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Ontarioans Who Love Their Libraries Can Win (sorta) Big!

While Ontario Public Libraries Week 2006 (OPLW) is now but a memory, the "Telling Our Stories" contest is just getting underway and will run until the end of November.

The province-wide contest highlights the positive impact of Ontario public libraries. Ontario Federation of Public Libraries, the organizer of the contest, invites Ontarians to share their personal stories of how a public library has made a difference to them or their families.

Here's the press release, and here's contest information and entry forms.

Small print: The contest is not open to public library or Federation of Ontario Public Libraries staff, library trustees, members of other Ontario library agencies or their families, TVO/TFO staff or members of their families.

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Renaissance Library Calendars on Sale

The 7th edition of the calendar with old and beautiful libraries is now for sale here . Publisher Gunnel Stjernvall
says, "Please send us your nominations for the 2008 edition . On the same page you can also see the names of all the libraries that have been included in the first seven years of the calendar".


Information City

Check it out! Be part of the global circle of librarians and information professionals; organizers are British and Swedish, but all nationalities are welcome...visit Information City. Lots of features and registration is free. Resources include contacts, jobs, conferences, discussion groups, classifieds, features and more.


Take Me Right Back to the Stacks

Nathan Parker writes "When libraries all go under, your pages can get jobs bartending; see: 7022912201"


Useful Reference sites from Virtualchase

LEGAL RESEARCH GUIDE: Finding Facts from Virtualchase is a compilation of electronic reference sites. Some of the sites included here are: Airport & City Code Converter, helps to convert airport or city codes to airport or city names and vice versa. It also provides market data including the number of domestic markets served, the daily average number of passengers, the average price of a one-way fare, and the daily average number of miles flown. Another site City Search (Find a County) provides a utility for looking up counties by city. Enter a city name to find a list of matching counties. Alternatively, you can display all cities within a state and the counties in which they reside. If you follow the link for the county name, the utility displays a list of all cities within the county.


Gallery of Photoshopped Pictures

In light of the recent flap over the slimming of Katie Couric via image manipulation, CNET is running a exposé on Pictures that lie.

Highlights include Time's darkening of OJ Simpson's mug shot, and a PC maneuver straight out of The Onion.

Missing shots include the

9-11 tourist,
evil Bert, and
Kimberly Williamson Butler.

You can see more touch-up work done by
Greg Apodaca,
Brian Dlig, and (surprise)

Does your library adjust images being digitized?

The Eggcorn Database

An Anonymous Patron writes "We're always trying to grab the attention of our students during bibliographic instruction. Here's a site that has a humorous side that might hit close to home--lexical errors of the English language such as, "preying mantis," "mute point," "lip-sing," and "give up the goat." (Remember the FedEx commercial, "French Benefits"?) Also worth noting-- the related "First Person" article, "Like a Bowl in a China Shop," by Mark Peters (Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/11/2006, p. C2-3)."


Science in your backyard from USGS

As reported in Marylaine's 'Neat New Stuff I found on the Net This Week', Science in your backyard is a database in which one can choose a state and find links to real-time information on that state's water, drought, and earthquake activity, to biological, mineral and recreation resources, and Geological Survey news releases.


Gateway to Global Culture Launched

Collective images of the World can be accessed from Global Memory Net made available through UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme.

Excerpt: "Global Memory Net, an online image library and gateway to cultural, historical, and heritage images around the world, has just been launched with a number of collections included in UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme."

Read the full article at:
Gateway to Global Culture Launched


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