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Hellatine Dictionary of Bureaucratese

Check out The Hellatine Dictionary of Bureaucratese. They say "This dictionary is the product of many contributors, and is a continuing work in progress. Feel free to incorporate these words into your everyday vocabulary, spellcheckers, memos, wills, contracts and legislation.
There are words just waiting to be invented! Feel free to send us imaginative new words, expansions of definitions, and etymologies." They already have quite a collection, funn stuff like:

n., Any keystroke struck in frustration, most typically in an attempt to revive a frozen system. The group secretary could be heard asking Tech Support, "so where's the asskey"?
(orig. Southern US dial., ASCII)


These readers are eager to pass the book

Another Story on, a virtual book club aimed at turning the whole world into a lending library.
Here's the idea: Take a book you've read, register it at the BookCrossing site, slap a special identifying label inside the cover, and leave the book in a public place.

When someone finds it and logs on to the Web site using the book's BookCrossing ID number, you get notified by e-mail.


Check Out Poynter\'s 9-11 Gallery has compiled a gallery of Sept. 11 newspaper front pages that represent a sampling of large and mid-sized metros, smaller community and college papers. The papers were chosen for the 2002 gallery based on their excellence on Sept. 11, 2001. They also considered geographic region, variety in presentation, and quality headline writing.


Library Science Jeopardy

Bored at the desk? Try Library Science Jeopardy. Just like the popular television
version, the primary rule remains to provide your answer in the form of a question. There are six categories to select from, each containing five answers in ascending
order of difficulty. There
are no prizes, but, if you guess correctly, you will win an expanded explanation of the correct question.


Check Out Kairosnews

charlie writes \" A News Site and Online Community for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy is a weblog with reader submitted posts on subjects including literacy, the Internet, libraries, hypertext, intellectual property, distance education, word processing, and, of course, blogging. \"


From Books Comes Lumber

Jen Young pointed the way to Jim Rosenau\'s really neat project site, where he has turned his near-religious relationship to books into artful furniture.
Inspired by Nicholson Baker’s essay, “Lumber”, about how the term once applied to more than just wood, he found a way to turn books into lumber, and create Two-Bracket Shelves, Bookcases, One-Bracket Shelves, and Other Neat Stuff.


BookCrazy Radio Network

anon writes \"Check Out BookCrazy Radio Network

BCRN is a 24/7 Book Radio Station heard exclusively on the Internet. They are for avid readers and bookoholics. All of our shows tie into books in one way or another. From “how to write” to “what to read” They have a show for almost any book fan. The shows repeat for 24 hours throughout the day & night. Pick the time you want to listen and BookCrazy will be there. Want to listen to a specific show? It will repeat up to 6 times daily on its air date.

Another unique feature about BCRN are the commercials. 90% of our commercials are about books.



The fundamentals of information science

Jim Robertson put together, The fundamentals of information science, a guide intended for laypeople and librarians who want to understand some of the concepts behind basic informations science theories, without necessarily mastering the mathematics.


/usr/lib/info -- Hacker Librarian Haven

Go check out \"A concerted effort to infuse librarians with the hacker spirit. A wish that the librarian spirit wafts back over to hackers. A hope that someday it will no longer be necessary to distinguish between the two.
More to the point, /usr/lib/info is a collective weblog, used by a motley cabal of hacker/librarians who like chatting about how they go about solving the many problems facing them from day to day, and long-term.\"


Virtual Sci-Fi Library

Roy Balleste writes \"A virtual library has been designed for: Gene Roddenberry\'s Andromeda, from the creator of Star Trek. This show is the #1 weekly hour in syndication for the second year in a row in the U.S. The All Systems University was created to serve the people of the Systems Commonwealth.Here is the site For the show.

For the Library



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