Grapes of Wrath Might Be Wrong Book For Sour Times

The Mercury News has an Interesting Look at The Grapes of Wrath \"Read-A-Palooza\".

CA First lady Sharon Davis kicked off a campaign to push
Californians to read the John Steinbeck classic, they ask with the state budget
shortfall at $24 billion, unemployment becoming
California\'s growth industry and the economy
crashing, is ``The Grapes of Wrath\'\' really the book
Californians need these days?
Maybe Dilbert would cheer ya\'ll up over there?

``I got it. I got it,\'\' the political consultant says, ``We have the state read `The Grapes of Wrath\' all summer.
Then come fall, we roll out our slogan: `Read The Grapes of Wrath? Heck, we\'re writing it!\' \'\'


Liberal Groups Back Away From Book on 10-Year-Old Homosexual

Bob Cox passed along word from CNSNews That Says the National Education Association (NEA), said it would not be involved in determining whether the book, Strange Boy, Friday, would make its way into American schools, and The position of the American Library Association (ALA) is that local school districts would determine whether Strange Boy would be among available reading material next fall.

\"I would guess that it would be individual school districts that would make a decision like that,\" Beverly Becker, spokesperson for the ALA, said. \"Most of those decisions take place locally.\"


Book taste linked to dreams

Bob Cox sent over Ths BBC Story that says People\'s taste in books indicates the kind of dreams they have, one of the largest studies into the phenomenon has shown. They found adults choosing fiction had stranger dreams - but were more likely to remember them.


Children\'s book features gay boy

This Guardian Story, sent in by Bob Cox, talks about a novel aimed at teenagers that features a 10-year-old boy\'s experiences of homosexuality.

Strange Boy is thought to be the first \"gay book\" aimed at the youth market since the Thatcher government introduced the Section 28 legislation to prevent the \"promotion\" of homosexuality in schools. Simon and Schuster, the book\'s publisher, expects schools and libraries to stock it.


An Actual Internet Success Story

The NYTimes has a Story on the used book business.

Some of the best places to find good deals on books turn out to be the used book sales at libraries. Nothing like throwing money away.

At the most recent Santa Monica library sale, dealers were lining up at 10 a.m. for an event that wouldn\'t begin for another nine hours. As the day wore on and people drifted in and out of the line, leaving only their book boxes behind, there were the inevitable squabbles over who had arrived first. \'\'You\'re waiting for books?\'\' asked a local bum, uncomprehending.


Collector has 4 rare Bibles under his belt

Lee Hadden passed along This One on a bibliographic convergence that has not occurred in more than 150 years, copies of the first four printed editions of the Bible have come under the ownership of a single person -- a little-known, cantankerous and very wealthy 88-year-old collector named William Hurd Scheide, who keeps them in his private jewel-box of a library at Princeton University.


Facing the Music

This NY Magazine Article that says long ago authors, and the book industry, set the cultural agenda, made lots of money, and were the generational voice. For a long time, anybody with any creative ambition wanted to write the Great American Novel. But starting in the fifties, and then gaining incredible force in the sixties, rock-and-roll performers eclipsed authors as cultural stars. But now, the music industry is becoming, in size and profit margins and stature, the book business.


Books I\'d prefer not to Read

Salon has a Story by Tom Bissell, who says whether one chooses to admit it or not, every reader has a secret list of writers one is, for whatever reason, incapable of reading.
The story is a long look at reading, and how we choose our books, and how books are written.
Check it out, it\'s a great read!


National Bathroom Reading Week

Someone sent along This ABCNews Story on National Bathroom Reading Week. According to University of Arizona microbiologist Chuck Gerba, the average desktop is crawling with 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.


Book Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 2002 Boston Globe - Horn Book Awards are:

\"Lord of the Deep\" by Graham Salisbury

Honor Books:

\"Saffy\'s Angel\" by Hilary McKay
\"Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart\" by
Vera B. Williams

\"This Land Was Made for You and Me: The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie\" by Elizabeth Partridge

Honor Books:
\"Handel, Who Knew What He Liked\" by M.T. Anderson

\"Woody Guthrie: Poet of the People\" by Bonnie Christensen

\"Let\'s Get a Pup! Said Kate\" by Bob Graham

Honor Books:
\"I Stink!\" by Kate McMullan
\"Little Rat Sets Sail\" by Monika Bang-Campbell



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