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The top ten reasons why the Internet still will not replace the public library

The top ten reasons why the Internet still will not replace the public library by Andy Barnett says don’t plan on closing your doors anytime soon. He gives ten reasons why the public library is here to stay.

The business of the Internet is entertainment, Increasingly, quality content will cost, and Text on paper has some widely ignored advantages are just a few.

Library finds friends in volunteers

Here\'s A Nice Little Story on all the nice things \"Friends\" do for libraries.

\"Libraries are so important to a community,\" Brown said. \"They give people a chance to read so many more books than they\'d be able to buy.\"

Another Love Letter to Public Libraries

From the Washington Post:

Kids adore libraries. Where else can you find endless shelves filled with stories about curious monkeys, giant peaches, beanstalks and hungry caterpillars? The plastic library card and the responsibility of returning books on time is a rite of passage, one of many marking our entrance into the adult world.

Most adults, on the other hand, tend to favor the crisp, sanitized environs of chain book retailers, where one can flip through the latest John Grisham bestseller or fresh copies of Oprah-worthy selections while nursing coffee and biscotti.

I used to be among those latte-drinking, magazine-flipping masses, snubbing my modest neighborhood library until just a few months ago. Visions of musty stacks, an archaic Dewey Decimal System and intimidating librarians kept me from going, even though it\'s just half a block from my apartment . . .


Public Library PR

Judy writes \"A commentary in the Sunday, December 23, 2001,Minneapolis Star Tribune is titled \"Time to Check It Out: A certain segment of the population is overdue at the library.\" Read and enjoy Kristin Tillotson\'s comments, including: \"The public library is not just a place for those who can\'t afford to buy, nor a nostalgic reminder of eras past. It is a constantly evolving resource in step with the future.\"
Full Story \"

Man Finds Fortune In Library Book

Fark never dissapoints.

This One on A man in Hawaii found $68,000 worth of U.S. Savings Bonds in a book from the local Library. So he tracked down the owner of the bonds, who was an elderly woman who didn\'t realize they were missing and seemed somewhat confused.

On the front line in war against dunces

Ender, Duke_of_URL writes: \"William Rees-Mogg writes an editorial
for the London Times
discussing the new
to make local councils \"replenish\" their libraries complete
stock within 8.5 years, as the next war waged by dunces against good
This, in the name of circulation, I guess.

\"Councils have to
submit a ‘library plan’ to the Department for Culture, Media and
Sport . . . ‘the targets are to make sure that libraries are vibrant
and attract people to them’.\"

Library discusses breast-feeding issue

Just in case you wonder why the story icon for the librarian topic is a nut....

Someone sent in This Story from, Normal, IL, where in an animated 1 1/2-hour meeting Wednesday, the Normal library board voted 5-1 to form a committee to develop suggestions in the wake of a dispute over a board member breast-feeding her toddler at the library during story time.
The worlds funniest librarian joke is surely in this somewhere, I\'m not even sure where to start....

Homeless problems at Seattle Public Library

Someone writes \"The Seattle Weekly
has A Story
on the problems caused by large numbers of homeless using the temporary downtown library. \"

\"On some days, you can walk through the place and 80 or 90 percent of the people will be homeless,\"

See Also: Homeless Troubles in Boston, sent in by Don Warner Saklad

Rapper\'s riches benefit library to tune of $10,000

Bessie Barnes passed along
This one on a donation by Afeni Shakur, mother of slain rapper and \"Thug Immortal\" Tupac Shakur.
The $10,000 donation is the largest unsolicited donation in the library system\'s history.

\"Basically, she came in to use the library, looked around, then came to the circulation desk and told them that she wanted to make a donation to the library,\" says Fisher, who grudgingly allows that he enjoys The Beatles, folk singers like Pete Seeger - and the symphony.\"

Freeport Library to Become Safe Haven for Domestic Violence Victims

The Freeport Public Library (IL) is in the news again, but this time it\'s not about their new library building woes. The library is going to serve as a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. Librarians, along with law enforcement officials, will be trained in how to \"establish community libraries as central repositories and safe environments where victims of violent crimes can get information about local assistance and shelters, as well as how to apply for crime victim\'s compensation.\" More


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