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Library-Themed Wedding

See very cute library-themed wedding invitations at the following link. (it sounds geeky, but it fits us because we both work in libraries...she's a library assistant @ a college and is pursuing a library degree, and I am a librarian).

Pelican book project

The blog Drawn! shares with us this cool site that gathers together the different covers of Pelican Books from the 1930 to the 1980's. It's interesting to take a look and see the different types of covers from each decade and makes you did they end up choosing some of these things?

Shareaholic: Share, bookmark and e-mail web pages

Over on my twitter feed msauers shared a link to Shareaholic a nifty little browser thingy that makes it easy for you to submit the web page you're on to your favorite sharing or bookmarking service, including: digg,, facebook, friendfeed, google bookmarks, magnolia, mixx, reddit, stumbleupon, tumblr and twitter. You also have the option to e-mail the web page directly to a friend. Shareaholic also lets you know how many times the web page you're on has been dugg or saved to (Works with Firefox 2.0+, Flock and Songbird on PCs and MACs)

A to Z and My Favorites Web

Total Web are Favourite web that click to see information to write thais blog. Thank you for Everything.

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Check out VideoJug, The on-Line How To Video Site

Something of a YouTube "How To", the British import VideoJug offers a broad menu of videos: how-to tie a tie, cook Indian desserts, knit a scarf, buy a house, stop grinding your teeth, improve your golf swing, not to mention win friends and influence people (there's alot of that).

Here's how they describe themselves: "VideoJug hosts one of the world's largest, most all-encompassing libraries of factual content online. Our professionally-produced, high definition video content covers every conceivable topic and delivers the definitive online "encyclopedia of life". The content is divided into a variety of formats that include informative "How To" and "Ask The Expert" films that take users, step-by-step through everything from the lighter, more welcome aspects of life (leisure, hobbies, beauty and style) to the more serious tribulations we all face in day-to-day life (health, legal, money, parenting)."


A new search engine...

Sarah, from LibrarianInBlack, shares this cool search engine that I hadn't seen before. It's called Carrot, and not only is it open source (so you can use it on your library's website), but it clusters results together. What I mean by this is try searching for the term Harry Potter. Over on the side they divide topics up so that you can narrow results by title of books or wands. You also have subheadings so that you can see where the results came from or the sources the engine found it in (such as Ask!, Google, etc.)
Very cool!

Digg and LISNEWS

When you click on a LISNEWS story title you are taken to the story in a full page view. When you are one that page there is a icon that says "digg it". Here is the Wikipedia entry about Digg. I think that LISNEWS readers should subscribe to Digg so that they can Digg LISNEWS stories. If a story gets around 50 Diggs it starts to draw attention from other people at the Digg site. If these people then Digg the story the votes will grow. I think this would be beneficial for LISNEWS and could draw some additional attention to the site.
Caveat: I am in no way suggesting rigging votes at Digg. You only vote for a story if you honestly like it. But if you don't register you can't vote. We have numerous interesting stories at LISNEWS. I think something that starts at LISNEWS could make it big on the Digg site.


Public Records Wire : Tag, rate and share public records databases. Keep track of information sources. Tag, review, rate and share the best! “An open system for cataloging, sharing and discovering new public records databases. The system promotes the databases that are most used and voted upon with the goal of enhancing overall quality of public records databases.”
Spotted on Library Stuff.


Fun Reading Picture

Reading picture of the day.


Free Software - Giveaway of the Day and Game Giveaway of the Day

Are you interested in getting free licensed computer software? Then check out Giveaway of the Day at and Game Giveaway of the Day at Each day they offer free software to download, with a different title each day. Be sure to bookmark these sites, as you'll want to remember to check them each day to see what new goodies they are offering!

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