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Symposium at Library of Congress Focuses on History Textbooks

Symposium at Library of Congress Focuses on History Textbooks Supported by the Spencer Foundation, the seminar (held May 12 and 13, 2004 and titled “Stories of Our Nations, Footprints of Our Souls�) was cosponsored by the AHA and the LOC Office of Strategic Initiatives. A detailed report (by Leni Donlan, project coordinator of the Learning Page of the Library of Congress) on the seminar appeared in the July 2004 issue of the library’s Information Bulletin. An archived webcast of the seminar is available.


Resources For School Librarians

Resources For School Librarians is one page on the School Libraries On The Web site from Linda Bertland. This is a list of library web pages maintained by K-12 school libraries in the United States and in countries around the world. This directory is limited to listing pages which focus on the school library/media center. The content of these pages is quite varied and displays the marvelous creativity of school librarians around the world.


The Chinese American Librarians Association

The Chinese American Librarians Association in 1973 as Mid-West Chinese American Librarians Association, a regional organization in Illinois. A year later, Chinese Librarians Association was formed in California in 1974. In 1976, Mid-West Chinese American Librarians Association was expanded to a national organization as Chinese American Librarians Association. By 1979, CALA had five chapters in Northeast, Mid-West, Atlantic, Southwest and California respectively. Chinese American Librarians Association and Chinese Librarians Association were merged in 1983. The merged organization retains CALA's English name and Chinese Librarians Association's Chinese name (hua ren tu shu guan yuan xie hui). With the establishment of the Florida Chapter in 1998, CALA now has six chapters and members throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.


European Association of Sinological Librarians

Founded in 1981 after a workshop on sinological libraries and library work in Leiden, the European Association of Sinological Librarians continues to join sinological librarians from various European countries. The annual conferences are organized along loose lines: discussion and mutual exchange of experiences, as well as practical demonstrations are emphasized and more important than lectures and papers by members or invited experts. Experts mostly are found in the range of the members! Nevertheless, any member is free to propose any topic, any expert's paper etc. to the next conference's agenda, on the condition that preparation should be done by this member her- or himself. During the conference the share of informations, experiences, datas etc. plays an important role beside the conference hours as well.
A bulletin has been published until the year 1996, the new media of EASL's homepage succeeds it at last, from 1998 onwards.


Librarians Serving Genealogists

Librarians Serving Genealogists (LSG) was formed with just one purpose: to help librarians who serve genealogy patrons. One way to provide for the educational need is one of the LSG goals. It is their desire that every state genealogy society provides a scholarship for librarians to attend a national conference. Library budgets often do not allow many librarians who work with genealogy collections to attend conferences because of other library priorities. Exchange of ideas, genealogy education, sharing thoughts, trading materials, and discussing problems are just a few ways that LSG wants to help librarians to help their patrons.


Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography

Anonymous Patron writes "The Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography has finally been updated. This bibliography has been compiled by Brenda Chawner, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, as part of her Ph.D. studies. "


Reading Songs

An Anonymous Patron writes about Monty Harper. "Monty "books" more than 50 summer reading programs each year in Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Monty's recordings have received positive reviews in Booklist and School Library Journal. His latest CD, Take Me to Your Library, received a 2003 Parents' Choice Approved award."


International Standard Paper Sizes

Bob Cox writes: "International Standard Paper Sizes explains the ISO 216 paper size system and the ideas behind its design. The author says globalization starts with getting the details right.
Inconsistent use of standard units and international
standard paper sizes remain today a primary
cause for U.S. businesses failing to meet
the expectations of the global economy." See also Book Sizes.


Building with Books: IAP 2004: MIT

Don Saklad sent in a link to Building with Books, a class @MIT.
"We will be designing and constructing furniture from disused books. If you are interested in finding new uses for discarded materials, or if you need a new piece of cool furniture, please join us. Projects may include chairs, shelves, tables, hammocks, walls, sculpture, and more. We will be working in a wood shop to find new ways to use books as structural or sculptural materials. The project is interdisciplinary and we are looking for creative uses for old reading material. Participants and organizers include engineers, architects, artists and more."


Citations Roundup

A trio of recent news pieces have covered the use of citations.

(1) An Anonymous Patron wrote us with a NewsFactor article on the recent Read before you cite! study: the repetition of misprints in citations (such as the wrong page numbers) indicates that the "majority of scientific citations are copied from the lists of references used in other papers."

(2) On the SEO front, a NY Times article and accompanying Slashdot discussion cover Google's latest maneuver against sites with artificially inflated impact factors.

(3) And lastly, Steven from Library Stuff wants his props from people who steal links without attribution.



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