Yesterday's Earthquake Rattles Bookstores and Libraries in N. California

Photos and more from Seattle PI of two bookstores, Bookleggers and Eureka Books both in Eureka, CA.

Ten Stories That Shaped 2009

It's time to take another look back at the notable headlines of the past year. -- Read More

"You lie!'" on Yale Librarian's List of Year's Memorable Quotes

Fred Shapiro, associate librarian and lecturer in legal research at Yale Law School, is releasing his fourth annual list of The Yale Book of Quotations. His top quote: "Keep your government hands off my Medicare," by a speaker at a town hall meeting in South Carolina in July. "You lie!" was spoken by Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC and was directed at President Obama during a joint session of Congress on the subject of health care.

Other pearls of wisdom from Sarah Palin, Falcon Heene, Kanye West, Gov. Mark Sanford and Sully Sullenberger can be found in the AP story.

PW’s “Afro Picks” Controversy

PW’s provocative cover image and title for its annual African American feature stirred up plenty of controversy on Twitter and blogs yesterday – and now the book blogs at the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune are asking their readers to weigh in.

African American novelists Carleen Brice and Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant were among the first to criticize the cover for presenting the work of black authors in the context of a negative stereotype. PW editor Calvin Reid explained that he’d chosen the cover image from the book Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present, edited by Deborah Willis. “While it never occurred to me that anyone would be offended by these images, I was very wrong and I have to acknowledge that,” he wrote.

Full piece at

Delaware to add new libraries to statewide catalog

In a recent blog post, the Delaware Library Catalog announced the addition of two significant libraries to the growing statewide catalog. The Wilmington Public Library will migrate from its current Horizon ILS to the Delaware Division of Libraries- managed and SirsiDynix-hosted Symphony system. Wilmington Library patrons will enjoy the enhanced services offered by the statewide system, and existing patrons will be able to easily access the more than 200,000 items held by the Wilmington Library, which has served the citizens of Delaware's largest city at its current downtown site since 1922. In addition, the Wilmington University will upgrade from its current Unicorn system and migrate its holdings to the statewide system, providing the potential to coordinate academic holdings with DLC's existing academic partners the Delaware Technical and Community College and Wesley College

Bill Gates fund: libraries need more cash for broadband

Over at Ars Technica is this story on the E-rate and the issues facing libraries in providing access.

"The foundation tied to the Microsoft fortune has told the Federal Communications Commission that the government should spend more money on high-speed Internet upgrades for public libraries and schools. The FCC should make it easier to apply, too.

"A growing number of schools and public libraries cannot afford connectivity upgrades because of the inability to pay for one-time only installation, equipment and transport costs," the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation warned the Commission on Wednesday. No big surprise that Gates is active in this area. Microsoft's general focus when it comes to broadband stimulus questions is that resources should go to "anchor institutions"—libraries, schools, and hospitals."

News Corporation, Google, and reading the news @ your library

Whatever the outcome of the current struggle between Google and News Corporation, public libraries hope to continue to be a source for high-quality news content, through subscription resources and other offerings.

More thoughts here from the Delaware division of libraries blog:

What's New Over On LISWire - The Librarian's News Wire

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Subcultural News Portal gets play at Staid InfoToday.

Info Today's "Newsbreaks" has published a piece on Web 2.0 updates by The Disinformation Company. has been a subcultural/countercultural newsportal since before the fall of Loompanics Unlimited; now they've geared up to use 2.0 tools on their main site to bolster book and film sales, and to support their podcasting interests. The early pages anticipated folksonomic tagging, and served as a virtual meeting place for the folks like Terence McKenna, Grant Morrison, Robert Anton Wilson, and Douglas Rushkoff.

Click by Click, Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending

From the NY Times:

"Eager to attract digitally savvy patrons and capitalize on the growing popularity of electronic readers, public libraries across the country are expanding collections of books that reside on servers rather than shelves.

The idea is to capture borrowers who might not otherwise use the library, as well as to give existing customers the opportunity to try new formats."

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