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Stevens County (WA) Libraries Saved

Following up on This One, A push to dissolve the Stevens County Rural Library District fell 2-to-1. John Norling worked to get Proposition 1 on the ballot but said he\'s finished with the effort.

\"The voters have spoken,\" he said. \"Maybe we didn\'t get our message across, or maybe voters didn\'t like our message. It\'s a moot point now. We\'re not going to pursue anything more.\"

The network of seven libraries opened in 1998, paid for with a 50-cent tax on every $1,000 of assessed property value. Norling believes the way the library system is administered — by unelected volunteers — and funded is unfair.

\"This wasn\'t about books,\" he said, \"this was about unequal taxes.\"
From The Seattle Times.

Should Minneapolis library trade a name for $15 million?

The Star Tribune raises the interesting question Should Minneapolis library trade a name for $15 million?
The immediate, if informal, reaction was a resounding yes. Some trustees said they\'d even sell the name for less.
Former Library Director Mary Lawson advised that a donor hold intellectual principles consistent with a library and that any donor be a person, not a corporation.
So much for the \"Target Library\", but that leaves it open for the \"Blake Carver Library\", anyone want to chip in with me?

Artists to use variety of materials to adorn library wall

SomeOne pointed us to This Story on the the Del Mar Library Wall Beautification Project, recently approved by the city\'s Design Review Board. People have been coming with, animal bones, broken dishes, bricks by the dozen, sink valves, rusty horseshoes and railroad spikes.
The pieces will be used to turn the concrete wall in front of the library into a work of art – a mixed-media mosaic. The art form can be traced back to fountains and furniture from the ancient lands of Pompeii and Mesopotamia.

Pro-life group decries library arrangement at Planned Parenthood clinic

A Story From TX says abortion protesters used a Planned Parenthood open house to protest an agreement last year that allows Waco residents to check out Planned Parenthood materials from any Waco-McLennan County library.
Rusty Thomas, with Elijah Ministries and Waco Right to Life, said the agreement makes Planned Parenthood a de facto branch of the library system.

\"We are deeply disappointed in the civil leadership of the city of Waco for allowing this unholy alliance between them and Planned Parenthood to exist,\"

Jesus Bills Fill Maine Libraries

An Odd Story from Maine, where counterfeit bills with quotes from the Bible and other pro-Christian literature are being stuffed in books at public libraries.
Students found the bills in the library\'s gay and lesbian literature section and reported it to college authorities. Believing that the bills were targeting homosexuals, the college asked the office of security to investigate the issue. But the bills were everywhere, according to Suanne Muehlner, director of Colby libraries.

Question man campaigns for libraries

According to Ron Force, the Spokane Spokesman-Review
tells us that \"Matthew Lesko, star of late-night infomercials, will campaign for Stevens Co, Washington Libraries. Tax limiters are attempting to close the libraries.
\'The library is a gateway to our information society and, if we start getting rid of libraries, then the average person loses the gateway to the information that is the lifeblood of our society now,\' Lesko said.\"

Cincinnati residents plead for library to remain open

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Dozens of speakers pleaded with library officials Tuesday night to keep the Greenhills branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County open . . .

Speakers ranged from 78-year-old Frederick Weissborn, a Greenhills resident since 1959, to 8-year-old Eric Reardon, who started going to the library before he could read . . .

A crowd of about 400 packed the Winton Woods Middle School auditorium for the last of those public hearings Tuesday night.

At Tuesday\'s hearing, the board also received more than 400 letters from Beechwoods Elementary School students who want the library to stay open.

Complete article.

Censorship Issue boils up during library meeting

An Interesting Story from Johnson County, KS , where a Library Board member on Wednesday challenged the continued use of the Library Bill of Rights as a basis for the library\'s collections policy.
He says using that If the library is saying it will have information on acts of terrorism. This \"muddies up\" a libraries ability to develop a collection-development policy. The issue arose as the board considered the adoption of a revised collection-development policy placing greater emphasis on cultural programs and adapting to changes in the organizational structure and in technology, in line with the library\'s new strategic plan.

\"There is a legal element to this, as well,\" Library attorney Fred Logan said. \"The library cannot adopt restrictions on points of view. ... The library is a public forum, and you cannot make content-based decisions. Meeting and exhibit space also has to be made available (for all points of view).\"

Library bans all free publications

Here\'s A Bit More on all the trouble down at the Vidalia Public Library in GA.
the library director told him the publisher of The Gay Guardian he had to distribute somewhere else because people were complaining. The publisher claims they were singling him out because his views didn\'t conform with theirs.
So the library decided to ban all free publications except government publications.
Earlier this month, the ACLU filed a civil suit against the Ohoopee Regional Library System, which runs the Vidalia branch, and administration in federal district court on behalf of the newsletter.

The 10 best public libraries for genealogists

FamilyTreeMagazine has posted their The 10 best public libraries for genealogists. They weighed factors such as collection size, census records, special collections, accesibility, geographic coverage, special collections and services.


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