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Obstacles loom for library's relocation

"Gov. Jeb Bush and Secretary of State Glenda Hood have argued that giving away part of the State Library to Nova Southeastern University would make the books and other materials more accessible to more people in heavily populated South Florida."

"But now officials concede that, if the move is approved by state legislators, no one would have access to most of the books and records for a year or longer. And even then, only Broward County residents could go to the Nova library and check them out."

"If the state donates the $10 million collection to the university, many of the more than 600,000 books, videos and other items would first have to be renumbered and relabeled, which would keep them from the public for many months." (from Sun-Sentinel)

Hands around state library protest plan to relocate books

Kathleene sent over 2 stories on the Hands around state library protest down in Florida.

The St. Petersburg Times says Hundreds of protesters formed a human chain around the state library Tuesday to protest Gov. Jeb Bush\'s plan to fire 42 state library workers and transfer hundreds of thousands of books to the private Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.

The crowd, which included librarians, historians and scholars, shouted down Florida\'s new secretary of state, Glenda Hood, when she tried to discuss the move.
There\'s a similar story at The Herald-Tribune, and

Bob Cox shared Questions abound for State Library, a nice look at the situation.

Library? We Don't Need No Stinking State Library!

"Angrily reacting to accusations that he's turning Florida into the Big Top Flea Market of the union, Gov. Jeb Bush today blamed Poland for the state's financial woes."

``Well, it can't possibly be me!'' the governor protested, striking a ``Blue Boy''-like pose."

"As everybody knows, I'm omniscient,'' he continued. ``If only the Poles had bought more orange juice, we wouldn't be in this $4 billion barrel of red ink." (from The Tampa Tribune - Columnist)

FL State Library protest planned for Tuesday

The Tallahassee Democrat Says while Gov. Jeb Bush is making his \"State of the State\" speech to the Legislature on Tuesday, librarians and book lovers from across Florida will be assembling for a silent protest against his plan to move the State Library to Nova Southeastern University. They will gather about 10 a.m., and after the opening session, the protesters plan an \"arms around the Gray Building\" demonstration.

Pamela Cooper, supervisor of the Indian River County main library has set up an e-mail drop - - for people to just write \"Save the Florida State Library\" in the subject line of a message. has more on Jeb\'s thoughts.

More, including a schedule, below -- Read More

Today's Florida News

Pam Cooper is seeking at least 250 people Tuesday to help when she takes the fight to keep the Florida State Library in Tallahassee to the library headquarters itself.
Rob Thomson seems to be In Favour Of The Move, saying the lesson for future decision-makers is that it's much easier to start new government programs than to end old ones.

Meanwhile... Jeb Bush's plane was struck by lightning as it flew from Tallahassee to Orlando Thursday. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one, what is god trying to say?

State Library News From Around The World

Washington Is Still Trying to eliminate the state library. Gov. Gary Locke\'s 2003-05 budget proposes to severely cut the library, which took a big hit last year but avoided closure.

Meanwhile, Another Editorial says Gov. Jeb Bush\'s relocation plan for the Florida State Library \"says less about innovation than about his naked contempt for the capital\". A coalition of historians, librarians and genealogists from across Florida is banding together to seek a court order to stop Gov. Jeb Bush\'s plan to break up the century-old State Library in Tallahassee and donate most of its books to a private university in South Florida.
One More asks \"Is this some sort of bobblehead pastime where the kids on Jeb Bush\'s staff sit around trying to figure out the goofiest thing they can still say out loud with a straight face?\"
You really can\'t blame Jeb though, Saddam Made Him Do It. The good news is Governor could still lose in the state library fight.

Down In Australia, librarians at the Victorian State Library have cast off their conservative image, donning Ned Kelly helmets to demand a payrise.

Lean state library might be leaner still

"Already operating with fewer books, employees and dollars, the Washington State Library is facing more budget cuts — and this time, some valuable federal papers are at stake."

"Gov. Gary Locke's 2003-05 budget proposes to severely cut the library, which took a big hit last year but avoided closure. The Senate's adjustments to the current budget, the supplemental budget, call for cuts to the library before June 30." (from Seattle Times)

Half of state's library to be transferred to Nova

The Sun-Sentinel Says Gov. Jeb Bush, who has proclaimed reading a top priority, apparently is moving ahead with plans to break up the 150-year-old State Library and move much of the massive collection from the state capital to a private university in South Florida as a budget cutting move.

"I'm very angry," said Marti Boles, a semi-retired medical equipment researcher from Southwest Ranches. "They're going to all get destroyed in the humidity down here. We've got mold in all the schools."

Gov. Bush Shows Contempt for Library

The Ledger has one of the strongest worded Articles Yet on the closing of the Florida State Library.
They say the closing undermines years of careful work by professionals, is a display of contempt, it\'s bad for Florida and shows his total disdain for our state\'s rich history. They add, Bush has shown time and again an astonishing disregard for the state\'s cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Johnnie Byrd told Tallahasseeans on Thursday there is \"huge support\" in the Legislature for saving the State Library. Secret actions used against state archives, Genealogists, librarians, historians draw list of options to battle Bush\'s plan, and on the bright side of this, Vast collection could boost Nova library.

Florida Library Latest news

Oghma writes \"
It now appears that only the circulating part of the Florida State Library\'s collection is being moved.

Here\'s The Full Story \"

Also, Kathleen de la Pena
McCook sent over Two Posts from the Florida Library
Association list, one from from Former State Librarian, Barratt Wilkins and one from current, Judith Ring.
Mr. Wilkins is clarifying statements by Ms. Ring.
Click below to read them.

Other stories include Library shenanigans, State Library\'s transfer to Nova being considered, Plan to shelve library causes flap, Deal in works for cash-strapped state to keep state library, What\'s needed: more than a few good ideas, and of course, The Petition for electronic signatures. -- Read More

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