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Digg and LISNEWS

When you click on a LISNEWS story title you are taken to the story in a full page view. When you are one that page there is a icon that says "digg it". Here is the Wikipedia entry about Digg. I think that LISNEWS readers should subscribe to Digg so that they can Digg LISNEWS stories. If a story gets around 50 Diggs it starts to draw attention from other people at the Digg site. If these people then Digg the story the votes will grow. I think this would be beneficial for LISNEWS and could draw some additional attention to the site.
Caveat: I am in no way suggesting rigging votes at Digg. You only vote for a story if you honestly like it. But if you don't register you can't vote. We have numerous interesting stories at LISNEWS. I think something that starts at LISNEWS could make it big on the Digg site.

Public Records Wire : Tag, rate and share public records databases. Keep track of information sources. Tag, review, rate and share the best! “An open system for cataloging, sharing and discovering new public records databases. The system promotes the databases that are most used and voted upon with the goal of enhancing overall quality of public records databases.”
Spotted on Library Stuff.

Fun Reading Picture

Reading picture of the day.

Free Software - Giveaway of the Day and Game Giveaway of the Day

Are you interested in getting free licensed computer software? Then check out Giveaway of the Day at and Game Giveaway of the Day at Each day they offer free software to download, with a different title each day. Be sure to bookmark these sites, as you'll want to remember to check them each day to see what new goodies they are offering! On the sites, you can also see reviews by users of the software, which can be very useful in deciding whether to download the software. Looking briefly at some of the titles that have been available for download, it looks like there are a wide variety of worthwhile titles!

***It is important to understand that the free software titles available for download change every day. So if you see a title you want to download, make sure you download it that same day, because in the morning the free software offer will be gone and another title will be there in its place! Happy downloading!

P.S. In case you're wondering, today's free giveway is ImageBadger Deluxe 4.82, which the site states is "a cutting-edge batch processing and image conversion program which supports over 140+ image formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICON, PSD."

Refine Your Search Terms with SortFix

Lifehacker pointed the way to Sortfix.

Search engine front-end SortFix takes a graphical approach to including and excluding phrases and terms from standard searchs. Type in "iPod Touch," for example, and you can drag the "8gb" and "online sale" phrases to the "Add to Search" box while moving "rumors" into "Remove" to avoid all the pre-launch press.

FreeRice - Boost Your Vocabulary and Feed Hungry People

The website FreeRice ( has two purposes. First, they want to help people improve their English vocabulary. The site gives you a word and four possible synonyms. Get it right, and you advance to a higher level with tougher words.

At the same time, advertisers who appear at the bottom of the screen donate 10 grains of rice per correct word to the World Food Programme, which in turn sends it to countries in need around the world.

As of now, FreeRice has paid for just under 4 billion grains of rice, hovering at around 200 million grains per day. Not bad considering it launched on October 7 with 830 grains!

The Library History Buff

The Library History Buff: Promoting the appreciation, enjoyment, and preservation of library history. A library history buff, also sometimes referred to as a library history nut, is an individual with a passion for library history and its artifacts. Larry T. Nix is the library history buff who created and maintains this Web site. This site is divided into three broad categories. The "Library History" category includes Web pages with information about library history. The "Librariana" category includes Web pages with information about the collecting of library memorabilia and artifacts. The "Postal Librariana" category includes Web pages with information about the collecting of postal artifacts related to libraries.

The Wise Guide

I want to point out this pretty cool resource that is offered by the Library of Congress, the Wise Guide. According to their "about" page, the site "links to the best of the Library's online materials." The Wise Guide is definitely meant as a jumping-off point, but is an excellent way to learn about some of the Library of Congress' resources. This month's topics include WWII, Native American Indian health, and notable occurrences that have happened during the month of November.

Directory of Experimental Library Tools Sites

Ken Varnum started his Directory of Experimental Library Tools Sites - web sites where libraries of all kinds publicize their experimental, "beta," or trial services. The pages linked offer a wealth of ideas and innovations. The full list will be maintained as the Directory of Experimental Library Tools.

LibVibe: The Librarian Newscast

It seems almost impossible, but I don't remember ever seeing LibVibe before: "A newscast of our own. Concise, professional, listenable." Done by Marv K. who is a former broadcast radio personality and reference librarian living in the Midwest USA.

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