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Librarians drawn into child protection work

Charles Davis writes \"One from
The Gauardian
that says
Librarians are the latest, and perhaps most surprising,professionals to be drawn into multi-disciplinary child protection
All staff on the issue desks of Nottingham libraries are now trained in spotting potential victims of child abuse. They have
also learned how to offer a listening ear to members of the public worried that a child might be at risk. \"

A Look at The Ottawa Public Library

Although I believe we\'ve pointed to it before, Bob Cox reminds us of the great five-part series by the Ottawa Citizen\'s Maria Cook that looks at what went wrong in the past, and what will be done differently in the future at the The Ottawa Public Library which was praised and appreciated when opened in 1974, but is now considered a eyesore and functional disaster.

Bookstores Lacking, Libraries Busy

Tampa Bay Online Says residents of central and east Pasco County, FL, without a major bookstore chain, but have some nice libraries. Pasco library officials say patrons don't dwell on the absence of a bookstore chain in the county's east and central region.

``There is no first-class bookstore here. There is no bookstore, first-class or otherwise,'' he said. ``No reflection on the intellectual pursuits of the community. It's just a fact.''

DVD craze hits libraries

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a Story that says a group of well-known public trusts is competing with major video retailers by offering free DVD rentals and late fees as low as a nickel a day.

"Many libraries offer the same kinds of DVDs as the Blockbusters of the world, but often for nothing more than a library card. In these tougher economic times, more movie fans are checking them out and shunning the businesses that charge more, levy stiffer late fees and in many instances allow shorter loan periods.

Controversy halts sale of tiles outside Redmond library

SomeOne writes "Library is gung-ho about fostering "intellectual freedom" in its fundraiser-related "public forum" until it gets content it doesn't like. It learns that a sidewalk brick fundraiser without content restrictions is a bad idea.
Here's the
The Full Story "

"Unfortunately, it turned into a real goofy deal," Ptacek said last week. "The last thing in the world we wanted to do was offend anyone. We never anticipated this sort of thing."

Combined school/library proposed

In Ashland, Mass...

\"A Finance Committee member sees a school-public library combination as a possible \"townwide solution\" in trying budget times, saying the board should see if both departments would agree to the arrangement.\"

This is an interesting idea, but I have a lot of questions (some raised by the unclear writing style). Will the high school have its own library? Will the public library continue to be governed separately, or will it be answerable to the school board? Will the teachers actually tell the public librarians about major research assignments ahead of time if they are in the same building?

Rural WA county may dissolve library system

From School Library Journal:

Anti-tax activists seeking to dissolve the Stevens County (WA) Rural Library District apparently have enough petition signatures to put the dissolution measure to a vote in the November 5 general election.

County auditor Tim Gray says his staff has certified 2,263 signatures on the petition to close the modest seven-library system, 99 more than required to qualify the issue for the ballot, according to an August 31 report in the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Gray added, however, that it\'s unclear who will assume the next step in getting the measure onto the ballot. Voters aren\'t ordinarily entitled to file ballot measures.

The effort may be the first in the country to abolish a library system by popular vote, says the American Library Association.

Complete article.

Libraries as Babysitters

SomeOne pointed us to this Piece that says it seems that more and more parents are choosing the latter. As the number of two-income and single-parent families has grown, librarians have reported an increase in the number of kids — some as young as first-graders — left unsupervised in public libraries.

Immigrants transforming D.C. area public libraries

From the Washington Post:

Immigrants and their children are making an already bustling system busier than ever. As the economic downturn and the Internet lure new patrons to libraries across the country, systems in the Washington suburbs are setting their own records in lending and a newer area of growth -- visits.

The newcomers, simply by virtue of their needs, are quickly turning these libraries into community centers that function as job centers, English-language schools, keys to the mysteries of a new culture and even babysitters. And the libraries are carrying out this new mission even as they serve their traditional base of educated, English-speaking, often-affluent patrons . . .

Complete article.

Job Seekers Driving Net Use In Libraries

Someone writes \"Here\'s An Interesting Take on why libraries are busier now than ever. The recession has given the program a surprising boost - and provided a glimpse at how libraries are changing.

Job seekers account for the \"biggest increase in traffic as people come for jobs online,\" according to Julie Underwood, the libraries\' development coordinator.


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