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Federated Search Engines and Link Resolvers

Several Very Interesting Progress reports of members of the Workgroup for Federated Searching at the Academic Information Service, University of Pretoria. If you're in the market for a federated search product, here's a good place to start.

Reading and Library Songs by Monty Harper

Monty "books" more than 50 summer reading programs each year in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Monty's recordings have received positive reviews in Booklist and School Library Journal. His latest CD, Take Me to Your Library, received a 2003 Parents' Choice Approved award.

Reading and Library Songs by Monty Harper

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Gallery of Bellydancing Librarians

Because you can never have too many Belly Dancing Librarians, I bring you The Gallery of Bellydancing Librarians. Last updated July 27, 2002, I can only assume there are more out there that must be added.

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Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information

Anonymous Patron writes "
The page-specific "Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information" and the accompanying "Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography" (listing all indexed items) deal with all aspects of electronic publishing and include print and non-print materials, periodical articles, monographs and individual chapters in collected works. This edition includes 2,157 indexed titles. Both the Index and the Bibliography are continuously updated.

Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information"

Copyright for Special Collections

Copyright for Special Collections: The Special Collections Librarians @Yale break down copyright law for special collection librarians. Though they focus on Yale, I think you'll find this a good learning tool for most special collections. They also say The best source on the difference between ownership of copyright and physical ownership is: The Nature of Copyright: a Law of Users' Rights, L. Ray Patterson & Stanley W. Lindberg; foreword by Robert W. Kastenmeier. Athens: University of Georgia Press, c1991.

The Atmospheric Science Librarians International

Here's a neat library association you probably don't hear much about" The Atmospheric Science Librarians International: ASLI provides a forum for members to share ideas and resources within the atmospheric sciences disciplines.

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New From Peter Morville: Ambient Findability

Peter Morville has a new Blog and a new Book. You can read

the first chapter of his New Book: "Ambient Findability". It covers the convergence of information and connectivity. Morville discusses the Internet, GIS, and other network technologies that are coming together to make unlimited findability possible. He explores how the melding of these innovations impacts society, since Web access is now a standard requirement for successful people and businesses. But before he does that, Morville looks back at the history of wayfinding and human evolution, suggesting that our fear of being lost has driven us to create maps, charts, and now, the mobile Internet.

Book Repair Manual

The Spring 1995 issue of Illinois Libraires has a great Book Repair Manual by Robert J. Milevski. Looks to me like he's covered all the bases.

OCLC ResearchWorks

OCLC ResearchWorks, OCLC's research laboratory. ResearchWorks demonstrates a few of Lorcan Dempsey and crews ideas for applying new technologies to organize information. In some cases, they serve as examples of things you can develop or incorporate into your own systems.

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A Simple Book Repair Manual

A Simple Book Repair Manual: The web version of the Simple Book Repair Manual was created by members of Preservation Services, Dartmouth College Library. General Collections conservation is a necessary and key activity of an effective preservation program. This manual has been written to provide background on standard commercial book production, give guidelines for selecting appropriate candidates for in-house book repair, and introduce staff to the elements of book repair.

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