The Taboos of Touch

Bob Cox alerted us to This Alternet Story on \"Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex\" says the media is responding to what can only be called the usual suspects -- a posse of moral conservatives and practitioners of discredited therapy who\'ve been wreaking havoc lately on scientific research and academic freedom.
The story is written by Debbie Nathan, who was on was on the committee the University of Minnesota Press asked to review \"Harmful to Minors\" suitability for publication.
She says:\"As someone who has written about sex abuse panics and who has spent the last few years raising a teenaged son and daughter, I was struck by how smart the book is. \"


Discovered 17th-century book proclaims: \'Women wiser than men\'

Another Bob Cox story, this one from CNN says A historian in northern England says he has found a 370-year-old book proclaiming that women are better than men, a volume he calls an early voice for women\'s empowerment.
The book, called \"Woman\'s Worth,\" carries the subtitle \"A treatise proveinge by sundrie reasons that woemen do excell men.\"


Serial killer books to stay on shelves

Bob Cox sent in a couple of follow ups on the killer book debate down in FL. Book backlash turns new page and Serial killer books to stay on shelves.

Review committees at two Hillsborough County high schools decided Friday that books on serial killers should remain on school shelves, despite a parent\'s objection to their violent content.


A New Page for Collectors of Old Books

Ender, The Duke of URL sent over This NYTimes story on book collecting that says collectors have their own vocabulary and it\'s sphere accessible to anyone with time and curiosity. They also say the average price of an antiquarian book rose 16 times and the five most expensive books rose 36 times.

\"Nicholas D. Lowry, the president of Swann Auction Galleries in New York, added: \"Our business has been booming since Sept. 11. Books are more nurturing than a stock portfolio. They provide an emotional anchor.\"

See Also.


Parents to Debate Appropriate Books

\"Parents in Fairfax County (VA) will speak out at a town hall meeting next month on their right to decide what their children read at school, and the School Board is preparing for a hearing this week on its first book challenge.\" More


China mega-book gets new life

Charles Davis writes \"
The Full Story on

The world\'s largest
nonfiction work and its earliest
encyclopedia is going to be given a new
lease of life when it gets reprinted for
the first time in 600 years.

The Yongle encyclopedia (Yongle Dadian)
-- made up of 22,877 volumes in 11,095
books -- is being republished by the Beijing
Library Press, China\'s state-run Xinhua
news agency said.



Even More on Oprah

jen writes \"The Lesson of Oprah\'s Book Club ...
Liking an \"Oprah Book\" meant allying yourself with the most
obvious, least cool demographic in publishing: over 30, female, someone
who thinks \"Friends\" is a bit racy. Outwardly, we smirked and claimed we
wanted our books supported by Guggenheim Fellowships, thank you, not
commercials for Palmolive. Yet as the evidence mounted, it became harder
to ignore how Oprah vigorously promoted literary mainstays like Toni
Morrison and Ernest Gaines, and how demographic slam dunks like
Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark were curiously absent from her list.

See Also: (Book Clubs\') Life After Oprah.


Bezos Bites Back

Aaron Tunn passed along an email from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who is responding to the Author\'s Guild.

He calls them a small, but vocal organization that from time to time has advocated charging public libraries
royalties on books they loan
out and says the used books business does not take
business away from the sale of new books.

Email is below:


Authors\' Guild Feuds With Over Used Books

If you buy books on you\'ve surely noticed the opportunity to purchase used books. Well, the Authors\' Guild does not like this, claiming it harms authors. It recently encouraged its memebers to delink Amazon on their websites.

The used book industry... is a different beast on the internet - this has the potential to undermine publishing economics,\" said Paul Aiken, executive director of the guild.

Wait, this is a bad thing?Read the full story. The Authors\' Guild won\'t be coming after libraries according to this statement on their site.


Where are the Books?

With all the discussion about people reading or not reading, I thought this one, by Bill Eichenberger would be an appropriate addition to the mix...

\"I entered the house of strangers last week and immediately felt uneasy. It took me a few minutes to identify the source of my anxiety: There wasn\'t a book in sight, upstairs or down, not even in the bathroom on a stand next to the commode. Not one volume, not even the Bible, was anywhere in sight. \"Who are these people?\'\' I wondered. I had no way of knowing. Their books, which would have given them away, couldn\'t tell me anything.\" More



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