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The fundamentals of information science

Jim Robertson put together, The fundamentals of information science, a guide intended for laypeople and librarians who want to understand some of the concepts behind basic informations science theories, without necessarily mastering the mathematics.

/usr/lib/info -- Hacker Librarian Haven

Go check out \"A concerted effort to infuse librarians with the hacker spirit. A wish that the librarian spirit wafts back over to hackers. A hope that someday it will no longer be necessary to distinguish between the two.
More to the point, /usr/lib/info is a collective weblog, used by a motley cabal of hacker/librarians who like chatting about how they go about solving the many problems facing them from day to day, and long-term.\"

Virtual Sci-Fi Library

Roy Balleste writes \"A virtual library has been designed for: Gene Roddenberry\'s Andromeda, from the creator of Star Trek. This show is the #1 weekly hour in syndication for the second year in a row in the U.S. The All Systems University was created to serve the people of the Systems Commonwealth.Here is the site For the show.

For the Library

Fat Chuck\'s Banned Books Index

Fat Chuck\'s Banned Books Index is a convenient reference for banned or suppressed books. This is a HUGE list of Author Name + Book Name, and Who, Where, When and Why it was Banned or Suppressed.

Readerville literature discussion

I ran across the other day, and I thought I\'d share.

\" Readerville is founded on the idea that literature -- and discussion thereof -- is one of life\'s finest pursuits. The Readerville Forum provides a broad and flexible space for readers, writers, librarians, publishers, critics and anyone else who loves books to have thoughtful and engaging discussions about everything from favorite books to why they buy what they buy to current writing conundrums to whether or not plot is a crucial element in fiction.\"

Poetry 180 - A Poem A Day For Students

Poetry 180 is designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem each day of the 180 days of the school year. Billy Collins has selected the poems you will find here with high school students in mind. They are intended to be listened to, and Billy Collins suggests that all members of the school community be included as readers. A great time for the readings would be following the end of daily announcements over the public address system.

The Alexa Web Search

The fine folks over at Alexa have come up with a nifty idea, The Alexa Web Search.

It adds together features from Amazon and Alexa.

Check out reviews and rankings on, Library Juice, LIbraryStuff or maybe

Check Out Central is an online community space covering the world of contemporary literature for the opinionated, discerning bibliophile. They have reviews, essays, a blog of daily book information, and a Reader Resources Library.

The Weblog Book Watch

Here\'s A Neat Site on more than one level.

The Weblog Bookwatch searches weblogs that pass through the Recently Changed list at looking for links to books at The books listed are the most frequently mentioned.

It\'s neat to see what the choices say about bloggers.

ExtraNet Where Librarians & Technology Meet

ExtraNet, Where Librarians & Technology Meet [when they aren\'t here], from the St. Albert Public Library, has been created to further St. Albert Public Library\'s vision and mission by creating synergy between Librarians and Information Technology Specialists.

A place to share knowledge and information; to share news, discuss ideas, and to get help.

Check it out @

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