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What's Doin' Over At - The Librarian's News Wire

It's been a while since I pointed to - The Librarian's News Wire. You can grab the main LISWire RSS Feed Here. You can subscribe to one of our mailing lists and check out all the other feed options Right Here.

Here are the latest releases posted. If you spot anything interesting in your travels, let us know!

Registration fee waived for librarians attending Atlanta Book Show

Code4Lib Journal, Issue 3 published

LexisNexis® Introduces New Content, Functionality to Intellectual Property Solutions

Houston Public Library Goes Live with Evergreen

Free Travel Writing Contest Sponsored by Smart Poodle Publishing

The Survey of Academic Libraries, 2008-09 Edition is out Now

Elsevier Foundation Seeks Grant Proposals for Innovative Libraries and New Scholars

U of C funds Open Access Authors Fund

Publishers Implement New Tracking Service for Authors

Marshall Public Library Selects Evergreen and Equinox

IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program Funding Announcement for 2008
--- Release posted by Blake on June 22nd 2008 08:28

Chilling Tales of the Great White North

FictionDB Opens Its Site to Book Lovers Everywhere

Think Big: LibGig new professional networking website

Library Associates Companies has put together LibGig ( the new professional networking website dedicated to bringing together everyone who accesses, organizes, creates, manages, produces or distributes information for a living.

The goal is to establish a common, human link within the enormous and multi-faceted information industry through dialogue, interaction and sharing of interesting stories, as well as dynamic and exclusive content that encourages feedback and debate. The site includes LibGig Careers, LibGig Schools and the LibGig Community.

One Hundred Must-Read Books for Men

OK, you're a guy, and you like books...but what are the hundred books that guys who like books must read?

This website, the Art of Manliness provides what they think is the, do you agree? Is there a male consensus on what is a must-read book?


LISWire - The Librarian's News Wire

Robin K. Blum (aka Birdie) and I started a new site a few week ago, LISWire - The Librarian's News Wire (, and I'm doing my best to spread the word (again, you may have already seen this). I'll keep this as short as possible, since you can probably guess what the site is all about from the name.

We also have 2 mailing lists, and a bunch of RSS feeds.

We are looking for press releases and other news items of interest to librarians to get things going. You can sign up for an account and submit things you'd like to announce to the library world.

It's just out of beta, so there might still be some bugs floating around. Let me know if you spot something that needs fixing! I'd love any and all feedback you can provide.

A Neat Email Tool

I recently discovered Xobni ("inbox" backwards), a tool that seems like it might have a particular appeal for librarians. Xobni is a sidebar that works with Outlook and offers analytics, searching, email organization, a social networking method of organization and more.

Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities

Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities features new acquisitions, unique documents, and visual and textual curiosities from the collections of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. This ongoing exhibition is curated by Tim Young, Associate Curator of the Modern Books and Manuscripts Collection, and Nancy Kuhl, Associate Curator of the Yale Collection of American Literature.


The Right-to-Quiet Movement: Shouting down excess noise

The Interesting Thing Of The Day Blog takes a look at "The Right-to-Quiet Movement" the Right to Quiet Society, one of numerous organizations dedicated to the promotion of quiet. There is in fact a rather large and diverse anti-noise pollution movement afoot. Typically the anti-noise groups focus on the second type of noise, citing extensive research on noise-related health concerns: hearing damage from extended exposure to high levels of sound, sleep loss, psychological trauma, and increased stress levels resulting in high blood pressure, aggressive behavior, and even suicide. But there is also a significant drive to reduce background noises, because even though they may not result in hearing loss, the cumulative long-term effect of low-volume but persistent unwanted sounds can have significant impact on one’s mental health and stress level.

An Interesting Tool,

infodoodads pointed out this interesting website, It currently has ISBN and basic information for over 3 million books, which it has gotten via scanning library websites, according to their FAQ. Something else mentioned on their FAQ is "'Books on the Same Shelf' -- it allows to quickly look up similar books in the same way they would be placed in a real world library. Currently, two classification systems are supported -- Dewey Decimal Classification (trademark of OCLC) and Library of Congress Classification."

Basically, it's a potentially helpful website, which I look forward to exploring.

Dreaming in color and User Privacy?

While browsing blogs during the NCAA Tourney today, I came across a reference to a book that I thought would be good for my library (academic business school), so I hopped over to after not seeing it in our online catalog.

I started to register and save the page, but saw this in the abbreviated Terms of Service dialog:

A. You grant to OCLC unlimited and unrestricted use of all data submitted by you to this site.


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