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Clever California Kid Collects Cards... Checkout Cory's Collection

Cory Peterson collects library cards, and has been doing so since he was six.

Now a 9th grader he as over 3000 cards.

Check out the growing collection.


Health, Education and Informatics resource - website & blog

Originally created in the UK by Brian E Hodges (Ret.) at Manchester Metropolitan University -

Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model [h2cm]

- can help map health, social care and OTHER issues, problems and solutions. The
model takes a situated and multi-contextual view across four knowledge domains:

* Interpersonal;
* Sociological;
* Empirical;
* Political.

Our links pages cover each care (knowledge) domain e.g. SCIENCES:


Odile Isralson, founder and executive producer of Titlepage, stopped by to tell the LISNews community about their online book review program. The website for Titlepage describes the program as being:


Magical Pictures

At first, it may seem strange to direct library folks to a set of fantasy pictures featuring odd scientists, wizards, and strange beasts. Yet not only are they beautiful images, all of them are set within libraries just as fantastic as the characters in them.

Helen Keller photograph

This is from last week, but still very cool. Researcher's have uncovered what they believe to be the earliest known photograph of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. It was donated to the New England Historic Genealogical Society, by a man whose mother had played with Keller one summer. An interesting piece of history rediscovered!

LISWiki: The Original Librarian Wiki, Still Going Strong

If you haven't stopped by lately you're missing some good stuff. Have a look at What's Been Added, or maybe start with The Index, or the LISWiki Categories (even better, categorize A Page yourself).

The LISWiki:Community Portal has some good Article Ideas: Stumped on what to write about? See if you can fill out the Categories some more, develop the shorter entries (some are blank) and stubs, or help fill the needed entries (titles linked to twice or more), or just browse the Recent Changes. Don't miss the Largest List Of Library Blogs on the web!
Wikis are free and open publishing systems. You, yes you, are encouraged to share information in your areas of interest or expertise. Anyone can edit existing articles or create new ones. New articles are welcome! If it doesn't already exist, a "create an article with this title" link will appear in a search for your article title.


Insanity @ My Library: A Photo Contest

Scott Douglas has released full details of a book give away contest here:

Gaiman On Free Reading

Neil Gaiman espouses on the nature of free reading and why giving books away is a good idea. After all, authors face a hurdle not in that reading is expensive, but more that it's unpopular.

It's a great post with good points, but this quote made it all worth the reading:

Libraries are good things: you shouldn't have to pay for every book you read.

Savvy Librarians Social Network

We just launched a new social network for librarians, Savvy Librarians.

Hopefully, with more members, this will be a place "To provide effective and efficient library resources to librarians, or those in similar fields. With the help of it's members, Savvy will strive to meet the personal and professional needs of the library community, by offering resources, discussion, and information in an open and amiable way."


Pretty Good Explanation of Social Bookmarking

It's here at the Delicious Blog. They say it's for explaining social bookmarking to your 'parents', but I'm sure there are a couple of patrons, students and others that could benefit from this adroitly assembled lesson.

Acknowledgment (from Nick Nguyen, Product Manager) goes to Lee and Sachi Lefever at Common Craft for their efforts here. So, next time you’re trying to explaining why this “Social Bookmarking” thing is all the rage, you now know what video to play.


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