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Libraries for the Future

Libraries for the Future
LFF\'s Vision
Libraries for the Future is a national organization dedicated to information equity, literacy and the preservation and renewal of libraries as essential tools for a democratic society.


The Pseduo Dictionary

Just found this on Yahoo! and it looks interesting. pseudodictionary.com

\"is the place where all of your made up words, slang, webspeak and colloquialisms become part of the dictionary as well. we take the words you use everyday, but aren\'t in the dictionary, and put them into ours. all you have to is submit them. you\'ll even get credit and a link to your website (if you\'ve got one). help us grow our dictionary by sending us your entries now! everyday more entries are added, so check back often.\"


E-book Web Site

On my daily perusal of the web, I came across a neat e-book site called Digital Worm. You can read the latest e-book news, look at the list archive, sign up for their newsletter, look at their e-book tools section, and much, much more, for the low cost of...$19.95...but wait there\'s more...


ErgoLib - Safer Library Computing

A friend of mine sent me this link to Ergolib - Safer Library Computing. In it, you will find helpful tips on how to stay fit and trim while working at a library computer. I just live the image of the guy reading with his arm in a sling. Here are a few of the tips...
If it hurts, don\'t do it. - Pay attention to how you\'re feeling, how you\'re sitting, and what hurts.
Keep moving - stretch, wiggle, get up!
Tape up one of the many good stretch exercise sheets at your desk, next to your phone, and over the copier. Stretch while you\'re waiting, while you\'re on hold, listening to your voice mail, whatever. Set yourself a daily deadline; if you haven\'t done all your stretches by lunch, then you\'ll know what to do on your lunch hour.
Take real pictures of how you work. Get a video camera and a good friend or a tripod and tape yourself working. Keep the tape and add to it yearly. The comparisons will be enlightening.


Librarians in the 21st Century

Librarians in the 21st Century was created by a class of graduate students in the Master of Library Science program in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

Their assignment was to create an information resource for the World Wide Web that explored the nature of librarianship at the opening of the 21st Century, looking at the current state of the profession and some directions in which it is likely to evolve.

The students, spread out geographically over the country, created the site through electronic collaboration, without meeting face-to-face.

The site itself embodies both the traditional and the new in library and information science, exhibiting students\' skills in selecting, summarizing and presenting print and electronic information in useful ways, all in an electronic format.


The PANDORA Project

The PANDORA Archive of selected Australian online publications such as electronic journals, organisational sites, government publications and ephemera. They have developed policy and procedures for the preservation of and provision of access to Australian online publications and a service for indexing and abstracting agencies by archiving indexed and abstracted items upon request and allocating a persistent identifier to them.
The current focus of the PANDORA Project is the development of an improved collecting system for gathering Web sites for the PANDORA archive.


TShirts OPAC

Bob Cox sent in this Link to Howard Besser\'s Shirt Database. This database has been constructed by Howard Besser\'s library school students using cataloging instructions, with technical assistance from the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE and design assistance from Masako Sho. There are 533 t-shirts in the database. See also Howard\'s 1996 Ann Arbor TShirt Exhibition.

Try Sample Search: book


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Someone suggested This site \"The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education\".

\"FIRE is a nonprofit educational foundation devoted to free speech, individual liberty, religious freedom, the rights of conscience, legal equality, due process, and academic freedom on our nation\'s campuses.\"

Check out thefire.org


The Exploding Dictionary

is pretty cool. The
Exploding Dictionary
takes a novel approach to
looking up a word. You can look up a word, and then
every word in the definition is a link to the definiton of
that word.

\"The basic idea was to take a set of
publicly available dictionaries, index them into a SQL
database, and then cross-reference them to near
death. :) As a researcher, this should be a very useful
resource. Hypertext is the researcher\'s dream come
true, allowing for instant jumps to related or unknown
material. The information is provided twice. First it is
displayed \'clean\', then below it is displayed with each
individual word hyperlinked.\"


New Library Website

Apparently, this new web site called The Library Place was debuted at ALA this year, but there has been no talk about it anywhere. It seems pretty raw. Anyway, the site has teamed up with Alibris to offer hard to find books for libraries, according to this article from Excite



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