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Continuing on the subject of Google, G-stories is, according to its creator Ed, "a source for what's new and interesting about Google(TM) & other search engines"...including a stock ticker, truths, falsehoods, speculation and everything in between.

"Book" is the new "Cool"

Cynthia writes "Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn reports that "book" is the fashionable new synonym for old, reliable "cool." When those who send cell-phone text messages using predictive text, also called T9, key in the numbers that correspond with C-O-O-L on their numerical keypad (2-6-6-5), the first word the program suggests is B-O-O-K (which also corresponds with the numbers 2-6-6-5).
Full entry here: orn/2007/01/slang_earlywarn.html"

Tech Friday: Standards: libraries, research and learning

Lorcan Dempsey's weblog pointed the way to a neat site done by UKOLN. The JISC Standards Catalogue is in the form of a Wiki maintained by UKOLN and provides descriptive information about standards of interest to the educational community.The JISC Standards Catalogue provides a brief summary of the formal and de facto standards which are relevant to the UK FE/HE development community. It primarily addresses the technical standards for use by projects to support interoperability.


Check Out Geni

Christopher Harris writes "Check out the new Geneology site, Geni (as covered on TechCrunch) as a new Web 2.0
social genealogy tool. As you enter your family information, you can
choose to include e-mail addresses for current relations (I guess you
could for long deceased relations, but the response rate might be a bit
low). Those relations recive an invitation to log in and extend the
tree. What a great way for public libraries to introduce social
networking in a positive light — imagine a class for seniors on how to
set up a gmail/yahoomail/whatever account and then how to use Geni."


Check Out: Shelfari

Somebody writes "Shelfari The problem with our large bookshelves is that they are buried in our home where only a subset of people can see what we have read. Now with Shelfari you can show off that book collection to your friends and the world!
Shelfari makes it easy to see what your friends are reading and even get and give book recommendations.
Now with Shelfari you can easily connect with new and old friends to talk about the books you are passionate about."

Update: 01/18 15:25 GMT by B : - Correction: Shelfari is not owned by, they are operated by these people. I mistakenly assumed that they were a part of Amazon as their copyright credits include I gather that's just for photos of book jackets, I apologize for my mistake, birdie.



Guitar Tuner Site

Cool little utility to help tune your guitar by ear for MAC or PC.


Librivox: A Creative Commons Endeavor

Librivox is a project that describes its mission to be the "acoustical liberation of books in the public domain"; i.e., it's a digital library of free public domain audio books that are read and recorded by volunteers.


Library Link of the Day

I was cleaning up some feeds in my BlogLines account last night and noticed the Library Link of the Day has just 76 subscribers to it's RSS Feed. You can also sign up to receive the daily link via e-mail on the site.It's worth it, just one link a day!


Swivel: where curious people explore all kinds of data.

If you're like me, and you know you want to be, you'll like Swivel: Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data.
As a preview it's rough around the edges. May your love for data guide you.
"So, when we say Swivel is a Web site for data we're talking about those three things:
1. we use farms of powerful computers and algorithms at the Swivel data centers to transform a lonely grid of numbers and letters into hundreds - sometimes thousands - of graphs that can be explored and compared with any other public data in Swivel
2.we have ratings and comments and publishing shortcuts for bloggers, so folks can share ideas, talk about insights and understand data together
3.we transform the sometimes tedious task of reading someone else's spreadsheet into a fun experience of clicking through a Web site full of images, graphs and color.



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