Library Card Leads Police to Alleged Thief

Sheboygan police say they were able to track down a theft suspect because he left behind his library card, which he apparently used to try to unlock a tavern door.

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How To Save Newspapers

David Carr of the NYT imagines a secret meeting of top newspaper people complete with cigars and cognac. On the Agenda:

  • No more free content
  • No more free aggregators
  • No more commoditized ads.
  • Throw out the newspaper Preservation Act.

    United, newspapers may stand.

  • Things To Consider Together

    Dave Winer, the gentleman who helped birth RSS, posted at his blog thoughts about a post-newspaper world. Jamie LaRue, director of Douglas County Libraries in Colorado, posts his thoughts about a replacement role libraries can play for news. The thoughts from LaRue are notable to consider in light of what the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts said in LISTen #62.

    Bucking trends, laid off journos start off news outlet

    Writing for the PBS Media Shift site, Megan Taylor looks at four Arizona journalists who chose to not go the much-maligned PR "escape route" and started their own news outlets. The site known as The Arizona Guardian is one example of such a paradigm shift.

    Final Edition: Rocky Mountain News to Shut Down Today

    Colorado's oldest newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, is shutting down today, and industry analysts say it won't be the last to be pulled under by a rising tide of financial woes.

    E.W. Scripps announced yesterday that it is closing the 150-year-old Rocky, which has won four Pulitzer Prizes in the last decade, leaving Denver, like most American cities, a one-newspaper town.

    These are dark days for the struggling news business. Hearst threatened this week to close the San Francisco Chronicle unless major budget cuts are imposed or a buyer is found, and is also prepared to close the Seattle Post-Intelligencer if it cannot be sold. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News filed for bankruptcy protection this week, joining Chicago's Tribune Co. and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in Chapter 11 status.

    Full story in the Washington Post

    Some bright spots in Nebraska

    Students rally after hearing library branches may close

    Nine-year-old Grace Doll and her friends often visit Lincoln’s South Branch Library.

    So when the Sheridan Elementary fourth-grader heard the Library Board was proposing the closing of the South and Bethany branches to save money, she recruited classmates to rally after school Monday to support the 27th and South streets library.

    “I’ve been coming here since I was 2, and when I heard about its possible closing I wanted to do something about it,” she said Monday, taking a break from the protest. “It wasn’t hard to get my friends involved. They love reading and they just love to come here.”

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    Nebraska Librarians In Hot Water Over 'Rock Band'

    Librarians in Nebraska are under investigation by local news media and the state after a youtube video surfaced of these book-lovers setting up and playing Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution.

    Further down in article: Most librarians I've known are surprisingly cool. They are dedicated people who like education, books and kids. I'd speculate that the librarians in Nebraska are buying game systems to draw kids to the library by actually making the place relevant to the interests and lifestyles of the people in the community. Shocking, right? After purchasing the games and systems, the librarians set them up and tried them out. Amazing, right?

    Story at G4

    Philip Jose Farmer Passes Into His Riverworld

    Legendary science fiction author Philip Jose Farmer died yesterday morning at his home in North Peoria. He was 91.

    Farmer was well known as the man who wrote the Riverworld series of books which are considered classics of science fiction and explore the world of life after death.

    Normally a sort of reclusive figure, Philip Jose Farmer was passionate about his local libraries. Indeed, he gave them the credit for fostering his love and of reading and writing.

    More news from the PJ Star.

    Jesup library book theft case dismissed

    A theft charge has been dismissed against an Independence woman who failed to return an overdue book to the Jesup Public Library.

    Shelly Koontz was charged Jan. 22 with fifth-degree theft and jailed for not returning "The Freedom Writers Diary," a book valued at $13.95 that she checked out last April. She was released after posting $250 bond.

    Her attorney, James Peters, says the case was dismissed Thursday after Koontz agreed to pay the library a $13.95 fine, return the book and pay about $50 in court costs.

    Buchanan County Attorney Allan Vander Hart says a library complaint led to the arrest.

    A woman who answered the library telephone hung up when asked if anyone could comment.

    A number listed for Shelly Koontz was disconnected.

    Story found here.

    Emerald Management Xtra Plus now available

    United Kingdom, January 2009 – Emerald Group Publishing Limited is delighted to announce that 200 scholarly publications are now available as part of its new flagship online journal collection, Emerald Management Xtra Plus. Emerald has been expanding and consolidating its portfolio through a rigorous acquisition and new launch programme, adding only titles providing high quality research that can find applications in the world of practice. This milestone further strengthens the company’s position as the world’s leading publisher of management research.

    Emerald Management Xtra Plus is a collection of peer-reviewed management journals that integrates a host of online resources tailored for communities of librarians, managers, students, faculty members and deans. It comes with the additional benefit that all new journals will become automatically accessible by Emerald Management Xtra Plus subscribers as soon as they are published electronically.

    In total, 22 subject areas, from Logistics to Leadership, are covered in the collection. Some of the titles recently added include Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, China Agricultural Economic Review, International Journal of Law in the Built Environment and World Hospitality and Tourism Themes.

    Vicky Williams, Head of Publishing Development at Emerald, comments: “This marks a great achievement for Publishing Development. It is testimony to the team’s continuous efforts to respond to market developments and needs, identify new key areas of research, and build strong relationships with international authors and editors. Our journal launch programme seeks to be responsive but stringent in its criteria, ensuring the creation of new scholarly publications of the highest calibre.”

    Library Journal’s recent E-Reference Ratings review described Emerald Management Xtra as “encompassing a good range and breadth of content as well as a good quality of writing and also being easy to use”. -- Read More

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