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jen writes \"The Lesson of Oprah\'s Book Club ...
Liking an \"Oprah Book\" meant allying yourself with the most
obvious, least cool demographic in publishing: over 30, female, someone
who thinks \"Friends\" is a bit racy. Outwardly, we smirked and claimed we
wanted our books supported by Guggenheim Fellowships, thank you, not
commercials for Palmolive. Yet as the evidence mounted, it became harder
to ignore how Oprah vigorously promoted literary mainstays like Toni
Morrison and Ernest Gaines, and how demographic slam dunks like
Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark were curiously absent from her list.

See Also: (Book Clubs\') Life After Oprah.


Bezos Bites Back

Aaron Tunn passed along an email from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who is responding to the Author\'s Guild.

He calls them a small, but vocal organization that from time to time has advocated charging public libraries
royalties on books they loan
out and says the used books business does not take
business away from the sale of new books.

Email is below:


Authors\' Guild Feuds With Over Used Books

If you buy books on you\'ve surely noticed the opportunity to purchase used books. Well, the Authors\' Guild does not like this, claiming it harms authors. It recently encouraged its memebers to delink Amazon on their websites.

The used book industry... is a different beast on the internet - this has the potential to undermine publishing economics,\" said Paul Aiken, executive director of the guild.

Wait, this is a bad thing?Read the full story. The Authors\' Guild won\'t be coming after libraries according to this statement on their site.


Where are the Books?

With all the discussion about people reading or not reading, I thought this one, by Bill Eichenberger would be an appropriate addition to the mix...

\"I entered the house of strangers last week and immediately felt uneasy. It took me a few minutes to identify the source of my anxiety: There wasn\'t a book in sight, upstairs or down, not even in the bathroom on a stand next to the commode. Not one volume, not even the Bible, was anywhere in sight. \"Who are these people?\'\' I wondered. I had no way of knowing. Their books, which would have given them away, couldn\'t tell me anything.\" More


Quit Whining and Read

Carol Marley sent over This Reading Today Story on Jodi Jill and her Quit Whining and Read campaign.

\"People who have always been readers don\'t understand how it feels not to have words,\" says author and literacy advocate Jodi Jill. \"People have to know that words are power.\"


Librarian\'s Book Club announces May - June Select

Troy Johnson writes \"The Librarian\'s Book Club has made their book slections for May - June.

The books are \"The Myth of the Paperless Office\" and \"Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age\".

The Librarian\'s Book Club welcomes anyone to join that is interested in reading books that relate to libraries and the library profession. Information on how to join the book club and more info on the current selections can be found at bibliofuture or Creighton Library \"


More On Harpo\'s Books

Closing the book on Oprah’s club asks Did Jonathan Franzen kill Oprah’s Book Club? and answers, well, maybe.

Why did Oprah end her book club? asks, Why did Oprah end her book club? and answers Winfrey\'s clout may have been diminishing.

Good Riddance to Oprah\'s Book Club, and Her Literary Amateurism says \"I wouldn\'t want her sticker on my book either.\" because \"Winfrey presumed where she should not have\" and some other bizarre reasons.


Curling Up with a Good Book Search Engine

SearchEngineWatch has a nice feature that compares AllReaders, , Book Forager, Book Lists and Bibliographies, Book Finder, and, book search engines they say offer really good suggestions based on personal, quirky factors.


Americans Not Reading Much

Lee Hadden writes: \" The Atlanta Constitution-Journal has an editorial about the reading
habits of Americans, and how they are reading light fiction.

\"Lit lite: More than half of the adults in this country read no more than
10 books a year, reports Philadelphia columnist Karen Heller - and pap
seems to be the most popular prose.\" By KAREN HELLER

According to virtually every survey available, the numbers are dismal.
Americans borrow, though don\'t necessarily read, seven library books
annually, the American Library Association reports.

Adults spend 91 hours a year reading books, according to the U.S. Census
Bureau, down 10 percent from 1995. They devote more than 17 times as many
hours to watching TV. Yes, 17 times.

Almost 60 percent of all Americans read 10 or fewer books a year,
according to a 1999 Gallup poll.

There is also the problem with what many Americans are reading: self-help
mumbo jumbo written by P.T. Barnums in Teva sandals.\"
Read more about it and take the online poll \"What type of book do you relax with?\".


Ex-librarian hopes stars\' book picks spur reading

The Orlando Sentinel is one place running this Nice AP Story on Glenna Nowell, a retired small-town librarian who started polling politicians, athletes, authors and actors in 1988 for an annual list of celebrities\' favorite reading materials. The list was released in advance of National Library Week, April 14-20.

Here\'s The List, and One More Story.
I usually do my own \"Who\'s Reading What\" by looking at Amazon wish lists.



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