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Librarians fend off grumbles over porn collection

Michael Nellis writes "It looks as if those pro-filtering arguments about how libraries do not stack porn are going to go out the window. Here's a story at about libraries that are collecting pornography -- and I mean real pornography such as Playboy; not just perceived porn like Catcher In The Rye. Just a brief note, really.


Reunion at the local library

Helen Freeman writes "This incident happened at my library. I can tell you that all of the staff have been moved by this, and a feeling that our work is truly vital has been reaffirmed.
Mom, is that really you? for the full story."

Read 'em and Weep

The Cover Story at The Washington City Paper takes a look at The MLK Library, in D.C.
They look at the past, present and future of "of its right angles, the perfection of its proportions, and the logic of its transparent design."
Since 1972, the MLK Library has chased away patrons with a panoply of natural and man-made disasters. Electrical explosions. Chemical fumes. Heat waves. Cold fronts. The occasional fire. It's now in danger of being torn down.

Thanks to Robin from In My Book for this one.

The History of the Library

Bob Cox points us to, The History of the Library.
It's a great look back at the long history of libraries.

"The name for the repository eventually became the library. Whether private or public, the library has been founded, built, destroyed and rebuilt. The library, often championed, has been a survivor throughout its long history and serves as a testament to the thirst for knowledge.

2003 Kingsolver Award - Pelican Rapids, MN

Robin from over at passed along Word That Friends of the Pelican Rapids Public Library in Pelican Rapids, MN is the winner of the 2003 Kingsolver Award -- a prize of $10,000 for books provided by author Barbara Kingsolver through HarperCollins Publishing. The award is granted yearly to a Friends of the Libraries organization by Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA).

Facing Tough Times, A Rural Public Library Looks To Online Commerce

"When the going gets tough, the tough turn to shopping."

"That's the attitude of the Woodland Public Library, which has opened an Internet shopping mall to help offset budget cuts related to the statewide recession."

"The venture, called Shop for the Library features more than 200 merchants, including popular sites such as, ebay, and expedia. Every purchase initiated through the Shop for the Library website generates a commission for the Woodland Public Library."

"We have a clear choice in this economy - cut back or fight back," says library director Marie Bryan. "We're fighting. We got a grant to cover the costs of setting up Shop for the Library, and now all proceeds we raise will go to support services to the public." (from Hoovers)

Library opened romantic chapter for couple

The Grand Rapids Press has a romantic story of a coupel who met at Grand Rapids Public Library, back in 1960. After nearly two years of being closed for renovations, the main library downtown is scheduled to reopen Monday.

"Those of us who have been in this community for generations can hardly walk through that door again and not know we're walking through with all the generations before," he said. "There's a wonderful feeling of history."

Public libraries left in a bind after state aid is slashed

"Today marks the last day of National Library Week, but administrators at libraries in Washington and Greene counties don't feel much like celebrating."

"Fifty percent of the state aid that libraries receive is about to be slashed, a move that is expected to have a serious effect on programs at area libraries."

"The cuts were part of the state budget that was proposed by new Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and quickly passed by the Republican-controlled state Legislature. Rendell had asked lawmakers to defer action on the budget and consider it together with his plan to increase state income tax while reducing local property taxes and injecting more money into public schools. However, the Legislature chose to approve the budget that contained large cuts to a number of programs." (from Observer Reporter)

Another Library considering filtered Internet

Russell McOrmond writes "At the next meeting of the Ottawa Public Library they will be discussing the issue of internet filtering and 'swipe cards' that may be used to tie Internet access logs to a specific patron.

I am not a librarian, and suspect that if they were sent information from other Librarians on this issue that it would help greatly. Anyone who can spare a few moments before Monday would be greatly appreciated. Contact Informaiton for people who can then send information to The Board is on their website.


Full plate in library fines? Pay it in food

Bob Cox spotted This One from down in North Miami Florida.
This week, the North Miami Public Library is allowing readers with outstanding fines to pay off their debts while contributing to a good cause with its third annual Food for Fines Program.

Beginning today and running through Saturday, canned foods and dry goods will be accepted as payment for outstanding late fees.

Each food item is given a dollar equivalent that is applied toward the outstanding fine.

Meanwhile, in Broward County, In honor of the retirement of longtime Library Director Samuel F. Morrison, the county will offer a \'\'Thank You Sam\'\' amnesty week from April 27 through May 3. Here\'s that one.


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