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FSU won\'t take Fl State library

The case of the Florida State Library continues with Word That Florida State University will not take on the responsibility as originally envisioned by Gov. Jeb Bush\'s proposed budget.
FSU President T.K. Wetherell said they don\'t have the money or the space, 10.8 linear miles of it to accommodate almost 1 million documents. They say there are five other secret possibilities being considered, but another library official said he thinks the private Nova Southeastern University in Broward County is among the possibilities.

\"One of the important roles of the state library is to provide an interface between citizens and their government,\" Mason said. \"When you remove the state library, you remove the librarians that make access to that information possible; you are removing the ability of citizens to know what their governments are doing.\"

More On The FL State Library Closing

The Tallahassee Democrat calls the Plan to close State Library brazenly bad, while The Palm Beach Post Says eliminating the state library raises more questions than the governor\'s office has answers. e.g. where they would place 10.7 linear miles of materials.
The Naples Daily News and another from The Tallahassee Democrat cover the issues as well.

Meanwhile, in Washington State, Republicans want to move up closing the State Library to the public.

Florida State Library Eyed for Possible Elimination

The Tallahasseee Democrat is reporting that The Florida State Library is being eyed for possible elimination by Governor Jeb Bush as part of an agency merger that would cut jobs and save the State millions. \"The new Department of State and Community Partnerships would handle all the big programs of both departments, in particular elections and emergency management, as well as most of the lower-priority activities the two departments now concern themselves with. In addition, some programs will be transferred to other state agencies, and one - the Florida State Library - would be eliminated. Bush sees the merger as a logical extension of a constitutional amendment that put the Department of State under the governor\'s direction instead of under an elected secretary of state. The merged agency, if approved by the Legislature, would be directed by the appointed secretary of state.\" Read It.

WA state library back on the block?

From The Olympian:

The Washington State Library barely survived Gov. Gary Locke\'s attempt earlier this year to eliminate it, and supporters are worried it will again be on the chopping block when the governor releases his 2003-05 budget proposal in two weeks.

\"We\'re afraid again because the governor has communicated ... that he still wants to go after the library,\" Secretary of State Sam Reed said Tuesday at a meeting of The Olympian\'s Editorial Board.

Complete article. In a recent editorial, the Seattle Times came out firmly in favor of preserving the library.

State Library Revival

The following editorial appeared in the Thursday, December 05, 2002 edition of the Seattle Times...
\"As state officials jiggle trees to find money to plug the anticipated $2-billion budget deficit, they should shake the Washington State Library lightly. The state library already went through the ringer when Gov. Gary Locke proposed its elimination to meet last year\'s budget shortfall. Library supporters, including some lawmakers, rallied to save the library, albeit with a new boss, a smaller budget, leaner staff and a keener mission.\" Read More.

ID State library trying to survive

More Bad State Library News from the Pacific Northwest.

This time, the Idaho State Library budget may be cut 15 percent. They say fewer agencies have taken advantage of the library partly because so many people use the internet now.
The librarian says:
\"Its our belief that state agency folks don\'t know as much about us as they we think they should.\"

These are the times we should ALL be Reading Up On Marketing.

Reading the Washington State Library Last Rites?

Someon writes \"The Seattle Times has a story

about the Governor\'s plan to close and disband the Washington State Library because of budget problems. It seems that the library has many fewer visitors than the local public library. The library was moved from its building on the Capitol grounds so that its building could be used to house legislators... \"

Here\'s Another that says In saving $9 million in library operating costs, local and county libraries lose $3 million in federal grants and will individually have to replace other services costing more than $8.3 million. Add the capital cost of replacing the State Library by a subsequent administration and the proposal adds up to bad arithmetic.

Washington State Library To Close

Paula McMillen passed along word that Washington State Governor Gary Locke is responding to a billion-dollar budget hole created by war and recession by expanded gambling and new sin taxes, and closing the Washington State Library.

Locke proposes eliminating 30 state programs, including state supplemental checks for federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) clients, closure of the state Library and three hatcheries, and mothballing the Mission Creek Youth Camp.

One Story, or Another has all the sad details.

\"Nancy Zussy, state librarian for the past 15 years, said her agency won\'t go away quietly. \"If this were to occur, we\'d be the only state in the country without a state library,\" said Zussy, who plans to take her case to the Legislature.\"

Check Out the Erotica in the State Library

Marina Chestnykh oversees an erotica collection assembled by the Communist government that has been a secret for most of the time it\'s been kept. They say such a tight secret that no one knows exactly what is among the approximately 11,000 books, postcards, prints, brochures, drawings and other objects. It\'s on display in the the State Library, formerly the Lenin State LibraryState Library, formerly the Lenin State Library.

\"All these books brought to the Soviet Union could survive only here, in the library,\" said Ms. Ryzhak, who began working in special sections in 1976. \"Anywhere else they would have been burned immediately. We were able to save them, and they are part of our Russian history that we can now have back.\"

Full Story from the NY Times

Iowa State Library Gets Evicted

Yikes! Just found this one in Library Journal online. It seems that the Iowa State Library has been kicked out lock, stock and barrel by the legislature. Pack your gear kids, you\'ve been evicted.


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