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Kids, Books, and Photos

Gather a kid or two, design some cover art, and take a photo.

Oh yes, and you'll want to create a small, but incredibly cool, optical illusion.

And you wind up with some fun and lively photographs reminding us how books can change and enhance the lives of children.

PC Gaming Alliance

If your library hosts gaming, you may want to follow along on the new Gaming Alliance that has been created. <a href=''>They don't be clear on what they plan to do yet</a> but it suggests that conversations are being had and might lead to collaboration and future communication.

Guitar Hero @ Your Library

Whether or not you agree with the ideas and concepts of video gaming in libraries, the facts are that video games provide a lure to get those oh-so-cool teenagers into the library.

Metro Detroit libraries currently offer a wide selection of games for an equally wide selection of systems. Besides the collection, they also schedule competitions using the popular games Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution.

"I think that pretty soon more people will be going to the library. It changed my whole opinion of it," said Phillip Lane, 18.

More from Freep.

Me, I wanna start a Rock Band competition, creating a librarian band called Borges' Paradise.

Teen charged in driveby shooting after suburban library patrons argue

From Minneapolis: A dispute among suburban library patrons escalated into a daylight drive-by shooting, and a Minneapolis teenager was jailed and charged in Hennepin County.

Vandals flood library, smear feces at CA elementary school

Yuck: An alarm system hasn't deterred vandals from twice breaking into Ridgeview Elementary School's library to ruin more than 1,400 books, smear feces, and damage computers, printers and other property.

Vandals first struck on New Year's Day, then again Saturday afternoon when they knocked books, computers and other items off shelves and flooded the library.

"We are working on drying out the library and trying to save as many books as we can," Librarian Shelley Dearmin said.

Novel way to increase library use

A mayor in Spain who pays children one Euro per hour to read at the local library in an attempt to keep them in school. <a href="">The CBC Says</a> Agustin Jimenez, Socialist mayor of the agricultural town of Noblejas in central Spain, is recommending the town's children be given a euro - the equivalent of $1.50 - for every hour they spend reading in the local library. The sweetener is part of a string of measures to be voted on by the Noblejas council in March.

How Kids Use Libraries: Today's USA Today "Snapshot"

Today's USA Today "Snapshot": Of the two thirds of youth 8 - 18 who have visited a public library or its website in the past year, most borrow items for personal use. The attached poll is "When was the last time you visited a public library or its website?" and "Within past year" is the current winner.

YA Librarians Honor Sci-Fi Writer, Stir Hornet's Nest

The Young Adult Library Services Association presented its annual Margaret A. Edwards Award to science-fiction writer Orson Scott Card last week, paying tribute to the ways in which his novel Ender's Game and its follow-up Ender's Shadow fulfill the Edwards Award mandate of "helping adolescents become aware of themselves and addressing questions about their role and importance in relationships, society, and in the world." (No mention, sadly, of Speaker for the Dead, the immediate sequel to Ender's Game.) Card's selection kicked up some controversy, however, due to his extreme views on homosexuality. As School Library Journal, which co-sponsors the award, summarizes the debate, "If a well-known author writes and speaks about gays and lesbians in a way that many interpret to be anti-gay, should he be given an award that honors his outstanding lifetime contribution to writing for teens?"

Article continued here.

Anti-Gay Teen Writer, Orson Scott Card, Wins YALSA's Edwards Award

Teen author, Orson Scott Card, is the topic of much discussion as the Edwards honor bestowed by the ALA’s YALSA has brought to general attention Card’s views against tolerance for homosexuals.
See Librarian for more.

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The "Google generation" not so hot at Googling, after all

The British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee have released a report showing that "kids born since 1993 aren't quite the Internet super-sleuths they're sometimes made out to be." Story at Ars Technica.


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