Marketing Electronic and POD Books has This Story by Cathi Stevenson, on how to promote ebooks and print-on-demand books.

One of the biggest problems facing self-publishers and small publishers of ebooks and print-on-demand books is the perceived lack of quality control. Editors are expensive, but necessary.


Powells Bookstore

Lee Hadden writes: \" Yesterday\'s Wall Street Journal had an article by Susan Hauser, \"Out
of Print? Not Walter Powell: Some Say the Bookseller\'s Ghost Still
Circulates in the Stacks of the Store He Founded\" January 24, 2002, page
A16, that discusses the haunting of the Portland, Oregon, bookstore. This
is the world\'s largest independent new and used bookstore, and the founder,
Walter Powell, died in 1985.
\"A few marriages have been celebrated in the stacks, and at least one
loyal customer lies dead there, though well out of reach. His ashes are
interred, at his request, in the stylized pillar that graces the northwest
entrance to the store... On the four sides of the base of the pillar is
written in Latin the philosophy that drives Powell\'s: coeme librum, lege
librum, carpe librum, vende librum (Buy the book, read the book, enjoy the
book, sell the book).\"
Ghosts in the library or bookstore are a frequent topic of discussion
in hotel bars late at night at library conventions. I also tell my
non-library friends that we pre-dated the \"slasher\" movies. We have
\"Cutter\" stories. What\'s your Cutter number? Boo.

See: or WSJ.\"


Forever Returns to Library Shelves Amid Controversy

An Illinois school district has voted to reinstate \"Forever\" onto its library shelves. The popular novel by Judy Bloom was banned for its sexual content. The reinstatement comes at the dismay of some. One woman, who disagrees with the move, is quoted as saying, \"I think we\'ve given to our children Satan in a handbasket with a ribbon tied to it.\" No word on whether those opposed to the book intend to pursue its removal. More


Kid\'s Tale Takes Both Book of the Year & Children\'s Book of the Year Awards

A Children\'s book has made history in London, UK. The Amber Spyglass, by Philip Pullman, a children\'s fantasy book, went up against the mainstream adult market and emerged as the judges choice, winning both the \"Book of the Year Award\" and \"Children\'s Book of the Year Award\" at the same time. More from This London.
There is also another story Here.


Oprah, Bill Gates and the Future of Books

MSNBC has a Story on two troubling aspects of modern book publishing. The first is that many contemporary writers are perpetually insecure about who is actually reading them. The second and more disturbing fact is that Oprah Winfrey can control the fate of so many copies of a book.
It\'s an interesting look at how things work in the industry.


Books Can Reflect Children\'s Worlds

Someone writes...
\"The job of children\'s book reviewer is a cross between therapist and librarian. One of the myriad uses for books is to offer a mirror to life, helping children understand the world around them.\" More


Forestry Literature Available More Cheaply

Via the Malaysian National News Agency:

Over 1.5 million articles on forestry are now available to foresters and forest researchers at a lower cost, thanks to the on-line Interlibrary-loan (E-Loan) programme introduced by the Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Institutions (APAFRI).

The programme, APAFRI Treelink Information Service (ATIS), is part of the APAFRI-TREELINK project sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The agreement for the CND$3.5 million project was signed by APAFRI and CIDA through the latter\'s executing agency, Salasan-Treelink in October 1998.

APAFRI\'s Executive Secretary, Dr.K Baskaran said the on-line service was made possible by the linking of libraries from four of its members -- the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Kasetsart University of Thailand, Universiti Putera Malaysia, and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia . . .

. . . Dr Baskaran said the objective of the four-year APAFRI-TREELINK project was to increase the ability of APAFRI member institutions to contribute to the renewal of Asian forests through the conservation and domestication of indigenous forest resources . . .



Exploring The Catcher in the Rye

Exploring The Catcher in the Rye is a site that covers just about anything you could want to know about the book.

It includes A Catcher in the Rye Album, which is a collection of images of scenes, places, and other stuff from the book.


The worst sex scenes of all time in Canadian literature

Metafilter pointed the way to This Globe & Mail Story on the worst sex scenes of all time in Canadian literature.

Definitions and criteria: Bad sex, meant bad writing, not the author\'s choice of partners, positions or fetishes. As for technique, it was literary, not physical prowess that they graded. The task was to ferret out pretentious, clichéd, implausible and boring descriptions of sexual intimacy.


Catch Up On Your Classic Novels

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