more...] from The St. Petersburg, (FL) Times.

Mayor asks library officials to resign

The mayor of Warren (Macomb County, MI) has asked the library director and the Library Commission chairman to resign over their handling of a \"slush fund\". This fund of $18,000 has been used by them to pay for trips to ALA but also more controversially, Kiwanis dues and political fund-raiser tickets. The mayor wants all spending to be approved by City Council and thinks, in times of big library budget deficits, it should go towards \"library-related items\" such as books. The two officials refuse to resign and defend their activities as representing and promoting the library within the community. Make up your own mind by reading this story from the Macomb Daily.

Libraries will benefit from building sale

San Diego\'s First National Bank Building, the city\'s first high-rise office building built in 1909, will be sold to a private developer and all the proceeds will go to the branch libraries. The Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation, the philanthropic organization which last owned the building, donated it to the city with the proviso that any money made from its sale had to go to improving San Diego\'s libraries reports this little story from Sign On San Diego.

Spanish classes @ your library

Students aged from 8 to 67 are learning Spanish at the classes offered by the Neighborhood Library, Fairmount (TX). In a population which was 55.3% Hispanic in the recent Census, the library is doing something really valuable for the community, as the participants in this story testify [from the Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas].

Trustees seek help solving library space problem

The trustees of Epsom Town Library (NH) are holding a public form tomorrow to try to figure what to do about the cramped, inaccessible, century-old building in which the library is currently located. They have found it very difficult to get support for a plan to build a new library and office complex, despite the fact that volunteers have been raising money for a new building since the 1980s, reports this sad story from the Concord Monitor.

\"In the meantime, when a reader wants The Grapes of Wrath or The Great Gatsby, librarian Nancy Claris heads out to a trailer beside the library where adult fiction written before 1980 is stored. She carries a flashlight because the trailer does not have electricity [...]\"

Wanted Library Director, No MLIS needed

Tanya writes \"I\'m so
disgusted by this that I can barely think of anything to
write. The Salt Lake County Library System has been
without a Director for eons. So, in a bid to fill the
position, the County has decided that a MLIS is not
necessary for the job. They will also consider people
with MBAs or Masters of Public Administration. And
who came up with this brilliant idea? None other than
the Library Board. Aargh!!!!

The story is in Sunday\'s Edition of the
Deseret News and will be available for for free for one

You can check out the employment ad here .
Beware, it might make you ill.\"

Library Operations Outsourced in TX

Mary Musgrave passed along This Story on the decision that will hand over operations of its new Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library to a company based near Washington, D.C. [LSSI].

They say the facility still belongs to the city and the council still makes all policy decisions and library employees would keep their jobs.

\"They wanted to make the hours the library was opened more in line with what the community wanted – maybe Sunday afternoons,\" Mrs. Filgo said. \"We haven\'t had a library director since February, and I feel like we\'re to a point where we need some professional help. We\'ve had good professionals, but [LSSI] brings expertise from a national standpoint.\"

Book returned nearly 73 years late

Bill sent along This Story on a man that returned a slightly worn, hardback copy of \"Les Miserables,\" due back to the old Covington Library on Sept. 24, 1928. Library officials said they considered some kind of fine, but decided just to let the man go on the day he returned it in late May.

Good thing he didn\'t try this in Minnesota, he\'d be whisked off to jail!


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