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Library child-porn surfer sentenced

A suburban Chicago man, already on probation for a similar offense, has been sentenced to 18 months "periodic imprisonment," with release only to attend work, for viewing child pornography online at a public library. He must also receive psychiatric and sex-offender treatment and stay off the Internet.

"It appears that his mother is babying him," said the judge.

Story in the Waukegan News Sun.

A Look @ The Christian Library

Here\'s A Look at a Christian Library in MI, it\'s run by volunteers and has about 10k volumes.

\"We have books that aren\'t available at regular libraries,\" she said. \"Most of them have Christian themes and many are about Christian living.\"

Good News / Bad News For Public Libraries

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. passed along This One from his home state of WI, where The state assembly last week
voted to eliminate the 130-year old requirement in the state law that public
libraries be free for the use of inhabitants.
And a second Story is a lengthy feature on modern library services and the library
building boom in Orange County.

Cleveland Planning for Improved Branch Libraries

From the Plain Dealer:

For the first time in 25 years, the Cleveland Public Library is crafting a blueprint for improved services in its 28 neighborhood libraries.

The library has committed more than $200,000 for a master plan for 2004 and beyond, which could recommend everything from more computers to renovated libraries . . .

After spending more than $100 million and much of the 1990s on the Main Library complex in downtown Cleveland, library officials say it\'s time to focus on the neighborhoods . . .


Dear Abby says: Call police for abandoned kids

"Dear Abby, I\'m a librarian in a medium-sized public library, and I\'m losing my patience about one particular issue. ... We are not baby sitters."

Sign of the Times: On borrowed time

The Warsaw Business Journal Says Warsaw’s 112 gmina-funded public libraries are reporting growth in the number of customers using their facilities. In 2000, the gmina estimated that 195,205 people used Warsaw’s public libraries and this figure is only expected to keep increasing.

Old Kmart to become branch library

Word From Jacksonville that The former Kmart store on University Boulevard North is targeted for redevelopment as the University Park Library, as well as a city park.the library will include adult, teen and children\'s sections, a group study room and a conference room. In addition, the warehouse space will serve the entire library system, check out The Plans Online.

\"The city has long-range plans of not only putting a branch library in there and put the other services in that facility, but also building a nice park around it,\"

Thanks to Bob Cox for this story.

With an iron fist in a velvet glove

The Buffalo News has a Story With A Fun Title on \"the brave new world of library fine enforcement\".

All 52 libraries in the Erie County system now use an Indiana collection agency to track down scofflaws who owe hefty overdue fines or have lost library materials.

Public PCs

Bob Cox sent along This Story on the significant number of people still don\'t have the means or the desire to get a computer at home, making public PCs a big draw.

\"In order for this state to be competitive, our citizens have to absolutely know how to use information technology skills, both in their jobs and their ability to learn and also their ability to play,\"

Math Lady Makes a Difference

Known as the \"Math Lady\", Phyllis E. Stern is a retired teacher who has now volunteered over 1,000 hours at the Burlington County Library helping students with math work.\"I help whoever is here,\" she said, \"and the list grows steadily. . . .\" The rest of the story from The Philadelphia Inquirer


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