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Homeless problems at Seattle Public Library

Someone writes \"The Seattle Weekly
has A Story
on the problems caused by large numbers of homeless using the temporary downtown library. \"

\"On some days, you can walk through the place and 80 or 90 percent of the people will be homeless,\"

See Also: Homeless Troubles in Boston, sent in by Don Warner Saklad

Rapper\'s riches benefit library to tune of $10,000

Bessie Barnes passed along
This one on a donation by Afeni Shakur, mother of slain rapper and \"Thug Immortal\" Tupac Shakur.
The $10,000 donation is the largest unsolicited donation in the library system\'s history.

\"Basically, she came in to use the library, looked around, then came to the circulation desk and told them that she wanted to make a donation to the library,\" says Fisher, who grudgingly allows that he enjoys The Beatles, folk singers like Pete Seeger - and the symphony.\"

Freeport Library to Become Safe Haven for Domestic Violence Victims

The Freeport Public Library (IL) is in the news again, but this time it\'s not about their new library building woes. The library is going to serve as a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. Librarians, along with law enforcement officials, will be trained in how to \"establish community libraries as central repositories and safe environments where victims of violent crimes can get information about local assistance and shelters, as well as how to apply for crime victim\'s compensation.\" More

One Argument Against Offering Coffee: Lawsuits

As if spillage wasn\'t enough . . .

An Owings Mills (MD) coffee company is suing the Howard County Library and the county government for picking the Daily Grind to manage its two library cafes, alleging that the Grind falsified information in its bid proposal and library officials didn\'t properly check into the business.

Straight From Seattle Espresso Inc., which operates 10 sites in Washington and Baltimore, wants the library system to start the bidding over again.

\"You have to play by the rules, and you have to disclose all that\'s asked for,\" said Matthew McCauley, who owns the company with his wife, Ashley . . .

More from the Baltimore Sun.

Library\'s booze bid for book buffs

Charles Davis writes \" Visitors to one of Scotland\'s most prestigious libraries
could soon be able to buy alcohol under plans being drawn
up by council bosses.

Glasgow City Council wants to install a bar and cafe inside
the Mitchell Library to modernise the 19th century building.\"

We only get coffee here in the States.

Full Story from

Freeport\'s New Library Saga Continues

Our friends in Freeport (IL) are in the news again. They\'ve been experiencing some difficulties over the design for the new library. First, they were criticized for the building plans. Then, there was an an appeal to the public to contribute funds from tax refunds and other personal means. Then, the citizens forced the town council to reject the funding. Then it looked as though they would get about 1/2 of their proposed funding.
Then, the public ranted more. Then, it was decided that landfill money would be used to fund the new library. Then, it looked as though they were gaining ground. Now, they\'ve hired a marketing firm to conduct a publicity campaign. An interesting facet of the situation is that the board of trustees has been \"working\" on the issue for ten years, and, still no resolution. More

Cookin\' Up a New Library

The Clearwater, FL libary friends have decided to conduct a different kind of fundraiser in order to raise money to build a new library. With the help of local residents, they have produced a cookbook and are selling it to the public. The title reads \'Recipe for a Great Library.\' Ingredients include a city commitment to family, education and quality of life; and an enlightened community, giving generously of their time, talents and resources. Directions are to gently stir until fall 2003, when the new library will open. Then cut ribbon and enjoy. Yield: 90,000-square-foot, $20.2-million library. Serves: A community of 109,000.\" More

Preservation: Clean & Restore

SmartRat writes \"They are piecing together history at Cleveland Public Library, not to
mention slicing, gluing and bathing it.\" Thus begins a story Story
about the CPL Preservation Dept., housed in a former high school girl\'s locker room.
Apparently, they go more for the \"clean and restore\" option here in Cleveland rather then
the \"slash and film\" technique so condemned by Nicholas Baker, although mention is made of microfilming periodicals. However, there are many interesting details to be fround here on preservation techniques used in the CPL Preservation Dept. The story is from the
Nov. 13, 2001 Cleveland Plain Dealer, and their online verion at (story archive available for 14 days). \"

Flap Over Phalluses Has Library In Limelight

Bob Cox sent along This One on Boulder\'s self-proclaimed \"dildo bandito\", took responsibility for removing 21 colorful ceramic penis sculptures that, prior to Saturday, hung in the library art gallery.

This Story also has a some pictures of the display, sponsored by the library and the Boulder County Safehouse, a non-profit group for battered women and children.

\"I would say that people should be more angry about the statistics that have been placed on the wall,\" a library patron told 7NEWS.\"

Confessions of a serial Library Fine Payer is running a Funny Little Story on returning your books late.

\"There should be an \"Overdue Friends of the Library\" club.
This club is exclusively for those of us who so love the library that we
cannot tear ourselves away from their materials in due time. We will
be revered not only for our dedication to reading, but for our
diligence in coming in and paying our overdue fines.


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