Google's growth makes privacy advocates wary

Most people today appear to me to love Google, but how much do people really know about this 'indispensable' tool? I'm not going to post an extended rant about how evil Google is in some people's eyes, but I do think that this AP story is worthy of consideration, especially considering the integration that Google is developing with libraries.

Google's growth makes privacy advocates wary


This article discusses how information that is collected by Google could be used in violation of current privacy statutes. Some Google tools, such as their Chrome web browser transmit your keystrokes before you press the Enter key. This information is then analyzed by their systems to predict your search terms and offer suggestions. There is an option to turn this feature off, but the activity still occurs, just without user notification, giving the sense that web activity is now 'private'. Along with the information typed into the web browser, your computers Internet address is also recorded, creating a history much like what is visible in your local web browser, but on their servers.

Key concepts from the article:

"It's about having a monopoly over our personal information, which, if it falls into the wrong hands, could be used in a very dangerous way against us,"

“Court says that with all its products, Google has more opportunities than its peers to capture personal information without users realizing it. “ -- Read More

Around the World, Praise for Obama

The Washington Post features an international perspective of the people's choice of Barack Obama as America's next president.

Slideshow and reporting from Britain, Kenya, Japan, Lebanon and Indonesia.

Additional reactions from abroad via the New York Times.

Obama Wins

NYTimes, November 5, 2008 A Historic Day for the USA and the World
Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls(report) / (editorial)

Political Life Imitates, Well Not Art, but The Onion

The folks at Boingboing have unearthed an uncannily topical story from a 1993 issue of The Onion.

"The Onion has a preposterous fake story about a character named Roy the Forklift driver becoming a media darling of the conservative movement. "

Aren't archives grand?

Christian Science Monitor to cease daily print publication

The Christian Science Monitor will stop publishing a daily newspaper just after it turns 100 years old.

The newspaper will not close, it will continue to publish a weekly newspaper, and its online presence will become the daily edition of the paper.

"The new weekly paper edition of the paper will cost $89 per year. The daily Web edition will cost $219 per year."

Tasty Tidbits from the New MaintainIT Cookbook: A Free Introductory Webinar

MaintainIT Has Cooked Up Something Special for You!
We're so excited about the new MaintainIT Cookbook, "Planning for Success"! Full of no fuss recipes for technology success, quick, easy and tested by our librarian chefs around the country. And best of all, like all of the other MaintainIT materials, it is FREE. Join us for a 20-minute introduction (3 different time slots) to hear about the exciting new content! Brenda and Stephanie will share 20 Samples in 20 Minutes—it'll be like Iron Chef on fast forward. -- Read More

Work Ethic Dispute May Have Led to Shooting of College Librarian

Work Ethic Dispute May Have Led to Shooting of College Librarian
Article here.

The Texas Library Association has posted a memorial page for the slain librarian, Donald Devin Zimmerman here.

Overfeeding on Information

It’s hard not to watch the news on the financial markets and the presidential campaign. But how much is too much? Story in the NYT.

24 Words the CED Want to Exuviate (Shed)

Here are a list of words the Collins English Dictionary want to discard to make room for up to 2,000 new entries. They include Fatidical, Niddering and even Vilipend.

Columbus Metropolitan Library named the top public library in the country

The Columbus Metropolitan Library has been rated the best library system in the nation as ranked by the Hennen's American Public Library Rating. It is the 3rd time since 1999 that they have been ranked #1 and they have been ranked in the top 4 every year since 1999. Here's a link to the article.

Congrats to Columbus Metropolitan Library!

edit and update:
From Tame the web

NOTE: American Libraries reported an error in the rankings this year:

American Libraries has discovered an unfortunate error that invalidates the results of Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings published in the October 2008 issue of the magazine of the American Library Association.
Thomas J. Hennen Jr., author of this independent study, discovered after the issue was mailed that the figures used in compiling the statistics were the same as those used in 2006.
The new numbers will be posted on the HAPLR website. The corrected tables will also appear in PDF format as soon as possible on the American Libraries website, as well as in the November issue of the magazine. -- Read More

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