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Reading the Encyclopedia Britannica

Reading the Encyclopedia Britannica: The life and adventures of a UC Berkeley student reading the Encyclopedia Britannica. Featuring the wisdom of the greatest encyclopedia ever.


NYPL Digital Gallery Among Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Sites

Anonymous Patron writes "NYPL Digital Gallery was recently listed in Time's (June 27, 2005) "annual survey of the Web's most useful and interesting sites." The Gallery was profiled in the Arts & Entertainment category as one of the "50 Coolest Websites" of 2005. Other awardees include McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and The New York Public Library's Digital Gallery was the only library site to be featured this year.

View the 50 Coolest Websites 2005 Survey here."


Secretary of State announces initiative providing equal access to electronic information for Florida

The Sun Herald has some information on The New Florida Electronic Library. The provision of this core set of databases contributes significantly to the Equity in Education component of Governor Bush's One Florida initiative by offering equal information access to all public schools regardless of their location or socioeconomic factors.

"The Florida Electronic Library represents the next generation of educational resources," Hood said. "It is exciting to know that all students attending Florida public schools will have access to this wealth of information whether they live in the state's smallest community or a large metropolitan area."


Instant Messaging Fight!

lislemck writes "Who has the most whuffie? The Washington Post reports here (registration or bugmenot) that AIM users can now perform an "online self esteem check" by visiting

Libraries providing IM reference services may want to check how they score against others. Of course, some of us will want to check ourselves against well-known libraryland figures or pit them against each other--who will win--cybrarygal or nylibrarian?"


Bookmarks anyone? The Old Fashioned Kind

Throw out those crumpled receipts, old card catalog cards, and ripped up parking tickets and get yourself some REAL BOOKMARKS.

Here's an interesting way to correspond with bookmark collectors around the world, and exchange bookmarks with them...via Mirage Bookmark's wonderful website (they are a Swiss bookmark manufacturer).

And here's their listing of bookmark publishers on the web...including yours truly, birdie's little product line In My Book ® inexpensive fundraiser for your library.


I bet he knows how to refold a road map!

Cortez writes "Dean of map collectors David Rumsey took his hobby and created the unique: ward_landsat.asp
"Rumsey spent years combing the world for 18th- and 19th-century maps of North and South America. At the time, the maps were not in great demand and therefore cheap; he would often buy 30 or 40 in a day.""


Songs of Social Consciousness- "Homeless in America"

Available for individual sale for $10 (and for sale in quantity as a fundraising tool), here is "HOMELESS IN AMERICA: Twenty-One Songs of Social Conscience for the 21st Century". Populist progressive viewpoint addressing current issues including war, poverty, health, social security privatization, taxation, gun control, globalization, individual rights, Native American issues and more."

Check it out (listen to all the songs, lo- or hi-fi) and buy it at CD Baby Nashville Session Players site.


Site for the Library History Buff...(and who isn't?)

Check out Larry T. Nix's site , containing pages on library history, collecting of library memorabilia and artifacts, and information about collecting postal artifacts related to libraries.


Old & Busted: Wikipedia - New Hotness:

Are you without a nice project and just dying to cut your teeth on a
Wiki? Then this post might be just for you... just launched today, so there's not much there yet. You're welcome to have fun playing around.


Little Reminder: Shelf Awareness - New Website

Don't forget to get one of the first FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS for the daily newsletter for booksellers and librarians, Shelf Awareness . Here's the subscription page.

The first issue came out today and it's a great read!



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