Americans Not Reading Much

Lee Hadden writes: \" The Atlanta Constitution-Journal has an editorial about the reading
habits of Americans, and how they are reading light fiction.

\"Lit lite: More than half of the adults in this country read no more than
10 books a year, reports Philadelphia columnist Karen Heller - and pap
seems to be the most popular prose.\" By KAREN HELLER

According to virtually every survey available, the numbers are dismal.
Americans borrow, though don\'t necessarily read, seven library books
annually, the American Library Association reports.

Adults spend 91 hours a year reading books, according to the U.S. Census
Bureau, down 10 percent from 1995. They devote more than 17 times as many
hours to watching TV. Yes, 17 times.

Almost 60 percent of all Americans read 10 or fewer books a year,
according to a 1999 Gallup poll.

There is also the problem with what many Americans are reading: self-help
mumbo jumbo written by P.T. Barnums in Teva sandals.\"
Read more about it and take the online poll \"What type of book do you relax with?\".


Ex-librarian hopes stars\' book picks spur reading

The Orlando Sentinel is one place running this Nice AP Story on Glenna Nowell, a retired small-town librarian who started polling politicians, athletes, authors and actors in 1988 for an annual list of celebrities\' favorite reading materials. The list was released in advance of National Library Week, April 14-20.

Here\'s The List, and One More Story.
I usually do my own \"Who\'s Reading What\" by looking at Amazon wish lists.


Selling Literature

Lee Hadden writes: \"Today\'s Wall Street Journal (April 10, 2002), has a front page article
about selling books to wholesalers such as Costco and Sam\'s Club. The
article, \"Selling Literature Like Dog Food Gives Club Buyer Real Bite:
Pennie Ianniciello Picks Books for Costco Wholesale, Where Stacks Go Fast\"
by Matthew Rose. For some runs of popular books, the wholesale chains are
an important sources of sales, not quite rivaling Barnes and Noble or
Amazon, but getting up there in sales volume.
Read more about it in today\'s paper, or if you have a subscription,online.\"

A somewhat related Story on the Authors Guild, who is urging members to remove links on their Web sites to Amazon because they offer used editions of current books.
\"Amazon\'s practice does damage to the publishing industry, decreasing royalty payments to authors and profits to publishers,\" the Guild said in a statement Tuesday.


Oprah and Her Club

A flurry of stories on O\'s decision to cut back on her book picks, The Lesson of Oprah\'s Book Club, Chat queen Oprah shelves her TV book club, NBC\'s \'Today\' show to host new book club, Oprah Will Curtail \'Book Club\' Picks, and Authors Weep and lastly, O, No Oprah Ditches Book Club. Plus one more on Author Chris Bohjalian getting picked, and one on her Being Used.

Read\'m and Weep.


Enjoy the Miracle of Reading - Soon and Often

Herbert Siegel writes...
\"Before the invention of paper, the thin inner bark of certain trees was used as a writing tablet. In Latin, this bark was called liber, which in time also came to signify a a \"book.\" Hence, our library, the place for books, and librarian, the keeper of books. Books are the keepers of words, the tools of communication that elevate us above all other life forms on Earth.\" More


Librarians Tell Residents to Turn Off that TV

Some libraries in Rhode Island are telling residents to turn off their televisions for one week as part of \"no time for TV week.\" It\'s not all about books and reading. The program has been going on for several years, and according to a local youth services librarian, \"Living without television for a week will be a challenge, but this is an opportunity for families to become aware of how much time they spend in front of the TV.\" Participating libraries will offer exhibits, suggestions, and other ideas people can do besides spending time in front of the TV. More


What are the Stars Reading?

For about 14-years, a retired librarian has been asking politicians, athletes, authors and actors to name their favorite books. She then compiles a list of the celebrity favorites and releases it just before National Library Week. The hope is that the list will inspire others to pick up a book and read. More


Oprah Winfrey to Discontinue Book Club Feature on Talk Show

Bad News for fans of the Oprah Book club, talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey is ending Oprah\'s Book Club.

This story calls it a \"significant blow to the book-publishing business\". Apparently people will just stop reading now.

\"It has become harder and harder to find books on a monthly basis that I feel absolutely compelled to share,\" Ms. Winfrey said in a statement. \"I will continue featuring books on the \'Oprah Winfrey Show\' when I feel they merit my heartfelt recommendation.\"


French Best Seller Claims 9/11 Pentagon Attack was US Government Hoax

It had to happen sooner or later. Some French author is claiming that the plane that crashed into the Pentagon never existed and that the whole 9/11 event, at least where Washington is concerned, was a hoax by the US government. He must have just seen that \"Wag the Dog movie.\" As I was sitting here pondering what rock this loser could have crawled out from under, I realized that his book will likely make him very wealthy simply because of the spin. Now all we need is for someone to write a book calling the whole 9/11 event a hoax, or better yet, the twin towers themselves maybe a hoax, or possibly, New York City itself is even a hoax. Guess there\'s one born every day... More


Supreme Court to consider use of books about same-sex parents in classrooms

The great and powerful Bob Cox sent over this One from the land o\' Tim Horton, where a gay teacher\'s fight to have books about same-sex parents approved as \"learning resources\" for kindergarten and Grade 1 students lands in Canada\'s top court in June.
So far, The B.C. Supreme Court quashed the resolution, noting the provincial School Act says \"schools must be conducted on strictly secular and non-sectarian principles.\"
In this case B.C. does not stand for Before Christ, it stands for British Columbia, a small state north of Washington, and not D.C.
If you are from NY or Long Island, this will obviously not matter, since it\'s west of Albany. Right, Steven?



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