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Listen to Jonathan Rundman's "Librarian" song

Check out the acoustic demo (freely available MP3) of Jonathan Rundman's song, "Librarian," available from the artist's website. A brief excerpt below:

and when the day is over I go home at 5:03
and I give thanks to God and to Andrew Carnegie
and the U.S. Constitution and to Orwell, Poe, and Twain
and I'll return at 8AM to open up again

This was posted over on NEWLIB-L.


Quality Check of Hospitals website sends " this link to the Joint Commission on Accreditation on Health Care Organizations

Quality Check is a service of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. If you want to "check up" on the performance of your local health care facility, whether it's a hospital, a surgery center, a nursing home or another type of health care organization, you can now tap into Quality Check.Quality Check has useful information about Joint Commission accredited organizations including:
  An organization's accreditation statusAccreditation historyLatest Performance Report

Do you Have the World Time? thought "we mightl like to see this nifty site where you can find what time it is anywhere in the world."


Website Archiving Great Quotations: Quote World

http::// writes "Check out Quote World. They Archive Quotations based on Theme, Perfect, when you are looking for just that right way of articulating poetically, or adding a touch of "Sizzle" to your writings.What are your TWO favorite Quotations of all time?How, if any, have they affected your life or outlook?"


World's Biggest Statistics Site

Anonymous Patron writes " has just become the world's largest website for inter-country statistical comparisons - with its last update, it claims to have become over 40 times the size of the CIA World Factbook. Amazing."


TECH TIME: 50 Coolest Websites

An Anonymous Patron writes "Time Magazine has listed Their 50 Coolest Websites, the list includes Tara's Cookin' "With Google""


Online database of magazine covers

Bob Cox points to this nifty site,, a digital repository of magazine cover art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There's a lot of art that's been hidden away for fifty or a hundred years or more—hidden away not because it's bad art, or because someone tried to suppress it, but just because it was part of something transient. Once that transient thing had its day in our living rooms, it fell from view and the art that it held was lost to us.

There's a chance that nbruce has already shared this with us, but it's worth sharing again.


LISFeeds: Back In Action

LISFeeds is finally back online and fully functional. It's taken me awhile, ok, a long time, to get everything back to normal. Finally, after more than a few gentle reminders, things are working again. If you have spotted any new blogs I've missed, be sure to let me know.


Michael McGrorty's Library Dust

Michael McGrorty's Library Dust is a new Typepad powered site where Michael McGrorty has started to post short stories. He only has 2 up so far, but join him and watch it grow.


Ref Grunt Silenced

This week marks the end of Ref Grunt, everyone's favorite place to read about the day in the life of reference librarian, Peter Burd. He recorded, to the best of his ability, "every reference desk transaction from May 14 2003 to May 14 2004."

Don't be confusing this with sound-alike, Ref Grunt-inspired where reference librarians can post, anonymously, the most inane, befuddling or enlightening of transactions at the ref desk.



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